lebThe Nike Lebron line has been producing continuous heat this year as they look to further the rollout with an Infrared-esque Nike Lebron 17 model: the Lebron 17 “Infrared.”

Images have recently surfaced that give us glimpses of the unreleased model, but keep in mind the release date is not until January 2020.

Lebron 17 Infrared
Lebron 17 Infrared via @retro_boomin_6 twitter

Because these sneaker dates are due to change, make sure to gravitate to this article as more news makes its way regarding the Lebrons.

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Pairs of the Lebron 17 “Infrared” are set to arrive in the new year on January 7th, 2020.

The second there is news that the shoe has even the slightest chance at releasing before the end of 2019, it will be notified immediately on the Six Figure Sneakerhead blog.

LEBRON 17 INFRARED site list

The Lebron 17 will release for certain on Nike’s hyped sneaker selling platform, SNKR mobile application.

More than likely, the shoe will become available on footsites like Footlocker, Finishline, and Eastbay, but waiting closer to the release date will reveal the stores with accuracy.

As a result, make sure you check back as dates will be updated.


Admittedly, the actual name of this Lebron 17 rendition is not confirmed “Infrared.” Until then, that is what we shall call them.


Lebron 17 Infrared

While it doesn’t have the complete Jordan 6 palette, hints of the Jordan 6 Infrared can be visible in a photo that has surfaced.

Via twitter account retro_bomin_6, sneakerheads laid their eyes on the new Nike Lebron 17 set to release at an undisclosed date.

UPDATE: The Nike Lebron 17 “Infrared” is set to release on January 7th 2020

Lebron 17 Infrared

The main reason this shoe can be attributed to the Jordan 6 Infrareds is due to the unique lace-lock front.

Lebron 17 Infrared

In addition, the world-wide Jumpman logo is being replaced by Nike’s Dunkman.

The Dunkman adheres to a young Lebron James’s classic tomahawk slam sihuoette.

Keeping it centered on the tongue, instead of the Jumpman logo, exists a “Lebron 23” trademark.

Lebron 17 Infrared
Lebron 17 Infrared

Slightly above is more branding, as the crown sits front and center, representing “King” Lebron.

The toe of the shoe is all black, but transitions to a more entertaining colorway pattern as it approaches the quarter panel.

Lebron 17 Infrared

Spots of the University Red hue are seen until they are in full form by the rear panel.

Furthermore, the red appears in a foggy and misty red texture.

Lebron 17 Infrared

At the tongue attachment is a creative and crowd-pleasing Mufasa-esque lion, further symbolizing Lebron’s reign in the NBA the past decade.

So much so, that he has been granted claims like “Greatest of All-Time” and “Best All Around Player Ever” in the NBA.

Lebron 17 Infrared

The look is finished by the air bubble in the rear outsole, with a black midsole that encompasses the favorite backward swoosh.

The backward swoosh itself should increase the value of the shoe as it pays a nod to Travis Scott Air Jordan 1s.

Finally, the parts aforementioned all sit atop the misty unvierstiy red colorway outsole.

lebron 17 infrared vs jordan 6 infrared

As mentioned prior, the Lebron 17 “Infrared” pays homage to the Jordan 6 “Infrared”, which leads to a no-brainer passage that must be included in this piece.

Jordan 6 Infrared

The Air Jordan 6 is a classic sneaker that one would be hard-pressed to find anyone that is open to denigrating the model or colorway.

Seriously, ask any sneakerhead, almost everyone loves this shoe. Admittedly, that sentiment may be a little bias as it is one of my top 3 favorite shoe.


A quick summary of the 2019 rendition of the Jordan 6 infrared will start with the tongue that the Jordan 17 share most commonalities.

Jordan 6 Infrared Tongue

The Jordan 6 Infrared tongue includes the popular Jumpman logo, underneath the crimson red lace-lock.

Jordan 6 Infrared Outsole

The all-black upper is essential color-blocking to the infrared hue at the midsole and bringing it all together with the icy translucent white outsole.

MJ Wearing Jordan 6

The outsole includes a fitting air bubble that once-upon-a-time assisted Michael Jordan’s maneuvering on the hardwood.

In addition, the flawless detailing continues as hits of 3M is added on the back panel of the classic shoe.

The shoe is rounded out by the pull-tab and “Nike Air” imprint on the rear.

The legendary sneaker designer that single-handedly convinced Michael Jordan to stay with Jordan Brand was the mastermind behind the shoe, and of course, Michael Jordan wore the Infrared model in his first championship.

LeBron 17 infrared resale value

The Lebron 17 Infrared will ring in the new year 2020 for Nike and Lebron, however, it may not end up being the most hyped Lebron shoe to date.

Lebron James in FOG

Lebron James himself is a sneakerhead, as we’ve seen him lace-up in Jerry Lorenzo and Jordan 1s when he’s enjoying life with his kids or before a nationally broadcasted game.

Lebron Wearing Jordan 1

The Lebron 17 Infrared’s color-blocking alone should sell many units next year, just like the Jordan 6 Infrareds did earlier this year.

The Jordan 6 infrared will require shelling out a few hundred dollars, but well worth it due to its quality and classic look.

Jordan 6 Infrared via Stockx

If you’re wondering which Lebron shoe is really doing numbers, hone in on the Lebron 7s 2009 edition of the Red Carpet.

Lebron 7 Red Carpet
Lebron 7 Red Carpet

This Lebron rendition will need more than just a few hundred due to its aged release and its sleek colorway.

Unfortunately, this early before the release date means an absence of any stock on the market.

In all honesty, any stock this early might be counterfeit, so be cautious out there in the wild.

Lebron 17 Infrared

With the retail price of $200, based on how other Lebron sneakers have done in the past, and the particular classic Jordan 6 colorway this shoe embodies, the resale projection will be between $200 to $250.

Young Lebron James

Lebron continues to impress all NBA fanatics this year, as the old-timer is pushing numbers even the younger Lebron would not have fathomed.

His outstanding performances only helps his shoe line, as he’s successfully put the Los Angelos Lakers back on the championship hunt, thus placing his shoe front and center on resale platforms.

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I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas with their families, but now its time to prepare for the final shoe releases of 2019.

Good luck everyone, until next time.


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