Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I get to tell you about the release of the Fragment Jordan Air Cadence on September 17th for a retail price of $130. Now I know you will have a lot of questions such as Who on Earth is Fragment Design? Or What even is the Air Cadence? And most importantly, if there any resale value for these sneakers? Well, worry not because Sneaker Flippers has got you covered.  

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Now without further delay, let’s see who or what is Fragment Design?  

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Fragment Design  

Fragment Design is the child of the Japanese multidisciplinary artist and designer Hiroshi Fujiwara. Quite rightly known as the Godfather of the Ura-Harajuku fashion scene, with fragment Fujiwara brings together consultancy, design, marketing, and culture. The imprint sits on a spectrum of contemporary lifestyle and culture and also acts as a historical record of streetwear.  

Fujiwara, through Fragment, has been able to collaborate and work with the biggest players in fashion and across a diverse range of products: from watches to electronics. Fragment has cemented itself on the streetwear scene with hyped collaborations with brands such as Converse, Moncler, NEIGHBORHOOD, Levi’s, Stussy, and Supreme. With collaborations such as these, Fragment has become a force to be reckoned with.  

One of the more unexpected collaborations came with Fragment and Starbucks: from takeaway cards to loyalty cards to a concept store in Tokyo in 2011. However, the crème de la crème has been Fragment joining forces with Nike.  

Fragment Jordan Air Cadence – Detailed Look  


The Jordan Air Cadence, according to Nike, “…. blends modern craftsmanship with overt brand heritage. Easy to get on and wear all day, it features a sporty, streamlined design that’s light, breathable, and supportive.” 

The Fragment Jordan Air Cadence stays true to Fujiwara’s signature color scheme as the sneaker relies on only so few neutral colors. The base layer of mesh, responsible for wrapping the profile and toe box with very little breaks, comes in a lighter grey whereas the suede overlays have a diverse range in tone and texture from light to dark suedes.  

Now let’s talk about the branding on the Fragment Jordan Air Cadence or the lack of. We can see the reflective Fragment lightning bolts on the ankles while the tongue is sporting the multiple jumpmans and on the midsole, we can see some sort of denotative text.  

The Fragment Jordan Air Cadence looks like it could be my new daily driver. The simple colorway goes almost well with anything and the sporty yet casual silhouette is probably the thing that I was looking for in today’s market.  

Fragment Jordan Air Cadence – Where to Buy?  

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If you’re like me, then you’d be desperately waiting for September 17th to be able to get your hands on the Fragment Jordan Air Cadence. You will be able to get your hands on the Fragment Jordan Air Cadence on Nike’s Official Website and at select retailers.  

If you strike out on release day, then maybe StockX is the next best place for you to purchase the Fragment Jordan Air Cadence 

Fragment Jordan Air Cadence – Resale Price  

The Fragment Jordan Air Cadence has a retail price of $130 and with the way things are going on currently in the sneaker market, you can expect to make good profits off the release.  

Taking a look at the Bids on StockX, we can expect that the resale price of the Fragment Jordan Air Cadence to be around $350-$450 (depending on the shoe size and the supply).  


Sneaker: Fragment Jordan Air Cadence 

Release Date: September 17th, 2020 

Retail Price: $130 

Resale Price: $350-$450 

So that’s all it from today fellow sneakerheads, Mark your calendars for the 17th of September and be the first in line to make good profits off the Fragment Jordan Air Cadence. In other news, the Fragment and Air Jordan are collaborating on the Air Jordan 3. Read more about it here.

Till next time! 

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