If you’ve read our post about the 12 best Jordans about to be released in 2019, then you know what the big deal is with the Air Jordan 1 UNC Leather Sail/Obsidian-University Blue as it made the cut on our top list.

Tons of sneakerheads are eagerly awaiting its release on August 17th, so let’s have a quick look at what these kicks are all about.

jordan 1 obsidian university blue picture
Image from sneakerfiles.com

But, first, a brief history lesson so you can understand the shoe resale game a little more:

I mean, even if you weren’t a hardcore sneakerhead, you had probably heard a lot about Air Jordan 1. And for a good reason – this model was the first signature shoe by the esteemed Michael Jordan. The rest is history. 

First released in 1985, the original Air Jordan 1 was designed by Peter Moore

Quite a few different color variation and re-issues followed until mid-1986. However, it was 1994 when the model attained its extensive reputation. After Jordan retired from basketball, Air Jordan 1 (1994) was released in a couple of recolors making it one of the most popular basketball shoes ever.

Image via newsmagazine, MJ with his iconic Jordan 1’s

The ‘jumpman’ reissue followed in 2001 and that was the end of Jordan 1’s for a time period. In 2008, Nike reintroduced the original Air Jordan 1 high-cut with tons of various recolors released every year for the last 11 years. 

Subsequently, Air Jordan 1 became one of the favorite models on the sneaker market that teenage millionaires use to make fortunes.

So, how can you use Air Jordan 1 UNC Leather Sail/Obsidian-University Blue’s low retail price and sell it for an average paycheck? It’s not hard, I can show you:

Air Jordan 1 UNC Leather Sail/Obsidian-University Blue August 2019 Release

air jordan 1 unc 2019 on feet hanzuying
From @hanzuying on Instagram.

What’s most impressive about this model of Nike/Jordan latest kicks is the distinctive coloring. Although it’s not fluorescent or flashy in any way, a true sneakerhead will notice how the model stands out. 

First, the distinctive combination of Obsidian and University Blue colors is not something you can see on the majority of modern sneakers, especially basketball ones. These days, shoe manufacturers tend to go for high-tone red or yellow colors which are easily visible and attract attention.

This is not the case with Nike’s latest Air Jordan 1 model. Minimalists and people who appreciate formalwear might love these sneakers more than any other group.

Second, they are Jordans, meaning they are quite suitable for a Sunday hoop game. Just as much as they are for a formal dinner. Isn’t that a perfect combination?

Air Jordan 1 UNC Leather Sail/Obsidian-University Blue Release Date

unc jordan 1 release guide buy first picture
Picture from @ln5sneakers

After playing with us a little and initially announcing a later release date of August 17th, Nike finally announced a confirmed date that’s later:

The Air Jordan 1 UNC Leather Sail/Obsidian-University blue release date is now scheduled to happen on Saturday August 31st, 2019.

The retail price is $160 and is expected to go out of stock within minutes or even seconds.

Still, you can find pairs of these unique kicks if you look hard enough. How, you might ask? Well, we already mentioned the resellers getting rich in this business. Which, in turn, brings us to our next course — the resale price of the obsidian-leather Jordan model.

Air Jordan 1 UNC Leather Sail/Obsidian-University Blue Resale Price

So, how much can you expect to earn if you decide to resell this model? Quite a lot. Air Jordan 1 Retro models sell for quite a bit after some time. For example, take a look at this Travis Scott model which currently goes around for close to $2000

retro 1 travis scott resale price
As seen on StockX.com.

The trick is in buying as soon as possible and selling when the value hits its highest esteemed number.

Of course, you can’t expect every pair of AJ1 kicks to resell for $2000 like the Travis Scotts above.

Right now, the UNC Leather Sail/Obsidian-University Blue model is being resold for $300-500 and it hasn’t even been released. We’ll have to wait and see how the price will fluctuate but it definitely seems like an awesome investment.

At the time of this writing, the preorder value shows a 200% increase compared to the initial $160 retail value. This seems like a great omen for those who already own the sneakers just waiting to resell them or proudly parade around while wearing them.

UNC Jordan 1 high price stockx august 2019
Don’t be fooled by the discrepancy in buying/selling prices, as it only shows the average bid.

If you are inclined to purchase them, paying 3x the original price doesn’t sound great but it might be. Namely, the prices usually heat a much higher resale value a few hours after the release – compared to the preorder resale value. 

How to Buy Air Jordan 1 UNC Leather Sail/Obsidian-University Blue

on feet jordan 1 high unc august 2019
Another on foot look of the UNC Jordan 1 High’s from @hanzuying

Whether you’re gunning for an Adidas, Nike, or some other high-value brand’s sneaker model, it’s always the smartest to go their official launch page.

From there, you can try to get your preferred sneaker pair by paying the retail price, as well as navigate other upcoming models.

Who knows, you might just get the next gold nugget…

The UNC 1’s aren’t live just yet on the launch page at the time of this writing, but we will update this article accordingly.

For some more in depth insider tips on different methods top resellers use to get shoes like these, check out how people are winning manually and with sneaker bots.

If you don’t manage to grab Air Jordan 1 UNC Leather Sail/Obsidian-University Blue for $160 by using the Nike official store, don’t fall into despair.

We expect JD sports to have these Retro 1 “Obsidian/University Blue” in stock.

A few other retail stores might have this model available, we will add links to this 

Unfortunately, no Instagram pages that we know of are reselling this model at the moment, but you can keep an eye on Instagram influencers who dedicate their lives to sneakers. For example, zSneakerHeadz is notably excited about this model, as you can see in one of his latest posts. If you want to be the first one getting the latest info about retail prices on this pair of kicks, we recommend snooping around his account close to August 17th.

instagram six figure sneakerhead

Also, check out our Instagram if you are interested in the latest news about sneakers that are worth copping to flip.

Even if you miss out on getting them for retail, you can still win–here’s how:

You can play the investment game against other resellers and buy pairs at a good price for the long run.

Most people who got the kicks for retail price of $160 aren’t aware of how much these sneakers might cost in a few months or years, and just want to make a quick buck. Some might be aware of the fact but they simply aren’t interested in waiting.

By targeting potential value sellers, you can get this pair for less around $200 and still make a huge profit selling it when its price hits the highest point.

Some sneaker brokers might help you, in this case and we recommend checking  StockX Air Jordan 1 UNC Leather Sail/Obsidian-University Blue for the latest pricing info .

It might costs you a few dollars more to acquire the kicks this way but it’s the fastest option.

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Until then, we will all be eagerly waiting for Air Jordan 1 UNC Leather Sail/Obsidian-University Blue to finally drop.

If you have some thoughts to share about the model, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below.

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Good luck and take care


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