Paris Saint-German or PSG as it’s commonly known is one of the sauciest brands in the European Football world. And in order to remain saucy and create commercial value, PSG is collaborating with the Jordan brand to release the PSG Air Jordan Zoom 92 on the 10th of October for $150.  

Now PSG might have lost the UEFA Champions League Final to Bayern Munchen this year but does that really matter when you have Jordan designing your kits and collaborating with you on silhouettes such as the Air Jordan 4 and the Zoom 92?  

So, without further wait, let’s see what the PSG Air Jordan Zoom 92 has in store for us.  


The PSG Air Jordan Zoom 92 comes in an over-all grey overtone which is complimented with PSG’s classic burgundy colorway. Throughout the silhouette, we can see shades of grey being used to off-set the dark with the light.  

Moving on to branding, we can see the Air Jordan logo on the tongue and the PSG x Air Jordan logo on the heel. On the collar of the PSG Air Jordan Zoom 92, we can see a pull-tab which some of the viewers actually like to see and use. And of course, finally, we can see the Nike swoosh imprinted on the laterals in the burgundy color.  

Overall, I’d say this is an exceptionally clean sneaker. No unnecessary colors or exaggerated features. Just a clean and simple Air Jordan Zoom with a PSG inspired burgundy color to accent the greys with.  

PSG AIR JORDAN ZOOM 92 – Where to Buy

You can buy the PSG Air Jordan Zoom 92 from the Nike Official Website on October 10th for $150. We don’t expect the stock to sell-out on this so this should be a fairly easy cop for you.  

PSG AIR JORDAN ZOOM 92 – Resale Price

Now let’s talk about the resale price of the PSG Air Jordan Zoom 92. The PSG collaboration will only entice certain users and I don’t see the North American market going crazy for it. But beyond that, if we take a look at StockX listing for the PSG Air Jordan Zoom 92, then we can see that the average bids have been decreasing over time.

This leads us to believe that the resale value is dropping as the sneaker approaches the release date and thus the resale price for the PSG Air Jordan Zoom 92 is likely to be in the region of $190-$210. 


Sneaker: PSG Air Jordan Zoom 92  

Release Date: October 10th, 2020 

Retail Price: $150 

Resale Price: $190-$210 

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