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Like a blast from the past, Nike is releasing the Lebron 17 Graffiti on 5th of June 2020. The retail price for it will be $225.

In NBA and in sneakers, King James is highly sought after. Within the Nike product mix, after the Jordan line-up, the next big thing is obviously Lebron. What you’ll immediately notice is that Nike tends to think rather outside of the box when it comes to the Lebron series.

We see a vast diversity in patterns, features, and colorways. This makes the Lebron product mix a rather versatile one.

Lebron’s first Nike deal was worth $90 Million over 7 years, and since then King James has earned his nickname. After winning 3 championships and surpassing Kobe to become the 3rd leading scorer in NBA history – in 2015 Lebron revamped his deal with Nike.

Lebron signed a lifetime deal with Nike in 2015 which is reportedly worth more than $1 Billion. This isn’t the first time Nike has made such a huge deal with a sportsman, Cristiano Ronaldo also has a lifetime deal with Nike reportedly worth $1 Billion. It’s clear that Nike likes to spend money on the GOATs.

Now let’s see how the Lebron 17’s usually perform in the market so we can estimate the resale value of the Lebron 17 Graffiti.

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Lebron 17 More Than An Athlete (2019)


Released for $225 and the sneaker has a total number of 1088 resales on StockX. This speaks to the popularity of the shoe. But what we’re interested is in whether or not it sold on average above its retail price.

MTAA sales

Looking at the historical sales data, there is no indication that this shoe even sold for above its retail price of $225. There is only one peak of $500, which is an outlier considering that no one should have to pay that much.

MTAA bids

Even in the Bids section, we don’t see consumers opting to pay for more than the retail value and are rather settling at between $150-$180. Clearly the Lebron 17 More Than An Athlete was a flop in the market.

Nike LeBron 17 Monstars


Released in February of 2020 for a retail price of $225, the Monstars got off to a good start in the resale market. The early sales of the shoe ranged from $330 to $270. However, as days passed by, we see a downward trend in the resale value.

Currently, the value of Lebron 17 Monstars is stagnant at just above its value. This means that the shoe is worthless in the resale market if you’re looking for profits.

Monstar Ask

Even the sellers Asking for less than the retail value so this is a big red flag. It’s possible that the sellers just want to get rid of the stock – this would explain the low Ask prices.

Nike LeBron 17 Black White


Featured in 2019 for $200, the highest resale value that this model reached was a mere $205. Since that sale, the value has been dropping off. There are no profits being made on this shoe but rather sellers are losing out here.

BW bids

The buyers are Bidding almost a $100 on each size available and this speaks to the depreciation of the Lebron 17 Black White within just a year.

Nike LeBron 17 Low Easter (2020)


This pair comes in a light cream colorway for a retail price of $160. Overall, the resales have been performing rather well as most of them are above the retail price and some profits are at least being made.

Perhaps it’s because of the low retail price that led to higher resale value.

Nike Lebron 17 Graffiti

Nike LeBron 17 Graffiti CT6052 100 Release Date Price 2

Inspired by the Lebron 4 Graffiti that debuted back in 2016, Nike is releasing the Lebron 17 Graffiti on 5th of June for a retail price of $225.

Nike LeBron 17 Graffiti CT6052 100 Release Date Price 1

The Lebron 17 Graffiti features a black and white knitposite upper detailed with classic graffiti graphics on the mudguard. Similar to the Lebron 4, the Lebron 17 will feature a small swoosh on the collar of the shoe.

Nike LeBron 17 Graffiti CT6052 100 Release Date 3 1

Following are the places where you’ll be able to buy the Lebron 17 Graffiti from:





Resale Value of Nike Lebron 17 Graffiti

Graffiti sales

We see the highest resale value in April for $579 but since then it has dropped sharply. There are peaks and valleys but the price is rather stagnant at around $250.

This is very similar to the previous Lebron 17s that we have analyzed above. They start off strong but then as the release date approaches, their resale value drops down. However, all hope isn’t lost.

Graffiti bids

Looking at the Bids section, buyers are still willing to pay more than $250 especially on the larger sizes such as 12 -13.

With a retail price of $225, the resale value will be between $250-$280 for a while and then it will drop down to the retail price – at which points no profits will be made.

Therefore, you want to get out ahead and purchase this shoe right on the offset if you want to make profits. Here’s a small chart on what price you will need to sell to break-even on the Lebron 17 Graffiti.


Nike Lebron 17 Graffiti

Release Date: 5th of June 2020

Retail Price: $225

Resale Value: $250-$280


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