9-09-17-at-3.25.40-PM.png" alt="travis-scott-6-on-feet-instagram-picture-october-2019" width="546" height="533" /> On feet of the 6’s from La Flame’s IG.

From the heights of the rap game, to the screens of Netflix, and yes, to some of the most insanely hard to cop (and insanely profitable) shoe collabs with Nike, Travis Scott is the king of multiple genres right now.

So if you’ve even casually followed us on our blog here at SFS, you know we’ve made it easy for you to take the guesswork out of anticipating the most profitable resell opportunities, and you’ll also know that his Nike collabs are some of the most eagerly awaited drops of the year.

For multiple reasons that we helpfully spell out to our audience in our Hypemaster Playbook, the third and latest “Cactus Jack” entrant in his Air Force 1 Low series is an icon in the making.

Release Date and Details

From @kickwhoshow on IG

Release Date: November 16th 2019.

Exact date is to be confirmed, so follow SFSH on Instagram or for live updates and direct purchase links, join our Cook Group.

Retail Price: $160 (Men’s), $75 (Preschool), $65 (Toddler)

This, like the recent TS Retro 6’s,  is a full family run which means it’s available in Adult (men’s), Preschool, and Toddler.

Colorway: Multi-Color/Muted Bronze/ Fossil  aka “Cactus Jack”

Style Code : CN2405-900

Let’s take a deeper look below.

Detailed Look: Travis Scott Air Force 1 “Cactus Jack”


First off, and let’s address the elephant in the room up front: rocking shoes with bright gold zippers isn’t for everyone.

But stay with me, as we here at Sneaker Flippers.com are here to take your game to the next level by teaching you to transcend your personal tastes and instead understand leading industry trends, and the components that go into a hugely profitable resell opportunity.


A closer look at LaFlame’s IG post.

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Unique materials, unorthodox colorways, mixed with the hottest name in the biz?

That, my fellow sneakerhead, equals a recipe for anywhere between 7x to 10x profit potential.

So if you haven’t already analyzed the release details for yourself and compared it to what we look for in our Hypemaster Playbook and determined that this will be one of the hottest drops of the year, read on.

No doubt that Travis Scott is king of the world right now, and everything he touches turns to gold, but this latest version is a radical departure from the previous two Air Force 1 Lows, which we’ll get to in a little bit.

Past Travis Scott Air Force 1 Drops

travis scott air force 1 white 2017
Photo from StockX.com

Gone are the clean, sleek White and Sail White colorways and chromed out swooshes of the first two iterations.

travis scott nike sail price
The slightly darker “Sail” Travis Scott Air Force 1s

Here now are the brown suedes, multicolored patterns–and yes, those gold zippers, of this newest entrant.

From @LaFlame

This is definitely an edgier version, one where Travis is clearly taking some chances, and it’s likely for just this reason that we’re excited about this drop, as it represents a historic resale opportunity.

Here’s why this shoe is among the best moneymakers of 2019.

Resale Value: Travis Scott Air Force 1 (2019)

Prices of the Cactus Jack Air Force 1’s as of late October 2019. Check current prices here.

Let’s let the numbers talk when looking at the current StockX prices listed.

While pre-release price figures are always a bit sketchy, they do help us understand some of the buzz these shoes are generating in the community, which is why the current $1800 resale price (12x profit) is music to our ears.

It seems the smart money has already voted and deemed these shoes as fantastically hypeworthy, so expect sneakerheads to use all their tricks to cop even a single pair. All the more reason to sharpen your skills now with the Hypemaster Playbook.

Trend Analysis on Travis Scott’s Past Air Force 1 Lows:

The OG 2017 TS AF 1

December 2, 2017 brought us the release of the inaugural Travis Scott Air Force 1 Low in a minimalist White on White colorway meshed with a chromed out swoosh, and released for a $150 retail price

Initial resale figures briefly topped $800 immediately after the release date,  then quickly cratered to around the $550 range for several months.

A steady and beautiful climb followed to today’s prices holding steady at $1000 per pair.

This is what we here at SFSH like to call an almost perfect investment opportunity (more on playing the sneaker investing game here).

If you had utilized our techniques to cop a pair at retail, or even smartly invested in a resale pair in the $550 range, at a minimum you would have doubled your money, and at best would see a 6x appreciation.

Where else can you make money like this?

via StockX

Fast forward about eight months to August 10, 2018. We have the release of the follow up Travis Scott Air Force 1 Low, this time in a Sail and Sail-Gum Light Brown Colorway, again released for $150 retail price.

With this drop, we didn’t see the initial high resale prices, merely a steady 100% moneymaker with resales in the $300 range holding steady for months after release.

Again, the charts tell the story, with resale prices slowly moving off from $300 and settling to around $600, before spiking up to $900 per pair where they remain today.

So as we await the third release, what lessons can we take away from these two releases? And further, what trends do we notice here?

Compared to the past drops, the price has been pumped up $10 to $160, I guess to account for the cost of the gold zippers.

But bottom line, we love the investment potential here.

With both previous releases, there were months long windows where you could have copped multiple pairs for prices on the resale market that were set to rise to as the market developed and appreciated.

Of course, any Hypebeast can buy on the resale market.

What makes you a Hypemaster is your desire and insight that enables you to lock in the retail price, avoid fakes, and reap the most profit from your investment as an established businessman.

How to Buy: Travis Scott x Nike Air Force (2019)

The entire sitelist is to be confirmed, but be sure to check out at least these two for sure:

In addition to the links above, which we will update,we recommend two other strategies to use with this release:

First, and most importantly, utilize our battle-tested techniques for copping multiple pairs of exclusive sneakers, as detailed step by easy step in our Hypemaster Playbook!

And second, when you’re ready to truly elevate your game to the next level, dive into our Private Cook Group to get the latest and greatest breaking news, tips, tricks, and techniques to put money in your pocket.

If you’re looking to turn the shoe game from a semi-serious hobby into an income producing investment model, with the potential to make hundreds of thousands of dollars using proven techniques, then you realize that locking in the retail price is essential to your profit bottom line.

Like we’ve covered, snagging at $160 or even an investable aftermarket price, and riding the wave to $1000 per pair, is essential to becoming a true player in this field.

In either case, while 3x profit versus 6x profit is still impressive, you need to factor in the opportunity cost of missing out over repeated pairs multiplied by repeated drops.

Do the math, mastering the basics of copping sneakers at retail is the foundation to this game.

Bots are an essential component that takes some real education to act upon–unfortunately these aren’t simple pay and play, the require a recipe (read about it here.)

And most importantly, let us know how you make out (W or L?) in the comments below!

Good luck!

Take your reselling game to the next level




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