The Lebron 7 “China Moon” first released in 2009 as a China-exclusive, and to ring in the new year of 2020, we will be blessed with a Lebron retro.

Although Lebron has various models with his Nike partnership through the years, the Lebron 7 is definitely one of the more popular editions.

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Lebron’s signature shoes are built for athletic performance as well as casual appeal, and this shoe, in particular, can be laced up for either of the aforementioned scenarios.

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The Lebron 7 China Moon is set to release this month, on January 2nd, 2020.

That’s right, Nike has decided to start this year off behind “The Chosen One”.

Lebron: The Chosen One

And rightfully so, as Lebron James has captured the hearts of not only many children who yearn to follow in his iconic career, but also the older generation who are moved by his contribution in society.

LEBRON 7 CHINA MOON site releases

Lebron’s shoe with Nike, Lebron 7 China Moon, will get the retro treatment and set to release on Nike’s SNKR calendar as well as other retail stores.

As of right now, the only site that will be releasing is SNKR at 9am CT.

LEBRON 7 CHINA MOON: a closer look

As previously mentioned, the shoe is getting retroed from its original release of 2009 during the annual Chinese Moon Festival.

Lebron 7 China Moon

The shoe is doused with luxurious metallic gold and majority-white colorway.

The center of the shoe features white shoelaces that arrive upon a white tongue, encompassing Lebron’s trademark signature.

Lebron 7 China Moon
Lebron 7 China Moon

Furthermore, the front of the shoe includes a golden mudguard that travels to the heel, with more Lebron logos.

The side panel of the shoe includes a web-like design in the gold colorway on a white base. In addition, that white base features a large white Nike swoosh with a golden outline.

Lebron 7 China Moon

A smaller all golden swoosh can be seen on the opposite of the shoe as well.

To further uniqueness in design, the rear features Lebron’s name in Chinese.

The upper construction of the shoe sits atop an air bubble and an outsole with a white and gold outsole color scheme.

Lebron 7 China Moon Insoles

Finally, to complete the look, the insoles include more Chinese writing that continues the Chinese collaboration tribute from 2009.

LEBRON 7 resale projections

To reiterate, the shoe has been given an encore after two other popular renditions of the Lebron 7 releases.

Just before the end of the year 2019, Nike and Lebron managed to squeeze in the Lebron 7 Red Carpet and Lebron 7 Christmas colorways to consumers.

In terms of reselling, analyzing how the Lebron 7 Red Carpets did can serve as a decent benchmark for the Lebron 7 China Moon resale prediction.


The Lebron 7 “Red Carpet” initially released in 2009, and took a whole decade for it to receive the retro treatment.

Lebron 7 Red Carpet via Stockx

During the 10 year stretch before the re-release, the price increased substantially as the size 9.5 features a resell value of over $500.

The white and black-glass blue colorway shoe was retroed in the year 2019 on October 29th, and unfortunately, it’s not reselling as well as its first release counterpart.

Lebron 7 Red Carpet via Stockx

Nontheless, if you’re willing to hold for a long time, it might be an asset that will see rise in its monetary value overtime.


On the other hand, the Lebron 7 2019 Christmas includes a stark difference in its resale performance than the 2019’s rendition of Lebron 7 Red Carpet.

Lebron 7 Christmas via Stockx

A size 9 holds value at $300, which is more than twice as much as its retail $140 price point.

These two examples show contradicting information on general reselling.

In large part, shoes that receive the retro treatment bode well with resell, however, the Lebron 7 Red Carpet did not.

Although the Lebron 7 Red Carpet’s 2019 iteration was a retro, its poor performance in resell can be due to the fact that the basketball shoe was a general release, as opposed to limited stock.

However, the Lebron 7 Christmas was slightly limited, which can be attributed to its high resale result.

If the Lebron 7 China Moon proves to only be available from the SNKR app, it will help the high-resell value argument.

Ultimately, it can still flop and stock may sit.

Because this Lebron 7 China Moon edition is a retro and there’s a chance stock is limited, the resell performance will trend upwards so a resell value around $300 can be concluded.


Lebron James is just one of the many NBA players that identify themselves as sneakerheads.

Lebron James in Jordans

Lebron has been seen with a multiude of hyped sneakers, that only sneakerheads could identify from first glance.

Lebron James in FOG

Other NBA Players like Nick Young and PJ Tucker also enjoy aquiring hyped and limited sneakers, however, they are not even close to the auro Lebron James holds.

PJ Tucker in OFF-WHITE

Lebron James and Nike Brand will continue to produce creative shoe collaborations this year.

In fact, in the same month of January, Nike will release the Lebron 7s Infrareds.

Lebron 7 Infrareds

The Lebron 7 Infrareds pays homage to the classic Jordan 6 Infrared, which is a grail to many sneakerheads alike.

Jordan 6 Infrareds were worn by the one and only Michael Jordan during his very first Championship title.

MJ Wearing Jordan 6 Infrareds

This fact, along with the sleek design, is probably why Lebron and Nike have decided to create a shoe that mimics the red and black colorway.

Sneakerheads will not only appreciate the Infrared nod, but also the backward swoosh that has been seen on hyped sneakers by Travis Scott.

Nike will look to include Lebron in their other shoe releases throughout the year, on that same token, Lebron looks to lead the Los Angelos Lakers to a title this year.

The combination of both should bode well for his sneakers to do well in the retail market, but hopefully also in the resale market.

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I hope everyone had a great New Years Day and start the new years off right.

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