This one is going right on the wire as in less than a day we will be witnessing one of the most anticipated collabs of this sneaker season. One ultimate streetwear label teaming up with a sneaker powerhouse. Any guesses?

Well, I̵7;ll put you out of your misery. The L.A based streetwear brand Undefeated is collaborating with Nike again this year to release their renditions of the Air Max 90.

Settle down, people. I know you’re all hyped up to know the details and you will. In just a minute. But before that, I urge you to sign up below because I don’t want you to miss out on a single drop.

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Feel free to skip to the end to read a summarized version which includes the Retail Price, Retail Point, Release Date, and Resale Price. 

Here are all the details of the Undefeated X Nike Air Max 90.

Undefeated X Nike Air Max 90

Alright Sneakerheads, here we go. So there will be three colorways of the collab. Let’s take a look at each of them in further detail.

Platinum Tint

plat tint

You know, that just by the name of the shoe, it’s going to be luxurious looking. This colorway features an almost pearl white leather upper with the Air Max branding on the midsole.

plat tint back
The iconic swoosh is distressed, which I have to say appeals to the L.A crowd way too much. Along with that, we have pink detailing on the heel which features the Nike Air logo along with a classic heel pull.



It’s black. Simple as that. What more do I need to say?

I’m just messing with you. So we’re seeing sneaker feature premium black leather upper along with a distressed swoosh in the middle. With the Air Max branding on the midsole and the Nike Air logo on the heel.

Pacific blue


This might be my favorite. This shoe is rightly so – popping. We can see the vibrant blue upper featuring a white swoosh in the middle. The toe-guard features pink detailing and the lace-guard has an almost greenish cover.

Yellow detailing is featured on the heel along with the Nike Air logo, whereas the classic Air Max branding is where it always is supposed to be- the midsole.



Where to buy?

Okay, now by this time I’ve probably have gained your interest. Now you want to know where can you purchase one or all of these pairs from. Well, it’s a good thing that I always come prepared.

Stock X

If there’s a shoe in the market, you can bet it’s on here as well. However, it’s primarily a reselling website therefore, you will have to pay a price premium on here. I’ll be linking to all the versions as follows:

Platinum Tint
Pacific Blue



The official and dedicated application of Nike. You will see all the drops featured on here. And that’s about the only plus point of this app. Here’s why.

The sneaker community is like vultures preying on the weak. And anyone who doesn’t have a bot doing their shopping for them is weak. Therefore, most of the drops are sold-out before you can even blink.

If you don’t understand the above-written gibberish, don’t worry. Simply read our beginner’s guide to sneaker botting, and get up to speed.

Select Retailers

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How much can you resell them for?

The part that the majority of you have been waiting for. So why waste time? Let’s get straight into this.

Now I always use a historical pricing approach. It’s more systematic and involves fewer assumptions. Let’s see what the previous collab brought to the reselling community.

The White Green


Released in 2019 for the retail price of $150. However, the sneaker wasn’t well-received therefore we see that the reselling price is only $156. Not good enough.

The Black Green


Released in 2019 for the retail price of $150. This performed slightly better than its counterpart but the profit margins are nothing but disappointing. The average resale value of this pair is $168.

The Black Solar Red


Released in 2019 for the retail price of $150. This was the best of the lineup. The black and red color combo is always well received. Which is why the resale value of this pair is $187.

Predicted Resale Value

Well looking at all three of the pairs, it is evident that there isn’t much to differentiate between their prices. Therefore, I will be offering a single judgment.

According to my views, these new pairs are likely to result in only minuscule profits. The max price of any pair will hit the ceiling of $200 after which it will fall and fluctuate between $150 and $200.

The average resale value of the Undefeated X Air Max 90 will be $170.


Release Date: 19th March 2020

Retail Price: $150

Retail Points: StockX, SNKRS, Nike, and Select Retailers

Average Resale Value: $170

So there you have it, folks, that’s pretty much all you need to know about the latest collaboration.

If you feel that this reselling world is too complicated and filled with information that’s impossible to learn, then don’t worry.

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Till next time, Happy Flipping.


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