Supreme is a brand known for slapping its name on anything and turning it to gold.

From 9028318112">$40,000+ pinball machines to literal bricks, it seems that nothing is immune to a Supreme remix.

The NY based skate brand’s Midas touch is not 100% however: in some instances they flop, hard.

Cop or flop? Via Supreme.

Let’s take a look at the arguably overpriced Nike Air Max 95 “Luxe”, the latest Nike sneaker to get the ‘preme treatment.

Supreme x Nike Air Max 95 “Luxe” Release Info

Supreme New York defines clout culture, and like Drake, they’re at the top for years longer than expected yet still killing it.

Not many brands can do or say this, but one of the reasons that they reign supreme in this realm is the mystery surrounding their drops.

Drops are announced in detail only days before the actual release, making it hard to assess and prepare if the release is worth going after or not.

For the 11th week of their Fall/Winter season, we’re seeing a shoe with a fairly understated silhouette in normal colors.

These Supreme x Nike Air Max 95 “Lux” edition have a confirmed release date on Thursday, November 7th 2019 in three colorways: black, blue and red.

Official Supreme image. Subtle branding on the side along the laces.

Surprisingly to most consumers, if you want to buy these, you’ll be hit with an eye-wateringly high retail price tag: $500 .

Interestingly, despite the high tag, wearers will be hard pressed to get people to recognize these shoes that lack highly visible Supreme branding and honestly look like cheap, outdated legit (not cool) dad shoes.

The last time Supreme was set to release a “Lux” Nike shoe was with the Air Max 95 Swarovski for their 25th anniversary.

A mockup from @py_rates

These were also not well received by the community, and pairs in real life never came to fruition.

So, again in black + red + blue fashion, a “lux” Nike x Supreme is actually dropping.

This time, it seems that Supreme and Nike are really pushing the boundaries to see how much consumers are willing to fork over their dollars to the almighty combo.

Given that many people that rock ‘Preme want onlookers to know it, this seems like it’ll be a hard pass for the Hypebeasts.

An official look at the top from Supreme

And sorry, but these look way too much like Fubu’s to me.

The retail price tag is enough to drive traditional resellers away, which could be good or bad.

Let’s see if these are gonna resell or not.

Resale Prices

For those out of the loop, the sneaker resale thing is actually a growing billion dollar market.

 Making the small investment to get educated is way more applicable than most college courses given that there are six figure resellers cashing in big.

One of the things that will give you an edge and that will put you in the elite realm of sneaker slingers is having a good grasp on history.

There’s one thing that this drop has going for them, and it’s that they were given a super hyped one off, Italian made mock up back in 2001.

The 2001 Italian version. From The Sole Supplier.

These were released only in black.

Also, to bring up Drizzy again, it’s he who debuted an early look, again at the black pair:


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 Does this hype equal resale dollars?

Let’s take a look at current prices on StockX:

All sizes looking similar on November 6th on StockX.

Sellers are all asking around $750, which would be a $250 profit per pair.

The market may eventually show that these guys are dreamers: we won’t be surprised if these sell for at or under retail.

Aspirational asks on StockX for the blue pair. Check the current price here.

Given the history and the Drake hype, we do expect the black pair to do better than the others, and should be the ones to buy.

At the moment, prices look the same across the board for all three colorways.

The Black pair prices on November 6th. Check prices now here.

The red and blue, although more eye catching, might sit for a few minutes or more.

We’re calling that the black pair will sell out the quickest.

Let’s see if this drop is going to take some insider techniques to buy.

How to Buy and Resell

In the realm of difficulty, on a scale from a general release, non retro Nike Jordan to a $2000 profit Off-White Nike, these Supreme x Nike Air Max 95’s appear to be on the easier side.

The direct link to purchase these is easy: there’s no extensive sitelist to line up for this drop.

To get these, load up Supreme New York’s official website (this is the only one) on Thursday, November 7th at 10AM for the US East Coasters and 7AM for the West Coast Gang (middle/overseas guys you’re probably used to calculating time zones for sneaker drops by now.

You can also buy these in person on November 7th if you happen to live in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London or Paris.

Like some past Supreme x Nike drops, these may restock on the Nike SNKRS app the following Saturday November 9th, but this is yet to be confirmed.

November 9th is also the day that these become available at the multiple locations in Japan.

Because of the high retail price and iffy resale customer market, we didn’t add these to our November list of most profitable resellable sneakers.

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