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2020 seems like a simulation to me. It feels as if someone started a game of Jumanji and each month we’re facing a new issue. In this week’s edition of 2020, the world is going on a shutdown. And we all know the reason why.

The infamous coronavirus is on a rampage. It’s invading continent after continent and there seems to be no stopping it. It’s gained more hype than a Yeezy drop, and that’s something to say.

However, we sneakerheads can’t get distracted. We have to stay focused because the reselling business doesn’t stop just because there’s a pandemic right? (Just kidding, or am I?)

So my fellow brethren, today I bring to you, one of the classics. You’ve heard the rumors and here are the facts.

Nike is dropping two new pairs of the Air Max 1 this week and here are all the details.

Please feel free to skip to the end to read the summarized details of where you can buy the shoe, how much will you have to pay for it, and of course how much can you resell the shoe for.

Release Date: The Nike Air Max 1 City Pack will be releasing on the 19th of March.

Retail Price: Both the pairs will be retailed at $160.

Nike, as you may have noticed, have recently backed off the Air Max 1. They’ve been devoting their attention towards the Air Max ’90s. But not anymore, fellas. Because, Nike will be releasing two renditions of the Air Max 1 – London and Amsterdam.

City packs have become pretty common in this day and age, but no brand has been as much of a fan of them as Nike has over the past few months. And we aren’t ones to complain.

nike air max 1 london CV1639 001 4

The Air Max 1 – London:

What do you think when you think of London? Think of the weather, the people, the color palette of the entire metropolitan city. Now, look at the shoe. Isn’t it a perfect rendition of the city?

nike air max 1 london CV1639 001 5

The Air Max 1 London features a complete grey outlook with a teal swoosh. The grey tones are meant to replicate the city’s weather which is 8 times out of 10 set to be cloudy. And what does the teal represent, you ask?

Why of course the Thames, ladies, and gentlemen.

nike air max 1 london CV1639 001 6

Nike Air Max 1 Amsterdam CV1638 200 2

The Air Max 1 – Amsterdam

Now in the completely opposite direction of the color scheme, we have the Amsterdam rendition. In contrast to London, the Amsterdam features completely warm tones with a black swoosh. Nike also references to the coat of arms with X’s stamped in red on the toe cap.

Nike Air Max 1 Amsterdam CV1638 200 5

If you look closely, you can see that Nike gives a tribute to the famous canals with its embroideries on the heel.

Nike Air Max 1 Amsterdam CV1638 200 4

Both of these versions of the Air Max 1 have included material that Nike doesn’t usually use on the majority of its shoes. These include the premium leather on the sides, suede on the toe, and the corduroy on the heel counter.

On the heels of the respective shoes, we see references to the Thames as well as the Canals of Amsterdam.

Where to Buy the Air Max 1 – City Pack?

So if you’re as excited as me for the drop on the 19th of March, you’ll be aching to know where and how you can get your hands on these.

Well if you’re outside of Europe, then you’ll probably will not be able to see them in-store. Because these bad boys are only releasing at select retailers in Europe.

But breathe easily, you will still be able to cop them from Nike’s official website and from Stockx. However, as we know Stockx is a reselling website so therefore you will have to pay a premium to purchase off of there.

How much to resell them for?

Now since this is a city pack and of course, the Air Max 1- there is a considerable hype in the market. And we all know by now that a greater hype leads to a greater demand which pushes the resale price up.

But the question is by how much?

So in order to tackle this, we will have to see some of the previous versions and how have they performed so far.

Nike Air Max 1 London Underground

StockX Airmax1 London

Released in December of 2013, this pair resembles the upholstery of the London tube. Only available at a pop-up shop but due to its fame, made its way into retailers. The shoes retailed for $156 back then, and even 7 years later are being resold at an average price of $256. Woah.

Nike Air Max 1 AMS Parra Amsterdam


Released in 2005, these shoes are HIGHLY sought-after. A collaboration between Nike and the Dutch designer, Parra led to the creation of this pair. The reason for their high-demand is because Nike only released 200-300 of them for only $30. Now you might want to sit down before you read the next line. These shoes are being resold for an average of $4520. That is one exponential profit margin.

The Nike Air Max 1 – London and Amsterdam, probably won’t be resold at what the Parra is being resold at but you will be able to make some decent money off of it.

According to our estimate, both the pairs are likely to peak at $300 after which they’ll be resold at an average price of $250 each.






So there you have it, folks, that’s all you need to know about the City Pack. Within the coming days, we will be updating you on Instagram about the select retailers of the drop.

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That’s all for today!


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Haider Tahir

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