Nike has been on a roll with all the recent Air Max releases and in a couple of days, we’re getting another one in women’s exclusive sizes. The Air Max 90 Cuban Link is set to release on the 11th of June so keep reading to know all about it!

The Nike Air max 90 Cuban link is just one of the many kicks to release this June.

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For new comers however, let’s get into bit of back ground on the Air Max 90.

Air Max 90/A Cultural Icon

Nike air max 30th anniversary colorways

Tinker Hatfield’s iconic Air Max was a revolution in sneaker design. After releasing it back in 1987, the Air Max 1 was in a league of its own. The Visible air unit has been done before but in its exposed form, it was a daring new design.

The Air Max had always been more than just a running/performance sneaker.

It was an intrinsic pat of pop and hip-hop culture during the 80s and 90s with celebrities rocking them on various occasions. Because of this, the sneaker garnered a large following and became as popular as it is today.

Even though the Air Max 90 hadn’t initially released exclusively in women’s sizing. Women, almost just as much as men were seen rocking a pair on the streets or high schools.

It was a fashion and status symbol to many especially women that wanted a comfortable yet stylish and popular sneaker for daily use.

Women’s Nike Air Max 

Nike air max women's exclusive colorway

Nike has always made sure to no let the ladies hanging when it comes to exclusive releases. Although they can always go for men’s sneakers, a certain feminine aesthetic is always more welcomed by that demographic.

Nike Air Max particularly has released an array of various women’s exclusive releases with certain colorways seeing decent success. The success of which depends on a few factors.

Firstly, in modern societies, certain colors are considered to be more feminine than others. Although this is just a mentality but most women tend to identify with it, choosing shades of pink instead of maybe blue.

These colors in women’s sizing tend to sell out more while men are on average more apprehensive of picking the same color tones. It’s all basic psychology really and it reflects on to the resale market.

“Feminine Colors” tend to sell better in women’s exclusive sizes while the others often do not. Usually, resale for women’s sneakers are higher with larger sizes that are not too “Feminine”.

Let’s however, take a look over at StockX. We can estimate the resale value of the Nike Air Max 90 Cuban Link by assessing similar colorways.

Nike Air Max 90 LX 90s Dancefloor Green (W)

Nike Air Max 90 LX 90s Dance Floor Green W

Retail Price: $130

Average Resell: $155

Release Date: 01/25/2020

Colorway: Illusion Green-Sunset Pulse-Black-White

This colorway comes in a similar construction to the Nike Air Max 90 Cuban Link. It has a leather upper with a sued cheetah stripe on the lateral sides and mud guard. Green, yellow and blue cover the upper.

Meanwhile, the mid-sole is a striking white with yellow around the exposed Air Unit. A pink and cropped “Swoosh” and a studded out-sole finishes off the design.

Currently the resale is profitable on StockX with the trade range being $165-$219. The average profit per pair before tax and service fees is $25 which isn’t a lot. However, currently resale is looking better.

At peak resale, profits of over $200 are also possible making this a decent cop for some lunch money.

Nike Air Max 90 Paris Macaroon (W)

Nike Air Max 90 Paris Macaroon W

Retail Price: $150

Average Resell: $319

Release Date: 09/18/2015

Colorway: Viola/Fucshia Glow-Chilling Red

This sneaker comes in all-purple toned upper with a very rich indigo on the lateral sides. The sneaker also features purple laces and “Chilling Red” Nike branding on the tongue and rear.

A purple “Swoosh”, purple out-sole and purple in-sole finishes off the design. Over all it’s a pretty nice looking sneaker featuring more “Feminine” colors. The resale is also a lot better for these in women’s sizes.

According to StockX, trade range is between $87-$313 with the average profit being over $160. At peak resale, profits of over $350 before service fee and tax are also possible.

Nike Air Max 90/1 Guava Ice (W)

Nike Air Max 90 1 Guava Ice W

Retail Price: $140

Average resell: $120

Release Date: 08/02/2018

Colorway: Guava Ice/Wheat Gold-Summit White

This sneaker features a wheat gold mud guard, Nike swoosh and Nike branding on the tongue. It also has sued Guava Ice overlay and white hits throughout the sneaker. A white mid-sole and out-sole finishes off the design.

The resale for these hasn’t been too great. However, Recently the trade range is between $143-$207 with bids currently reaching $200. AT peak resale, profit is at around $60 before tax and service fees. Overall, these won’t make you a lot of money but some lunch money is possible

Nike Air Max 90 Cuban Link (W)

Nike Air Max 90 Cuban Link 3

Retail Price: TBC

Estimated Resell: $155

Release Date: 11/06/2020

Colorway: Velvet Brown/Pink-British Tan

This month seems to be full of Air Max 90 releases featuring Duck camos and the recent Nike Air Max 90 Home and Away pack. The latest of the bunch is the Nike Air max 90 Cuban link.

Its specialty to other colorways is not just the unique color tone, but the hang tag as well. It’s sure to catch the attention of some with its silver chain and glided golden “Swoosh”.

The sneaker features both earthy and feminine tones providing a very unique aesthetic. The upper consists of Velvet brown, a pink “Swoosh” and light British tan.

The tan covers a leather upper with a mesh base. While dark brown sued covers the heel and mud guard. A rugged dark brown and light tan out-sole finishes off the design.

Take a closer look for yourselves, is this a cop or drop?

Nike Air Max 90 Cuban Link Front

Nike Air Max 90 Cuban link side view

Nike Air Max 90 Cuban Link Rear View

Resale Value

I don’t see the Nike Air max 90 Cuban Link re-selling particularly well as seen above with similar colorways. The over all aesthetic is too rugged for many females. While still being too feminine for men because of the Cuban Link hang tag.

The estimated resell will depend on the updated price which is around $130. I don’t see these re-selling for much above retail however, minuscule profits are possible. These are expected to resell for around $155.

Maybe a few dollars but not more after deducting tax and service fees. According to StockX, the highest bid is at $169 which is expected to drop a bit after release date.

Nike Air Max 90 Cuban Link StockX

Via StockX

There are no current lowest asks however and no sales made so take the info with a grain of salt.

Where to Cop

I suspect the Nike Air Max 90 Cuban Link won’t be much hyped as it is a women’s exclusive and not a very good one. You can cop this from and select retailers at retail prices.

Resale profits after release aren’t expected to be too high either. Thus copping from a re-seller website such as StockX or GOAT shouldn’t be too hard either.


Nike Air Max 90 Cuban Link (W)

Retail Price: TBC

Estimated Resell: $155

Release Date: 06/11/2018

Where to Cop: (Retail)

                           (Resale) StockX, GOAT

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Take care everyone!

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