Greetings my fellow sneakerheads. I hope you’re all practicing adequate social distancing in these trying times. Man, this coronavirus is something else. I didn’t take it seriously at first too but boy have my eyes been opened.

Ever since the world faced this pandemic, the resale market is in a downward trend as well. It’s like no one wants to buy shoes anymore. But hey it’s still, fortunately, my job to educate your smart people on the latest drops within our community.

Today’s edition of our Release Guide is strictly for the Ladies. The Jumpman brand has come together with a rising star of Los Angeles to deliver unto us a smash hit. And today we’ll be discussing everything there is to know about this latest Jordan drop.

Feel free to skip ahead to read a summarized version of the Release Date, Retail Price, Resale Value, and Retail Points.

Here are all the details of the latest Jordan X Melody Ehsani Drop:

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Release Date: 19th March 2020

Retail Price: $150

So who is this Melody Ehsani you’re probably wondering right? She is an embodiment of the American Dream. According to her, she was on her way to Law School like most of her cousins but soon realized that Law wasn’t the right field for her.

Any guesses what drove her creativity? If you guessed design, then you my friend are right. Ehsani, of Persian descent, states that in her culture a woman’s value and status are determined by who she gets married to. Ehsani wants to get rid of that narrative.

She wants to inspire women, in a similar position as hers, to get out there and pursue their dreams.

So what does this all have to do with the latest drop, you ask? Well settle down, it’s always nice to have a little context before you get into purchasing.

Melody Ehsani worked with the Jumpman brand to revive the only shoe that was created for women in the history of the Jordan company. The shoe was a special drop during Women’s history month.

It is said to have been inspired by the achievements of women in basketball, the creation of WNBA, the movie Love & Basketball and finally, the future of women embodied in the emblem of the cherry located on the tongue of the shoe.

Enough chitter-chatter, let’s see what the shoe has.

Melody Ehsani Jordan Digital 3 hd 1600

So right off the bat, we can see that it’s stuck with the same color palette as the original Jordan 1. Complete black upper with red accents. The sneaker features 3M reflective piping and the “Cherry” lace-lock can apparently be removed and worn as a necklace or a bracelet. That’s pretty nifty.

melody ehsani air jordan womens

On the heel, there’s, of course, the classic Jumpman logo along with ME branding.

This is Melody Ehsani’s second collaboration with Jordan. Her first, released in 2019, was the Jordan 1 Mid SE Fearless.

Where to buy the shoe?

(The links for all the retail points have been attached  in the conclusion)

Okay so the shoe has already been released by the time you read this, so these are the following places where you’re able to purchase them.

StockX – They currently have them in almost all sizes but they’re being sold at a premium.

Melody Ehsani’s Website – Unfortunately the shoe has been sold out on the designer’s website. There’s currently no update as to when it will be restocked.

Nike – The same case as above. They’ve been sold out here as well. Damn, the hype is real for this one.

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How much can I resell them for?

So you want to know how much you can resell these babies for right? Well, seeing as how they’re completely sold out on the official channels, this means there is a high demand for the product. Moreover, given that they’re the OG Jordan 1, this just makes the price a whole lot more premium.

Well to your dismay, the sneaker is doing only relatively well. On StockX, the shoe is being resold for only an average of $244. And given that this is the peak demand time, we’re estimating that the price will only fall from here.

Stock x OG 1

The Jordan X Melody Ehsani OG pair is likely to have a resale value of $220.

Yep guys, sometimes high demand doesn’t correlate to higher prices. It’s a shame but it is what it is. The previous collaboration of both these parties resulted in a drop whose resale value crossed the $1000 mark but this doesn’t seem to be the case here right now.

What could be the reason you ask? Well, to be honest, the general market is not performing all too well. But this is the best time for you as an investor to cash in. With the prices of shoes dropping, you can buy them for cheap and resell them when the market gets better.

And trust me, the market always returns to the initial equilibrium.


Release Date: 19th March 2020

Retail Price: $150

Retail Points: Nike, StockX, and Select Retailers

Resale Price: $220

And I bid you farewell, my fellow thirsty sneakerheads. I hope you all learned a thing or two about reselling today. But in the off chance you didn’t, I suggest you take a look at our Hypemaster Playbook. Within a few weeks, you’ll have mastered the art of reselling.

If you don’t believe me, just simply take a look at the reviews. The reselling journey is long and hard, but it is worth it in the end.

Till next time!

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