In addition to deconstruction and interesting takes to the swoosh logo, one characteristic clue as to what kind of Nike shoe would resell for money is duality.

The SB and Jordan brand are hitting us this month with a valuable dual nature “Desert Ore”; SB and Air Jordan 1 Hybrid–let’s take a look at why they’ll sell out fast.

Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Low “Desert Ore”

Nike SB Air Jordan 1 Low Desert ore release resale
Official Nike image

This past year, the bipolar LA to Chicago Air Jordan 1 commanded resale values in the $500+ range: that’s over $300 in profit, per pair (shoes like these are why self made six figure sneakerheads exist).

Customs were fast to hit the market that emulated the dual nature of the shoe, and fans were happy to choose how much of either Chicago or LA they wanted to represent.

Similarly, the Desert Ore Nike SB is leaving it up to the wearers to decide what to do.

The hype factor is high with this one, as is the customization options–you can tell by the full name, which is actually quite a mouthful: the Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Low Desert Ore QS Lance Mountain UNC / Royal Blue.

The historic significance of these strange colors roots mostly from an iconic photograph from OG Pro Skater Lance Mountain.


In this picture, Lance is wearing mismatched Jordans: the UNC colorway on his right foot and the Royal Blue on his right.

Who knew he would start a trend that probably inspired the “What The” as well, in addition to the few you’ll see around Sneakercon rocking different pairs on each feet.

on foot sb nike eric koston unc jordan 1 low instagram
Eric Koston rocking his SB “UNC”, from @zxaru on Instagram.

Skateboarding legend  Eric Koston is no stranger to hype shoes that help to carry the Nike SB line to the upper echelons of the shoe reselling world: his recent SB dunk low generated quite some buzz.

Detailed and On Feet Pictures

It’s no surprise then that the earliest and hottest first pictures to be seen are on Mr. Koston himself.

Here are some photos on his Instagram, the first of which below takes a keen eye that he’s rocking an early pair of the Desert Ore SB’s, already in distressed state:

From @erickoston IG

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Compared to the stock photos, you can really see how much you can choose to customize these.

A close up of a flick from Koston’s IG

We’re not sure whether or not this wear we see on Koston’s feet is organic, but based on the areas that it’s present, and given who he is, it appears that this is what your pair would look like if you end up actually skating with them.

Nike SB Air Jordan 1 Low Desert ore release resale top
A Nike official view from the top

Although the percentage of actual skaters buying these shoes will probably be low, basically everyone that is copping these is doing so to give a custom fix for the flex.

Release Date

nike sb desert ore jordan official
The Royal side of the pair. From Nike.

Like a handful of other Nike or Adidas drops, we’ll be getting more than one chance at securing these for the retail price.

The first time around will be a drop on Friday December 6th, followed by a final release date on Monday December 9th 2019.

Be sure to mark your calendars for these especially if you’re in it for the flip: these are gonna be potentially easy money.

Resale Value

With a pricetag of just $90 on Sneakersnstuff and $120 on Nike, the room for profit is much higher than most Jordan models that sell out which are closer to at or above the $200 range.

Given that this model flies a bit below the traditional sneakerhead’s radar because it’s not a retro or a hype designer name, you have a slightly better chance at copping these to either keep or flip.

nike jordan sb unc desert ore stockx price resale
From StockX. Check the current price here.

Sales on StockX, a few days before the release, are hovering at the $200 range, nearly double the retail for a $80+ over retail profit per pair.

Prices may dip, which, among other things, is why we teach key techniques in how to selling sneakers fast with a devout client base in the Hypemaster Playbook.

It might also be worth noting that the last time we heard of a “Desert Ore” colorway, it was with Nike Air and Off-White, and went for over $500, so perhaps there’s a positive association between these two.

How to Buy and Sitelist

Certain techniques can give you an edge, and having a sneaker bot can surely help and open up the opportunity of getting multiple pairs.

Obviously, you have to know where to get these if you even want to buy them.

And to be totally honest, simply knowing these shoes are out, and simply going for them exactly at the release time could be enough to secure these shoes.

That’s why having a sitelist is so important, and why we put this together for you.


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