Nike Air Max 90 “Pirate Radio” Release Date, Background, and Resale Value

Nike is ready to drop two new Air Max 90 sneakers in Pirate Radio-approved colorways this January. The Nike Air Max 90 “Pirate Radio”; price is £125 GBP for each and releases on January 19th. Keep reading to know all about it!

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Before we take a detailed look at both these brand new AM90s, let me walk you through this silhouette’s history!

Nike Air Max 90| History

Nike Air Max 90 Vinatge Advert

Created in 1987 by Tinker Hatfield, The Air Max 1 was a pioneer of the Air Unit that created a legacy of new sneakers that were ahead of their times. Although Air technology was used in Nike sneakers since 1979, Hatfield took it to the next level.

Tinker Hatfield was originally a corporate architect for Nike. When he shifted to designing sneakers, Hatfield thought of the Pompidou Center in Paris which was the main inspiration behind the Air Max 1.

It also later inspired the Air Max 90 which was just as much of a success and introduced Nike into other regions. For example, the first widely recognized sneaker in Russia was the Air Max 90. In order to celebrate its history within Russia, Nike has also recently released the Air Max 90 Moscow.

Today, there’s a profusion of Air Max 90s on the market, most of which actually sell out. They come in all shapes and sizes while also commemorating events, cities, and places.

Now, the Air Max 90 Pirate Radio is set to honor the Pirate Radio scene with its two colorways. To estimate its resale, let’s head over to StockX

Nike Air Max 90 White Gold

Nike Air Max 90 White Gold
From StockX

Retail Price: $150

Peak Resale: $250

Release Date: 09/01/2018


This Nike Air Max 1 features a clean white leather upper with a cropped ‘Swoosh’ that looks like it has been dipped in gold. Golden Nike branding on the tongues and heel tabs provide further contrast.

A white midsole and a black/tan outsole finish off the design.

The average selling price on StockX is around $160 which isn’t great if you’re trying to resell these sneakers. I do, however, believe that the Air Max 90 Pirate Radio will have a slightly higher resale value.

Nike Air Max 90 “Pirate Radio”| Closer Look


Retail Price: £125 GBP

Estimated Resell: $140-$170

Release Date: January/19/2021

Colorway: White/Gold & Blue/Red

Nike brings back the Nike Air Max 90 in 2 new Pirate Radio inspired colorways which have long been enshrined in British culture. Thus both of these colorways feature frequency graphics along with “Air” branding on the heel tabs in their respective color tones.

The first sneaker takes a lux approach with clean white leather and gold overlay. A metallic gold mini-swoosh covers the lateral sides while a special golden “Nike AIRMAX” ornamental shoelace tag embellishes the bottom of the laces.

The other sneaker features red, blue, and grey leather along the upper, and a metallic silver swoosh provides a typical sporty Air Max look.

Both sneakers feature ice-blue outsoles with a bolt and skull logo which is another hint at the revered Radio Station.


Estimated Resell Value

I believe these sneakers will sell out as both of them are quite unique and look decent as well with a good bit of history. There may also be some profits here.

Using my estimated resell value, you can expect profits of around $10 per pair if any.

Nike Air Max 90 “Pirate Radio”| Where to Buy

You can buy these sneakers at select retailers and Nike SNKRS on January 19th. The retail price for men is set at £125 GBP.

To buy them for resale prices, visit reseller’s websites such as StockX.


Nike Air Max 90 “Pirate Radio”

Retail Price: £125 GBP (approximately $170)

Estimated Resell: $150-$170

Release Date: January/19/2021

Where to Buy: (Retail) Nike SNKRS

                       (Resale) StockX

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Have a great week everyone!


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Mohammad Yousaf

Mohammad Yousaf

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