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Ladies and Gentlemen, have you been seeing the latest Michael Jordan documentary on Netflix, “The Last Dance”? I can’t get enough of that! I swear this drop could not have come at a better time. The drop of the day is Air Jordan 5 Top 3.

It’s been a while since I’ve been in touch with you and now don’t blame me, blame the business. Ever since this terrible lockdown came into play, companies have just delayed their drops.

Delay after delay has been hurting our reselling business as well but hey there’s a silver lining as well. Delays give us the opportunity to prepare for the drop much better, evaluate it and then decide if we want to invest in it.

The star of this article is none other than the Air Jordan 5 Top 3. The Air Jordan 5 always follows an unconventional route and this is why it’s one of my favorite sneakers to report on.

The Jordan brand is planning to celebrate the Air Jordan 5’s 30th anniversary with the drop of Top 3. So it only makes sense to look back and see what the sneaker means to the brand.

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It all began in 1990 when one of the greatest footwear designers, Tinker Hatfield put his magic touch on the Jordan brand by designing a pair that was inspired by a fighter jet.

This inspiration is the precise reason why you see the flames on the side of every Air Jordan 5.

Also copying a few tricks out of the “Back to the future” playbook, Hatfield created Air Jordan 5 to be the first pair to have a foam upper that was translucent.

In 1990, when the Jordan 5’s dropped for the first time, they were released in only 4 colorways and only 100 of them were made each with a price tag of $125.

Over time, the Jordan 5’s have gained in popularity so let’s see how to have the releases done over the years.

The Jordan 5 Retro Red

A peak resale value of $580 with a retail value of only $120.

The Jordan 5 Retro Fire Red

Resold at almost $304 with a retail of $160.

The Jordan 5 Retro Low Fire Red

Released in 2016 had a resale value of $425 with a retail value of $175.

Clearly, Jordan 5s’ is no stranger to profit-seeking individuals. So let’s now turn our attention to the present.

Air Jordan 5 Top 3

Air Jordan 5 Top 3 CZ1786 001 On Feet Release Date 6

Now you might be wondering what the name means by Top 3? Well, this pair is an homage to 3 of the most popular Air Jordan 5 colorways – Fire Red, Black Metallic, and Grape.

Air Jordan 5 Top 3 2020 CZ1786 001 Release Date 5

An all-black upper is featured with firey red laterals and a grape finishing on the tongue. Three distinct colorways operating in harmony. Kind of like the combination of Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen, and Michael Jordan.

Initially the pair was set to release on May 16th, however it then got delayed to May 30th. Unfortunately, the shoe has been further delayed to June 13th. The delays of the Air Jordan 5 Top 3 are most likely due to disruptions in the supply chain.

Air Jordan 5 Top 3 CZ1786 001 On Feet Release Date 5

Due to the closed stores, grounded flights, and overall lockdown in countries there isn’t much that companies can do at this point.

Even though they might have the shoes ready to go, no one is going to buy them during this time. So the best they can do is wait and delay the launch until things get better.

Where to buy?

Once the shoe drops, the following are the portals where it is most likely that you’ll be able to get your hands on the Air Jordan 5 Top 3.


The premium reselling spot for sneaker-heads. You’ll definitely find Jordan 5 top 3 here but will have to pay a resale premium.


The OG reselling platform is making strides to re-enter the game and take it by a storm by abolishing the 10% seller’s fee.


Goodluck purchasing off of here as the sneakers are sold out before you can even add them to cart.

Nike’s official website

Resale Value

I hate to admit it guys, but the market is in a bit of downward slump. And there’s nothing we can do about it.

It’s just how the economy is at this moment. With the rising unemployment rates and the falling incomes, the demand is just falling for non-essential items at this moment.

However, with the Jordan brand, you can always bet that there will be a loyal fan base to take whatever is offered to them.

Since the Jordan 5, Top 3 features three classic colorways, and all of them were popular, there is a high probability that this drop will be successful as well.

I don’t want you to hold me to it, but looking at the past trends, the resale value of the Air Jordan 5 Top 3 will be approximately $250. With a retail value of $200, you’re looking at an average profit of $40 after subtracting the variable costs associated with selling.

Now that’s a good killing.


Release Date: June 13th, 2020

Retail Price: $200

Resale Value: $250

That’s all for today guys.

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