Nike Air Max 1 Pink Lemonade Release Date, Closer Look, and Estimated Resell Value

The OG Nike Air Max 1 is set to release with a fresh new colorway next month! The Nike Air Max 1 Pink Lemonade Price is set at $140 and is now delayed from November the 4th to November 12. Keep reading to know all about it!

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The Nike Air Max 1 Pink Lemonade is one of the few lemonade colorways that have released for this silhouette. Before we estimate its resale, let me walk you through the history of the OG Nike Air Max.

Nike Air Max 1| History

Nike Air Max 1 Colorway History Jos Hoppenbrouwers art
Jos Hoppenbrouwers art.

The Nike Air Max 1 was the first of Nike’s Air Max line and is considered one of the most iconic sneakers ever.

Created in 1987 by Tinker Hatfield, The Air Max 1 was a pioneer of the Air Unit that created a legacy of new sneakers that were ahead of their times. Although Air technology was used in Nike sneakers since 1979, Hatfield took it to the next level.

Tinker Hatfield was originally a corporate architect for Nike. When he shifted to designing sneakers, Hatfield thought of the Pompidou Center in Paris which was the main inspiration behind the Air Max 1.

Since it was released, the Air Max 1 caught the eye of many because of its futuristic exposed Air Unit. Nike had created a star with this sneaker that would live on through multiple renditions and colorways after decades of being released.

To estimate resale for the latest Nike Air Max 1 Pink Lemonade, Let’s head over to StockX.

Nike Air Max 1 Limeade (2020)

Nike Air Max 1 Limeade 2020
From StockX

Retail Price: $140

Peak Resell: $470

Release Date: 09/19/2020

Colorway: Pine Green/True White

The Nike Air Max 1 Limeade features a vibrant pine green upper with “Air” printed all over. A green tongue and toe box blend in with the rest of the upper. A clean white midsole with an exposed Air Unit and black outsole complete the design.

On StockX, the average selling price is $190 which is an average gross profit of $50. Although peak resale prices are as high as $470, resale prices will mostly just earn you just lunch money.

Nike Air Max 1 Pink Lemonade


Retail Price: $140

Estimated Resell: $220

Release Date: November/12/2020

Colorway: Atmosphere/True White

The fresh new Nike Air Max 1 Pink Lemonade features an Atmosphere and True White upper constructed with a mix of mesh, suede, and leather construction.

Pink hues color the majority of the upper with true white “Air” printed all over. A strawberry is featured on both tongues while the insoles carry intriguing graphics of lemons and strawberries.

A crisp white midsole with an exposed Air Unit and a black outsole finishes off the design.


Estimated Resell

The Air Max 1 is still perhaps the most popular out of the entire lineup. Thus I do believe these will sell out.

Using my estimated resell value of $220, you can expect gross profits of around $80 a pair. That maybe even higher depending on how soon you can sell them close to the release date as they’ve already been sold for $350.

Nike Air Max 1 Pink Lemonade Where to Buy

Buy these sneakers at select retailers and on November the 12th. The retail price is set at $140.

You can also buy them today at reseller websites such as StockX


Nike Air Max 1 Pink Lemonade

Retail Price: $140

Estimated Resell: $220

Release Date: November/12/2020

Where to Buy: (Retail) Nike

                           (Resale) StockX

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