Legendary designer brothers Tinker & Tobie Hatfield return with a new Nike Air Max 90 Flyease! The Nike Air Max 90 Flyease USA release is on the 15th of June. Keep reading for everything you need to know about its release and resale!

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2020 has been kind to very few things. The Air Max 90 being one of them with fire releases such as the Air Max 90 Home & Away pack and Air Max 90 Galaxy supernova releases.

This time, they’re releasing another Air Max 90 with Flyease technology.

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Air Max 90 x Flyease  

Nike Air Max 90 Flyease releases

The Air Max 90 was one of the first times both Hatfield brothers came together to combine their mental prowess and engage in constructing a new sneaker. Tobie Hatfield stated how he wanted to mix something of the past with the future.

The 90 Air Max came to mind as it is for sure one of Nike’s best creation. An icon that stands on its own without a LeBron or Michael Jordan to propel it into stardom.

The Air Max was loved purely for its excellent performance on the court while also being a fashion staple. They pretty much went with anything as people would rock them at casual events on multiple occasions.

Tinker & Tobie Hatfield came together to create something that was superior to the original Air Max 90. Not just another edition to their already vast Air Max 90 lineup. That’s when they decided to add the Flyease technology to it.

The shoe is different because it is extremely easy to get it and out of. It’s basically a hands-free sneaker where you can easily slip your foot inside while having the snug-fit and performance of a sporty sneaker.

Flyease Technology/How does it work?

Nike Flyease technology

Nike’s focus on innovation has propelled sneaker design to new levels. The technology was created with a simple objective in mind which was to make wearing them easier for everyone.

It was inspired by insight from professional athletes and consumers alike.  Proving that Nike’s claim of “Always listen to the voice of the athlete” holds weight.

It has a few very useful features that set it apart from the competition such as.

  • Easy to use: Flyease provides a unique way of securely putting on a shoe, requiring only one hand or none at all. It is considered a superior way of securing a shoe to traditional shoelaces and cable-strap systems.
  • Easy to wear: Makes it easier to put on the shoe or taking it off. You’ll only need your other foot when taking it off.
  • Adjustable size: One of the best features of this technology is it provides versatility. With Flyease, many people with different feet widths can wear the same sneaker.

More importantly, this is extremely helpful to wear for those with disabilities, providing a helpful hand for those that need it.

After introduction, Flyease has been implemented in over 20 sneakers throughout various sports. The latest one is the Nike Air Max 90 Flyease USA 2020.

Nike Air Max 90 Flyease USA 2020

Nike Air Max Flyease USA 2020 1

Retail Price: $120

Estimated Resell: $145+

Release Date: 06/15/2020

Colorway: white/University Red-Obsidian

Inspired by the great Matthew Walzer, the Flyease technology has seemingly been a hit. Like I said, it has been implemented in over 20 sneakers and is believed to be used in an Air Jordan 1 releasing in November.

The Air Max 90 Flyease USA comes with the same advanced technology that doubles as a stylish feature. Featuring a sportier collar when it’s all the way up. The way it works is, the heel is collapsible that makes it easier to wear. Kind of like a slip on.

The Air Max 90 Flyease USA comes in a patriotic color scheme of red, white and blue. The upper features a white leather and mesh base with blue overlay. Hits of red also embellish the sneaker and provide a pleasant contrast.

The sneaker also features striking white laces and a red tongue with “Nike” branding. A “Flyease” branding is also printed on the heel. A typical cropped “Swoosh” in obsidian red is featured on the lateral sides.

Furthermore, it comes with a white mid-sole with red surround the Air unit. A red and blue rugged out-sole finishes off the design.

Take a closer look for yourselves.

Nike Air Max 90 Flyease USA side view

Nike Air Max 90 Flyease USA Hover view

Nike Air Max 90 Flyease USA rear view

Estimated Resell Price

For most of you wondering how well these will do on the resale market. Here’s my analysis for the Nike Air Max 90 Flyease USA.

To estimate its resale value, we can assess a few similar colorways and gather a good idea. Although consumers are irrational (Basic Economics). Here at sneakerflippers.com, we’ve proven to be pretty accurate.

Nike Air Max 90 Flyease White Gold

Nike Air Max 90 Flyease White Gold

Retail Price: $120

Peak Resell: $170

Release Date: 03/11/2020

Colorway: White/White-Black-Metallic Gold

This sneaker has a classic and familiar Air Max 90 Color blocking. Its constructed of a White and metallic gold leather with a mesh base. Gold embellishes the Swoosh, tongue, mid-sole, out-sole and heel.

The resale value is pretty mediocre with minimal profits. The trade range is between $101-$109 with the average price being $140. That means after tax and resale there will be no profits on average.

However, there are some occasional small profits to be made here. At peak resale profits are around $30.

Nike Air Max 90 Deep Royal Blue Hyper Pink

Nike Air Max 90 Flyease Deep Royal Blue Hyper

Retail Price: $120

Peak Resell: $170

Release Date: 03/11/2020

Colorway: White/White-Deep Royal Blue-Hyper Pink

This sneaker comes with the same collapsible heel as the aforementioned golden colorway. This sneaker features a white and blue leather upper with pink hits on the Swoosh and collar lining.

The resale for these is quite unprofitable on StockX. The average selling price is around $133 which is basically a loss after service fees and tax. At peak resale, profit is around $30.

Nike Air Max 90 USA

Nike Air Max 90 USA 2020

Retail Price: $120

Peak Resell: $425

Release date: 05/05/2020

Colorway: White/Red-Royal

This USA flag inspired sneaker comes in red, white and blue. A white cropped Nike “Swoosh” and a white and red sole finish off the design. The colors used are pretty much identical to the Nike Air Max 90 Flyease USA.

According to StockX, the trade range is between $110-$160 with the average price being $169. That’s an average gross profit of $29 which is good lunch money.

Peak resale is also very high with profits up to $285. I presume this colorway provides us with a good idea of what to expect from the Nike Air Max 90 Flyease USA.

Coming to the Nike Air Max 90 Flyease USA 2020. To get your money back, after applying a standard US tax rate and service fee, you’ll need to sell for at least $143. Thus an estimated profit of around $10 can be expected.

Where to Cop

You can cop the Nike Air Max 90 Flyease USA for $120 at select retailers and Nike.com on the 15th of June. I presume they might not be too hard to get, however using multiple accounts is ideal.

If you fail to cop, you can get them at re-seller websites such as StockX and GOAT, available now.


Nike Air Max 90 Flyease USA

Retail Price: $120

Estimated Resell: $145+

Release Date: 06/15/2020

Where to Cop: (Retail) Nike.com

                           (Resale) StockX

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