On November 24th, Nike is releasing the Kobe 5 Protro Alternate Bruce Lee for a retail price of $180. Months after the tragic passing away of the Black Mamba, Nike is re-releasing the 2010 original Bruce Lee colorway along with the Alternate Bruce Lee colorway. Both the sneakers have an insane hype and it will be an extremely profitable drop.

Kobe was not shy about showing his admiration for Bruce Lee. He especially was fond of the philosophy of Jeet Kun Do – “fighting without fighting”. Then in 2010, Nike released the Kobe 5 Bruce Lee which was dressed in the same colorway as that of Bruce Lee’s famous outfit in Game of Death.

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I personally loved the original Kobe 5 (2010) Bruce Lee. The yellow and black upper was just so vibrant and since I’m a Bruce Lee fan myself, the sneaker spoke to me differently.

Nike Kobe 5 Bruce Lee (2010)

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Release Date: Feb 2010

Retail Price: $130

Current Resale Price: $848

We can see that the resale price is still of a gargantuan amount considering that the sneaker is almost 10 years old. It just speaks volumes about the Kobe name and how with his game he has captivated millions of followers. This is good news for the upcoming Alternate colorway.

Nike Kobe 5 Alternate Bruce Lee

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The Kobe 5 Alternate Bruce Lee takes a different approach from the vibrant bold yellow color scheme that was inspired by Lee’s bodysuit in the movie Game of Death. The sneaker features a black and white upper with red scratches on the forefoot paying homage to Lee’s wounds from the movie Enter The Dragon. 

The classic Kobe logo is imprinted on the tongue with the Nike swooshes on the laterals outlined in a red accent. Lastly, on the heels we see the Kobe signature embossed in yellow.

Nike Kobe 5 Alternate Bruce Lee – Where to Buy

You can purchase the sneaker on November 24th on Nike SNKRS.

Nike Kobe 5 Alternate Bruce Lee – Resale Price

The resale price of the Nike Kobe 5 Alternate Bruce Lee is profitable. We estimate that on the market, the sneaker is going to resale for approximately $500-$550.


Sneaker: Nike Kobe 5 Alternate Bruce Lee

Release Date: Nov/24/2020

Retail Price: $180

Resale Price: $500-$550

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