The Travis Scott Nike Air Max 270 React will be releasing on May 1st, 2020 for $170. We’ll be covering how to purchase and resell the Air Max 270 React for a profit.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this pandemic is no joke. Our favorite sneakers are getting delayed. Now if you think that’s too shallow, well then you’re in the wrong place. Because here at Sneaker Flippers, all we care about is the latest drop and cop.

Nike is collaborating with Travis Scott aka La Flame aka Cactus Jack once again. After previous successful trial collaborations on the Jordan 1 and the SB Dunk Low, Nike is giving the ugly duckling of the family a chance – i.e. the Air Max 270.

Travis Scott is proving to be a moneymaker for Nike. I believe that it’s because he has transformed himself into a cultural icon in this day and age. He’s become a symbol for misfits. Scott, with his iconic music, takes you into a whole another dimension. And that is exactly what he is doing with each collab.

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Travis Scott Nike Air Max 270 React

Release Date: 5/1/2020

Retail Price: $170

Initially set to release on the 4th of April, the Air Max 270 got delayed till 10th April. However, only a couple of days ago, according to leaks on Instagram, the Travis Scott Air Max 270 React will finally be releasing on May 1st.

We all know the reason behind it – The Coronavirus. Things have gotten so bad that Nike has closed down most of its stores all over the world for an indefinite period. However, we still will be able to use its online platforms for purchasing sneakers.

Travis Scott Nike Air Max 270 React Release Date 0

Now moving on to the design. Some argue that this release is simply Scott being lazy and not putting any thought into it. However, I’d disagree. Travis Scott’s greatest skill is to make the effort look effortless.

Travis Scott Nike Air Max 270 React Release Date 4

The Air Max 270 has a mesh upper with tumblr leather and overlays of suede. To complete the outlook, we see gold midsoles, a green tongue, brown toe cap, swoosh branding on the sides, and finally the cactus jack branding on the heel.

Travis Scott Nike Air Max 270 React Release Date 6

How To Purchase Nike Air Max 270 React?

Even though the sneaker isn’t out yet, there are some places where you can purchase the shoe from.

The Laboratory Los Angeles

Located in Hollywood, this newly set-up shop has the Travis Scott Air Max 270 React available. However, since they’re one of the few you will be paying a higher than retail price premium.


Available in almost all the sizes, you can purchase the Travis Scott Air Max 270 off of StockX at this very moment. However, they are being resold for an average of $1000.


The Nike app for all the latest drops will, of course, feature the latest Travis Scott drop. But you’ll be lucky if you can purchase the sneaker off of there as they’re being released in a limited quantity and since the delays, the hype has increased greatly.

Resale Value of Travis Scott Air Max 270 React

Now if you’ve been following the Youtube sneaker channels as I have, there are mixed reviews. Some argue that they wouldn’t even pay more than $300 on them, whilst others are simply counting the days till the drop.

The reason for the mixed reviews is because of the color scheme in my opinion. Not everyone is vibing with the gold mid-sole, arguing that it looks like piss.

However, the majority of collectors and hype buyers would love to get their hands on a pair of these. Even those who are discounting the shoe will get in line once they start to see the resale value rise.
Stockx 1

On StockX, there have been a total of 6 resales of the Travis Scott Air Max 270 React and the lowest the shoe went for was $780 and the highest it went for was $1742.

If you’re worried that why have there been only 6 sales, well I believe it’s because since the release date got pushed so further, people want to scope out the market. They want to see what others think before they actually dive in. Moreover, since StockX sells at the resale value, not many want to dish out hundreds of dollars when they can pay the retail price.

According to our estimates and analysis of the previous Travis Scott x Nike collabs, the sneaker will resell for an average of $900.

We have seen in the past that the Scott collabs resulted in a resale value that was 4 times over the original retail price. Therefore, the naysayers are missing out on a great opportunity if they don’t get in on the Scott bandwagon.


Release Date: 5/1/2020

Retail Price: $170

Average Resale Value: $800-900

Retail Points: The Laboratory Los Angeles, StockX, SNKRS

For those who were worried about missing out on the latest Travis Scott drop, maybe the coronavirus did you all a favor. You have an abundance of time now to get into the sneaker game and especially with the hot drops incoming, this is your perfect opportunity.

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