Travis Scott has been on fire with his collaborations with the Air Jordan brand. After getting a brief preview back during the Super Bowl this year, we can now look forward to the latest Travis Scott x Air Jordan collaboration on the Jordan VI style.

September̵7;s Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 “Cactus Jack” has the sneaker community is a buzz to see who’ll be lucky enough to get their hands on what will be another exclusive drop from the two powerhouses.

*September 10th update: The release is potentially delayed to Saturday, October 12th, to be confirmed, and always be on the look out for a shock drop–members of our cook group always have the inside scoop.

The previous Travis Scott collaborations with Air Jordan are some of the most coveted possessions for sneaker collectors.

You now have a chance to be the first on the wave for the upcoming release.

The sneaker is a perfect chance to kickstart your sneaker reselling hustle, potentially able to make thousands of dollars or more by flipping kicks.

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Travis Scott x Jordan VI Cactus Jack 3
Image via Stadium Goods

The newest Air Jordan VI collaboration sneakers are a sure hit for the sneaker community. With buzz already through the roof, you’ll want to be the first with your hands on a pair.

About the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 6 “Cactus Jack”

Travis Scott returns for his third collaboration with Air Jordan, now adding a personal flair to the Air Jordan VI model. Ever since the first release of the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 High Top sneakers, his collaborations have been some of the most popular releases from the Jordan brand. The rapper-turned-fashion designer continues the trend of re-imaging the classic silhouette, bringing new elements to the Jordan VI that are different from any other style ever created.

The Travis Scott x Air Jordan VI “Cactus Jack” will be released in a predominantly olive colorway with several color accents and details to differentiate the show and contributes to its massive buzz.

The show will feature a glow-in-the-dark sole, a stash pocket on the outer ankle of each shoe, and infrared detailing on the heel and lace lock.

A Special Touch

The signature “Cactus Jack” branding will also be very prominent on the sneaker. The back features both the Nike Air logo on one shoe and a Cactus Jack logo on the other in an infrared color. The logo is also hidden on the tongue underneath the signature Jumpman logo (which is also visible from the inside of the shoe).

Travis Scott x Jordan VI Cactus Jack 2
Image via Stadium Goods

When you open up the stash pocket on either shoe, it will also reveal another secondary Cactus Jack logo.

During the Super Bowl LIII of this year, Travis Scott revealed the first rendition of the collaboration via HighSnobiety’s Instagram page, posting a viral fit pic rocking the sneakers. Ever since the public laid eyes on them, the sneaker community has been craving the sneakers to release for the public.

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Now with the release date approaching, sneaker resellers are anticipating the collaboration to perform similarly to his other releases; commanding a very high resell value for major profits in the secondary market.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan VI “Cactus Jack” Release Date

Update: the new release date is confirmed for Saturday, October 12th 2019.

Speculations of the release date of the sneakers has been circling around the sneaker community ever since the initial public debut during the Super Bowl halftime performance.

While the date is still unconfirmed by both parties, the sneakers are highly rumored to be released to the public on September 14th, but now it’s looking like October 12th is the date

The release will be of the full-size ranges of the sneakers, including fits for the entire family, from toddler, to gradeschool and adults.

It was initially thought that the sneakers would be coming out in Summer 2019 so the current date is not far off.

Be sure to set your calendar for the date, and we’ll keep you updated if the date changes.

Shock Drop for Travis Scott 6’s

There’s always the potential of a shock drop, meaning that these can come out at any day or time.

Your best bet is to use monitors or to join a cook group to get live notifications as they happen to get access to bots and assistance in copping shoes like this which are low stock and high profit numbers. Any competitive edge in knowledge and action is what drives you to the six figure reseller realm.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan VI “Cactus Jack” Pricing and Resell Value

Just as the release date is still a strong rumor, the retail price is also still unconfirmed.

It’s expected that the shoes will have a retail price of $250. The price is the highest retail for any of his other releases. The price increase could be due to the previous hype of the sneakers and resell anticipation.

Travis Scott Jordan VI StockX Pricing
StockX price as of September 3rd 2019 showing ranges from near retail up to $2,000 pre-release

Although a high price tag for retail, based on the trend of the sneakers, you can be sure that we may not see the price of the shoes anywhere near $250 after they sell out.

One of the biggest uncertainties over the reselling price of the sneakers is based on how many pairs will be released to the public. The Travis Scott x Jordan collaborations continue to surprise us all when it comes to availability.

For the most popular Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 High Top collaboration, the release was ultra-limited, causing resellers to easily get upwards of $1200 from the original $175 retail price.

The Travis Scott x Air Jordan 4 Blue release was anticipated to be the same, and upon release, the $225 retail price quickly rose to similar levels.

After they were realized to have a significantly larger stock, resell prices settled to go for $500-600 currently.

Availability seems to be the biggest factor in what we can predict the sneakers to sell for on the secondary market.

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@hanzuying coming through with exclusive on feet pics on IG.

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Thanks to the hype around the previous releases, the unique collection will keep us guessing what they will come up with next and how much profit we can expect to earn from the shoes.

If we compared the upcoming shoe release to the previous releases, you could almost guarantee that you’ll be able to double your money on the secondary market at least.

The buzz for this release has been building up since earlier this year, one of the longest runs for sneaker buzzes and specific information is still unconfirmed to keep the community guessing. The highly anticipated shoes are sure to go for high resell values immediately after release and increase in value over time.

Get your hands on a pair for the retail price, and you can enjoy a nice payday in the beast future.

How to Buy These For Retail?

Each of the shoes in the collaborative collection has seen a variety of releases, both in location and method of release.

Travis Scott x Jordan VI Cactus Jack 1
Image via Stadium Goods

Even amidst the rumors, we can assume that the shoes will be available at Tier 0 Nike retailers, reserved for the most exclusive of sneakers.

Stadium Goods has released the latest detailed photos of the sneakers, signaling that they will be one of the first stores to sell the sneakers at the retail price.

The sneakers will also be available online, possibly through official Nike retailers.

Keep an eye out for the method of release. Since the sneakers are so highly anticipated, many of the official retailers may hold raffles for the opportunity to buy the sneakers.

Entering Raffles to Get the Travis Scott 6’s

On feet from La Flame’s IG.

Roughly 1 week before the new release date of Saturday, October 12th 2019, select websites will run raffles.

The winners of the raffles will be the first with a chance to get their hands on the collaboration at the retail price. Since these raffles are highly competitive, a bit of luck is required for them.

Raffles with Travis Scott 6 Jordans:

  • END
  • SNS
    • You have to go on the SNS app to enter this and other raffles for hype shoes.

Websites with Travis Scott 6 Jordans:

Check Nike’s Launch page as the days approach to enter their draw to win these.

Another possibility for the release of the shoes is direct from Travis Scott’s website.

Offspring and KITH are expected to stock these as well.

All options should be considered to get the highly anticipated shoes.

The latest “Cactus Jack” collaboration shoe will be the perfect opportunity to get some beginners luck for your first sneaker flip with high profit. Check out our Hypemaster Playbook Guide to learn how if you’re just getting started.

You can also check out our Travis Scott x Air Jordan guide for more information about the previous releases from the collection.

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