Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Jackie Robinson Release Info, Official Images, and Resale Value

To pay tribute to a baseball legend, Nike is set to release a new Griffey Max 1 to honor the Brooklyn Dodgers’ Jackie Robinson. The Nike Air Griffey Max 1 “Jackie Robinson” has a release date of April 24th for a retail price of $170 for adult sizes. Stay tuned for all the details!

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Few people change the history of a sport and go relatively unnoticed by succeeding eras and Jackie Robinson is one of them. Before we estimate resale for the latest Griffey Max 1, let me walk you through some history!

Nike Air Griffey Max | History

Nike Air Griffe Max History Sneaker News
Sneaker News

Nike has had its roots embedded within various sports throughout the world and baseball is no exception.

Created for their signature athlete, Ken Griffey Jr., the Griffey Max 1 is partly responsible for ranking “The Kid” among the likes of athletes such as Michael Jordan.

Created in 1996, the Griffey Max 1 was made to be part of Nike’s Baseball cross-training line. As soon as it was released, the Griffey Max was set for success because of an array of different reasons.

Firstly, being the signature shoes of a great athlete definitely contributed towards impressive sales figures. However, its sophisticated yet aggressive design, Air Max technology, and appealing colorways also made them difficult to resist.

Due to the success of the Griffey Max 1, it is still re-released to this day. Following the “Varsity Royal”, fans are now being treated to a Jackie Robinson-inspired colorway.

For those unfamiliar with this legend, Jackie Robinson was the first African to play in Major League baseball. Breaking social norms and setting the stage for equal rights in sports when he first played for the Dodgers in 1947.

As April 15th is considered “Jackie Robinson Day”, Nike is set to commemorate the late baseball legend with a new Griffey Max 1. To estimate its resale, let’s head on over to StockX.

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 “Fresh Water”

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Fresh Water Resale
Fight Club

Retail Price: $170

Peak Resell: $420

Release Date: 02/15/2021


This Air Griffey Max nods at the Seattle Mariners with its signature black and white upper with teal hits on the collars and outsoles. Exposed Air Units in the midsoles and black/teal outsoles complete the look.

On StockX, the average selling price is $240 which is a $70 gross profit. The Nike Air Griffey Max 1 42 AKA “Jackie Robinson” will likely have a similar resale.

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Nike Air Griffey Max 1 “Jackie Robinson” | A Closer Look


Retail Price: $170

Estimated Resell: $270

Release Date: April/24/2021

Colorway: Black/White

Jackie Robinson, a hero to many including Ken Griffey himself, inspired the tradition of wearing Robinson’s 42 on April 15th.

This year, the Griffey Max 1 gets a Jackie Robinson-inspired makeover with black and white hues all over.

Black leather covers the entirety of the upper with a large black strap labeled “42” instead of the usual “24”. White laces and a large Swoosh on the toe box provide contrast.

On the right foot, texts read “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives,” while “There’s not an American in this country free until every one of us is free.” Is printed on the other sneaker.

White midsoles and black outsoles complete the design.

nike air griffey max 1 jackie robinson release date 3
nike air griffey max 1 jackie robinson release date 4
nike air griffey max 1 jackie robinson release date 5

How To Buy

You can buy these sneakers at select Nike retailers and Nike SNKRS on April 24th. The retail price is set at $170.

To buy them sooner, visit StockX today.

Resale Estimate

This special edition colorway will likely sell out and be profitable as well. I definitely suggest not sleeping on these.

Using my estimated resell value, expect gross profits of around $100 on StockX. According to our Hype Meter, that’s a “Good”.


HYPEMETER GOOD2 e1611117498839

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 “Jackie Robinson”

Retail Price: $170

Estimated Resell: $270

Release Date: April/24/2021

Where to Buy: (Retail) Nike SNKRS

                         (Resale) StockX

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