It would seem for some time that Nike had stopped showing some love to the original creation of Tinker Hatfield – the Air Max 1. While we were witnesses to releases of other Air Max silhouettes, we all thought that maybe Nike wasn’t interested in the Air Max 1 anymore. 

However, Nike diving deep into history has brought back some exciting news for us. The Nike Air Max 1 University Pack is releasing on the 30th of July. The Air Max 1 features the following two colorways: Hunter Green and Anniversary Orange.  

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Nike Air Max 1 University Pack 

Both the colorways are iconic in this university pack. Hunter Green and Anniversary Orange will be releasing for $140 each on the 30th of July. Let’s take a closer look at both of the schemes.  

Nike Air Max 1 Hunter Green 


The Nike Air Max 1 OG fans know this colorway all too well. Why? Well, because this was one of the premiering colors for the Air Max 1 silhouette back in 1987! This was the original Tinker Hatfield color scheme alongside University Red and Aqua.  

The Nike Air Max 1 Hunter Green features a total white-upper in various textures – the toe box appears in white mesh and the midsections are covered in light gray suede. The sneaker gets its name from the mudguard which is dressed in green color. The Nike Air branding on the tongue and on the heel finish up the design.  

Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary Orange 


The second sneaker in the Anniversary Pack offering is in an orange colorway. Doesn’t this color remind you of the 2010’s Air Max 1 “Holland”?  

The design of the sneaker is pretty similar to that of the Air Max 1 Hunter Green and the only changes that we can see is in the mudguard and the Nike Swoosh which is now dressed in an orange colorway.  

No risks were taken on this release of the Nike Air Max 1 University Pack  as everything is pretty basic and according to the silhouette’s traditional design. There’s nothing really eye-catching about the sneakers but the fact that it’s been so long since we have seen a Nike Air Max 1 is the main attention grabber.  

Where to buy?  

You will be able to purchase the Nike Air Max 1 University Pack from select Nike stores, the Nike Official Website and of course StockX.  

Resale Value  

A whole bunch of sneaker flippers will be anticipating the release because crazy Air Max 1 fans will desperately be waiting to cop these. And the Air Max 1 does have a fan following which can be exploited by reselling at a premium price.  

Hunter Green 


Looking at StockX, currently there only has been one resale for a price of $250 and it looks like that this price has set the tone in the resale market. As we evaluate the Ask section, we can see that most of the Ask prices are $250. Then, to review the buyer side, we take a look at the Bid section and see that some are aiming to buy the sneaker at $200-220 whilst others have placed hail mary bids of $100s.  

According to my analysis and past experience with the Air Max 1 silhouette, the Air Max 1 Hunter Green will resell between $190-230. With a retail price of $140, these are decent profit margins!  

Anniversary Orange 


Anniversary colorways usually perform well as we have seen in the past. Unfortunately, there is relatively little data for this colorway on StockX and there have been no Ask prices yet. But assessing form the Bid section, the buyers are willing to pay upwards of $210 for this sneaker.  

Moreover, if we take a look at the previous performance of Anniversary colorways, we can see that their resale averages around $300.  

Therefore, for the Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary Orange the resale value will most likely be in the range of $210-260.  



Sneaker: Nike Air Max 1 Hunter Green and Anniversary Orange 

Release Date: 30th July 

Retail Price: $140 each 

Resale Value: $190-230 (Hunter Green) and $210-260(Anniversary Orange)


Make sure to mark your calendars for the 30th of July and be one of the first to purchase the Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary Pack in order to enjoy profits on the flip!



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