We’ve already seen a few anticipated Kobe Bryant sneakers drop this year, but nothing quite compares to the upcoming Kobe Bryant AD NXT shoes.

The brand new silhouette will be debuting late August 2019, meaning that all of us sneakerheads have a gem to look forward to.

We’ll get to whether or not they’ll resell towards the end of this post, but it’s certain that these are hyped.

kobe off noir nxt sneaker picture official
via Nike.

Many people may be anticipating the shoe to wear on the court. Others have a chance to make a nice bit of cash with the Kobe Bryant AD NXT sneaker by reselling. Kobe’s signature shoe collection is one to keep an eye out for if you’re looking to profit from the latest sneaker releases.

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About the Kobe Bryant AD NXT Sneaker

From @wkobe on IG, the 2017 AD NXT

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Kobe Bryant’s signature sneaker line is notoriously famous for featuring some of the best and latest sneaker technology coming from Nike.

When the line was first being developed, a significant focus on the actual performance of the shoe was a high priority.

Now in its 11th silhouette in the collection, Kobe’s shoes continue to stand out from other shoes on the market.

We saw early versions of the AD NXT a few years ago, but this 2019 refresh is creating tons of excitement.

The upcoming Kobe Bryant AD NXT sneaker continues the trend of exceptional technology, combining several of the latest techs into one shoe.

Superior Technology and On Court Performance

detail look ad nxt kobe noir
A detailed look from Nike of the NXT.

The newest tech addition to the release is the Fast Fit technology.

The Fast Fit technology debuted on the Air Jordan 33 sneaker, allowing the wearer to effectively tighten up the shoe for a perfect fit without laces.

Other technologies that will feature on the shoe include a REACT midsole and QUADFIT support.

Before the Kobe Bryant AD NXT sneaker was the Kobe Bryant AD NXT 360 (with the 360 reflecting the wrap around fly knit technology used on the sneaker). The upcoming release is a mid-top version of the 360 model while introducing new materials for better performance.

AD NXT “Off Noir Clear”

kobe ad nxt off noir picture full pairs nike news
Official image from Nike of the “Off Noir” NXT.

Initial photos released months back when initial rumors of the new release of the shoe featured a white, transparent model. Now with official information available about the release date and pricing of the shoe available, it’s revealed that the official colorway for the shoe will be “Off Noir Clear.” The color creatively showcases all of the technological components that make Kobe Bryant’s shoes so desirable in the marketplace.

After constant teases of the upcoming release, we now have the official release date of the Kobe Bryant AD NXT set for August 24, 2019. The date 8/24 is unique because it features both of Kobe’s retired jersey numbers: 8 and 24. The initial release will consist of only the mid-top Kobe Bryant AD NXT Off Noir Clear shoe.

Kobe Bryant AD NXT FastFit “Vast Grey”

nike vast grey kobe ad nxt
Official images from Nike.

We’re happy to see the recently announced “Vast Grey” colorway, giving us a second option for which kind of style to rock with.

A grey/clear grey with tasteful and subdued red accents throughout makes this a well done work of art by Nike.

It appears that although the “Off Noir Clear” is a more creative look, the traditional yet still eye catching “Vast Grey” is a fan favorite, with a higher resale value at the time of this writing.

nike vast grey kobe ad nxt top pair
A shot from the top showing off the lacing tech.

Kobe Bryant AD NXT Pricing and Resale Value

Kobe Bryant’s sneaker collection has always been one of the more premium basketball shoes on the market.

The high retail price tag is attributed to the technology and craft of the shoe more than the exclusivity of them. Lots of attention to detail goes into designing the shoe as one of the best performing on-court sneakers on the market, and the price is a direct reflection of their value.

Both colors of the Kobe Bryant AD NXT shoes will retail for $200.

These models will release on the official Nike.com website and available in Nike retail stores.

It’s a worldwide release, so resellers have the entire world to compete with trying to get their hands on the drop.

We’re unsure whether the shoes will be restocked so if you’re hoping to make some money with them, be sure to mark your calendar for the release date of Aug. 24th at 12:00 am EST when they are first available online.

Even with a high retail cost, you can still turn a profit with the shoe on the secondary markets; even more over time if Nike decides not to re-release the colorway after being sold out. Since these are a new model in the Kobe Bryant signature line, we’ll have to examine similar shoes from the collection to best estimate the market for the shoes.

stockx price off noir ad nxt
StockX price as of August 17th 2019 showing ranges from near retail up to $400.

As mentioned earlier, the Kobe Bryant AD NXT shoes is an updated version of the Kobe Bryant AD NXT 360. Aside from materials and technology updates, these shoes are most similar in aesthetics, colors, and release. Kobe Bryant AD NXT also released with the same retail price tag of $200. Now more than a year on the market (released on Mamba Day 4/13/2018), the shoes are still selling above the initial retail price.

You can find them selling online in the range of $220-$275, with some sizes even going for more than $300. According to StockX, the average resell price since the release is roughly $240.

vast grey stockx nike kobe ad nxt price
Slightly higher prices for the Vast Grey on StockX right now in mid August 2019.

There are several available colorways for the Kobe Bryant AD NXT 360 style that were all released for the same retail price. The model has a wide range of resell values based on the color. The market appears to respond best to the black colorway, which is why we’re recommending the Kobe Bryant AD NXT Off Noir Clear for reselling.

Establishing a demand for the latest Kobe Bryant sneakers has been thanks to his legacy and current NBA players affiliated with the brand, including DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Kuzma. Many people will be purchasing these shoes for their performance as opposed to fashion. As the most high-tech model in the signature shoe line, the Kobe Bryant AD NXT shoes should perform slightly better than all other releases for resellers, proven that the technology works.

How to Buy these for Retail?

Kobe Bryant AD NXT will be available through Nike and select retailers.

The shoes will be released worldwide at midnight on August 24th so you can get them by logging on to Nike.com. They will also be sold at Nike retailers.

Exclusivity is always in question when anticipating the latest releases from the Kobe Bryant sneaker line. Related to other models and releases, specific colorways may be more exclusive than others.

For example, in the prior release of the Kobe Bryant AD 360, the black colorway is far more exclusive than other colors.

The black colorway quickly sold out, while other colors are still available for retail on top shoe sites such as Footlocker.com.

Be one of the first to buy shoes online when they release or contact your nearest Nike retail store to see if they will have them in stock on the release day.

The best way to take advantage of sneaker reselling is to be one of the first with the shoe. We provide lots of information about beating the crowds and securing your desired sneaker for resell in our Hypemaster Playbook.

August continues to be a hot month when it comes to anticipated sneakers to flip for a profit. Be sure to check out our post for the top shoes to that released this month. We didn’t include these on the list because those that made it have profits that are much higher than these.

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