Nike is all set to release its line of releases for this year’s Air max day. Today I’ll be mentioning the cult favorite “ Reverse Duck Camo” which returns in 2 different silhouettes.

The Nike Air-Max 90 and Nike Air-max 2090 Reverse Duck Camo pack releases on the 26th of march on air max day! Make sure to stay tuned for updates on possibly other variants as well.

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Air Max Day

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Air max day is just around the corner and you know what that means guys. Brand new exciting releases! But even more exciting than new sneakers are the profits we can earn from them.

On 26th March 1987, Tinker Hatfield revolutionized the sneaker world with the Nike Air Max 1. It was an incredible step forward in sneaker technology with a visible air bag and an iconic new design.

You will always find this in any major sneaker-heads shoe collection due to its history and value.

27 years later in 2014, Nike decided to pay homage to the original by re-releasing the Air-Max 1. With slight color tweaks to the mid-sole and 3.26 written in red on the tongue.

The event itself is a 24-hour dedication from Nike, celebrating the Air-Max 1 through various events and releases. Eventually it was clear, the event wasn’t just forced by the brand but celebrated by the whole community.

This Air-Max day sees the release of the Air-Max Duck Camo pack, metallic pack and the day colors.

Now coming to the business part of this article. Let’s look at a few Air-Max 90 releases and see how they did on the resale market.

Nike Air Max Bamboo Safari

Nike Air Max Bamboo Safari


Retail Price: $120

Peak Resell: $205

Release Date: 11/26/2014

COLORWAY: Bamboo-Black-Medium Ash

This Air-Max 90 is not a collaboration with Atmos. However, it may give us an idea of how recent Air-Max 90 colorways do on the resale market.

According to StockX , the trade range is between $76-$142 and the average price is $138. That’s an average profit of $18 and peak profit of $85.

Recently however, re-sellers are selling for losses. As the market is also quite volatile you just never know what to expect with these. Over all, it’s not doing too well.

Nike Air Max 90 Atmos Duck Hunter Camo

Nike Air Max 90 Duck Hunter Camo

Retail Price: $170

Peak Resell: $1,675

Release Date: 10/05/2013

COLORWAY: Black/Infrared

When they were released, getting your hands on them was quite difficult. Initially they were released only in Japan and apart from being limited, that drove its resale value up.

It was well received due to its premium quality and unique design. On the resale market, it was received even better.

The trade range is between $385-$975 with the average price being over $800. That’s a peak potential profit of $1,505 per pair!

That’s pretty good, and a good indication for the “Reverse Duck camo” to have good resale value as well.

Moving on to the Air-Max 290.

Since this is an entirely new silhouette, I’ll take similar models as examples that likely inspired the 290.

Air Max 90 Infrared (2015)

Nike Air Max 90 Infrared 2015

Retail Price: $120

Peak Resell: $417

Release Date: 05/28/2015


After quite a few renditions, this still did well on the resale market. The trade range is between $317-$372 and the average price is $250.

Also keep in mind that the value keeps a steady rise. The pattern may continue for the Reverse Duck Camo pack.

Nike Air Max 90 2015 Infrared resale

Via StockX

Nike Air Max 90 Black Croc Infrared

Nike Air Max Black Croc Infrared

Retail Price $130

Peak Resell: $285

Release Date: 05/21/2015

COLORWAY: Black/Infrared

A very similar colorway to the Air-Max Infrared 290, we can gather a good estimation through this.

The trade range is between $214-$281 with the average price being $141. Now that’s not great but it’s decent if you cop enough pairs. You may have scored a potential $155 in pure profits per pair.

Nike Air Max Reverse Duck Camo Pack

Nike Air Max Reverse Duck Camo Pack

Retail Price: (Air Max 290) $160

                       (Air Max 90) $140

Peak Resell: (Air Max 290) N/A

                        (Air Max 90) $490

Release Date: 03/26/2020

COLORWAY: Infrared

For the air max, day both pairs will be releasing with price tags of $140 for the 90 and $150 for the 290. The colorway for both is reminiscent of the Duck Hunter Camo.

Nike Air Max 2090 Duck Camo 1

Nike Air Max 90 Reverse Duck Camo 1

The color is inverted for the Air-Max 90 while the print peaks out of the translucent layered upper for the 290.

There’s only a few minor differences with the Air-Max 90 such as the color tone tweaks. The toe box is a more brightly colored orange. As is the top line and the “Nike Air” located on the heel.

Nike Air Max 2090 Duck Camo 3

Nike Air Max 90 Reverse Duck Camo 3


What also suits the reverse camo theme is the white mid-sole and the black around the air bubble. The hunting pattern hues also appear to be lighter than the original.

Nike Air Max 90 Reverse Duck Camo 2

As for the Air-Max 290, it obviously takes on a more futuristic design. More-over, a reptilian pattern embellishes the lateral sides of the shoe over the swooshes.

One of my favorite parts are the high-tech looking heel with the red glossy appearance. There’s also a track shaped tongue which is quite unique.

Nike Air Max 2090 Duck Camo 2

Overall, the sneaker looks like something Elon Musk came up with and I am digging it.

Resale Value

Well guys it all comes down to this, the resale value. The Air-Max 90 reverse duck seems promising as mentioned above, it’s original variant did well.

Those who missed out on it may be looking to cop a pair so I’ll give this one a “Buy” in my books.

Nike Air Max 90 Reverse Duck resale

Via StockX

As you can see the pair can already earn you a decent profit of $351.

As for the Air-Max Reverse Duck 290, the silhouette looks solid and so does the colorway. I would also give this a buy as the futuristic design may appeal to many.

How to Cop

These will be available on the 26th of March on the SNKRS application and at select retailers. Atmos is known to make limited shoes so you better keep all notifications on.

Also, make sure to invest in a bot if you want to cop a few pairs successfully. They will cost you over $300 but they are essential in the shoe reselling business.

If you fail to cop, you can find them on re-seller websites such as StockX and GOAT.


On Air-Max day, Nike is releasing the Reverse Duck Camo Pack that includes the altered Duck Hunt color for the Air-Max 90 and the brand New Air-Max 290.

The Air Max 290 retails for $160 while the Air Max 90 retails for $140.

For the Air-Max 90, go for sizes 8-9.5 as they are likely most profitable. The potential estimated profit for the Air Max 90 is $350 while the 290 may also earn decent profits. Stay tuned for updates.

You can cop them off the Nike SNKRS app and at select retailers. You may also find the sneakers on StockX and GOAT.

Well that’s all for today guys, make sure you check out our SFS cookbook and the highly reviewed Hypemaster Playbook for invaluable information about the sneaker reselling business.

Also check out our Instagram for quick info about hot new releases.

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Mohammad Yousaf

Mohammad Yousaf

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