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Good morning, good afternoon sneaker enthusiasts. A little late to the party but today we’ll take a gander at the Nike Air Max 95 “De Lo Mio”, a Dominican Republic themed shoe. This sneaker will be dropping Friday, May 1st for $180.

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In this post I’ll be talking about the ins and outs of the shoes, showing you the detailed photos, giving you a quick history, the resale opportunity, and all the release info.

Feel free to skip to Release Info and Conclusion now to get the need-to-know details for this release. You may not have much time before this one hits the online web store!

History and a CLOSER LOOK

Back in 2018 the Nike team took a deep dive into their New York City market and came back with some interesting statistics related to cultural influence. Through extensive SNKRS app research, they gathered that the city’s Uptown region had possessed a noticeably high concentration of Dominican Republic natives. As a result, they wanted to find a method to somehow honor this community, and accomplished this through a specially designed Air Force 1 Low “De Lo Mio” which translates to “Close Friend” in English.

As of today, we have word that the series will proceed thanks to a newly posted video that can currently be found on Nike which confirms that the tributes will continue this year through the Air Max 95. The same “University Red” and Sport Blue” tones are being utilized once again as nod to the Dominican Republic flag, but are placed more sparingly along the branded areas. In addition, electrified hits of neon volts upgrade its palette with more vibrant energy along the lace loops.

With the oral history out of the way, let’s get a close up look at the shoes.

nike air max 95 de lo mio CW6579 100 2
Image via Sneaker News
nike air max 95 de lo mio CW6579 100 3
Image via Sneaker News
nike air max 95 de lo mio CW6579 100 4
Image via Sneaker News
nike air max 95 de lo mio CW6579 100 6
Image via Sneaker News
nike air max 95 de lo mio CW6579 100 1
Image via Sneaker News

More from THE NIKE, THE AIR MAX 95, AND THE Dominican Republic – Past and Present

As I mentioned briefly above, this isn’t Nike’s first go around experimenting with a DR themed sneaker. The De lo Mio Air Force 1 Low debuted in 2018. As you can see, a very elaborate packaging was included for only $165 – we can only hope the same will come with the Air Maxes. We’ll talk about the AF1’S strong reselling lifespan shortly.

Dominican Republic Nike Air Force 1 Low De Lo Mio Glow For Sale 5
Image via Fit My Sole

Oddly enough, I recently wrote another blog about the upcoming “Greedy 2.0” Air Max 95. I talk about some of the other popular Air Max 95s and the origin more. Generally speaking though, it seems Nike is really capitalizing on the popularity of the AM95 and pumping out new iterations in addition to classics being revisited. 

For example, Nike has had great success recently from Air Max 95 models like the Carhartt, Pollen Rise, and Animal 2.0. Not to mention dozens of hits in the archives like Neon, Slate, Grape, and Hot Red colorways. These De Lo Mio also remind me of the Halloween’s from 2014 for some reason – which by the way go for a good chunk of change deadstock.

Image of Halloween Air Max 95 via Sneakersnstuff

Being that it’s the 25th anniversary of the AM95, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more and more hitting the shelves in the remainder of the year. 

Resale Anticipation and projection

I like this shoe. The entire De Lo Mio ethos is great and I feel like it’s an organic creation. As you can see from the detailed shots, the materials look fabulous, the leather looks premium, and the aged midsole is the perfect touch.

Screen Shot 2020 04 30 at 12.54.28 PM
Image via StockX

So far we’re seeing early pairs going for not too much over retail. Some sales hitting the top at $280, but a lot hovering around the $220 to $230 area. Now typically after the release you wouldn’t expect the prices to go down and leave you with little profit left if you’re reselling. However, a special pair like this should hold its value over time so I wouldn’t worry about getting a return that’s at least worth your investment.

Screen Shot 2020 04 30 at 12.53.47 PM
Image via StockX

In the case of the AF1 Lows, the value began at not much over retail. Only a couple years later, it’s more than doubled. That’s a decent investment.

Whether you’re looking to put these on foot immediately (to wear around your quarantined home) or save them for a flip, this De Lo Mio Air Max 95 is a fantastic pickup.

Of course, be sure to check out StockX and GOAT for all your reselling needs after the drop. Check in with other platforms like eBay and Reddit r/sneakermarket if you exhausted all your other options.

Release Info and conclusion


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What are your thoughts on the “De Lo Mio” Air Max 95? Should Nike do more heritage style sneakers like this? Thank you all, have a powerful week. 

– Erik

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