Nike is releasing Air Max 90 Duck Camo Green / Volt on 15th May. This comes after the release of Air Max 90 Duck Camo on Air Max Day on the 26th March 2020.

The Air Max brand was truly a bulls-eye by the Nike team. It invoked a culture where having a sneaker such as the Air Max’s truly meant that you cared about what you wore.

You can understand the importance of Air Max to Nike by the fact that they have an entire day dedicated to it. Known as the Air Max day it is celebrated worldwide on 26th March. Nike uses this day to feature new releases and by holding events throughout the 24 hours.

Air Max Day

It all started on 26th March 1987, when the legendary shoe-designer and the mastermind behind the Air Jordan 5 came up with the Air Max 1. It was an innovation in the industry with a shoe featuring a visible airbag and an iconic new design.

Over time the event has become a fan-favorite and what may have started as a corporate attempt to appeal to the consumers emotionally has transpired successfully into one of the most awaited events in the sneaker community precisely because of the perks that come along with the event.

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Head down to the conclusion to read a summarized version of the entire article and to find out how much you can resell the article for.

Air Max 90 Duck Camo Green / Volt

Nike Air Max 90 Duck Camo Volt

Whatever name you want to call these bad boys, it is no secret that the Air Max 90 SP Green Camo pops hard and bright. The Houston Rockets forward Thabo Sefolosha introduced the world to these shoes back in February. And since then we have been patiently waiting for the latest news on them.

air max 90 20

The Nike Air Max 90 Duck Camo Green / Volt, if there aren’t any delays, will be released this month on the 15th.

The upper is a combination of bright green and duck camo with the Air Max branding on the laterals and white laces. It seems that the shoe has been inspired by the Infrared Duck Camo which was released on Air Max day and once you take a look at those shoes, it certainly seems to be the case.

Air max 90

Do you know what I love about shoes that are inspired by previous editions? It’s the fact that you can place a relatively accurate resale value on them.

Where to buy?

I’ve got you curious and also gained your interest so it’s only fair that I tell you where you’ll be able to cop these.


The premium reselling spot for sneaker-heads. You’ll definitely find Jordan 5 top 3 here but will have to pay a resale premium.


The OG reselling platform is making strides to re-enter the game and take it by a storm by abolishing the 10% seller’s fee.


Goodluck purchasing off of here as the sneakers are sold out before you can even add them to cart. But if you want to try your luck, botting is your best friend. Make sure you read our guide on how to bot to win shoes in raffles.

Nike’s official website

Resale Value

The Infrared Nike Air Max 90 is the inspiration behind this pair. And it’s only fair that you know how much they are currently reselling for. We already have done a detailed article on them, so make sure you read it.

The Nike Air Max 90 Infrared Duck Camo retailed for $140 on 26th April and the most profitable sizes were 8-9.5 as the potential profit on them was $350.

Now turning our attention back to the moniker of the article i.e. The Air Max 90 Green / Volt Duck Camo. We take a look at StockX, because that is the best indicator of how the shoe will perform given almost the entire sneaker community checks it out.

Stockx 2

At the moment, as we can see, there have been only 3 sales and two of them were for $349 and the other one was $250. This gives us an average resale value of $316.

Given that there is still almost a week till the release date, this is a good indicator of the resale value.

According to me and my estimates, the resale value of Air Max 90 Green / Volt Duck Camo is likely to be around $200. That’s a potential profit of almost $60 on each pair.


air max 90 duck

Release Date: 15th May 2020

Retail Price: $140

Resale Value: $200 (approximately)

Even if you do not want to resell this pair, they still look damn good on feet. And I know I’m getting myself a pair as soon as they drop.

So that’s pretty much it for today folks. Since there are plenty of drops to look forward to so make sure you keep checking back to see what’s happening in the sneaker world.

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