Merry Christmas to all of you who are reading this instead of celebrating. The hustle never stops and for that reason, you are all in for a treat today. Today we bring to you an exciting sneaker release. Lebron “The King”; James has had an amazing season in 2020 and we can share in the joy with the release of the Nike Lebron 7 “Christ The King” releasing this week for $200. 

For those of you who are not avid Lebron fans, the Lebron 7 “Christ The King” was released initially in 2010. The sneaker was designed as a tribute to one of the top High School basketball schools in the country, at the time. And of course, the White and Maroon colorway resembling the Cavs team colors made it all the more popular. The 2010 release was dropped in extremely limited quantities and you can still earn a handsome buck by reselling it.

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Nike Lebron 7 “Christ The King” (2010)

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As we can see from the historical sales data, the 2010 Lebron 7 CTK fetched a $1000 price-tag at one point in time. But that must’ve been some celeb or influencer with way too much money to burn because that’s truly double the average resale price. The question remains, will the 2020 Lebron 7 “Christ The King” fetch the same amount on the resale market?

Nike Lebron 7 “Christ The King” (2020) – Details

The 2020 CTK is rumored to be identical to the 2010 edition. The same White and Maroon premium upper coupled with the White swoosh with golden outlines on the lateral, “Christ The King” embroidered close to the heels, mustard-colored laces, and of course the iconic Nike air max tech. at the bottom of the sneaker.

Check out the Conclusion for the rare 2010 Lebron 7 CTK images.

Nike Lebron 7 “Christ The King” (2020) – Where To Buy

Given that there is currently no release date the moment, none of your usual stores will have any record of the sneaker. Therefore, your best bet is to check out Nike’s Official Website and stay updated with us for the release date.

Nike Lebron 7 “Christ The King” (2020) – Resale Price

The 2010 Lebron CTK is reselling for almost $500 with a retail price of $140. Lebron 7 is a popular silhouette in the Lebron line-up and I expect the 2020 release to sell out fast. Therefore, according to our estimates, the resale price of the Nike “Lebron 7 “Christ The King” will be $350-$400.


Sneaker: Nike Lebron 7 “Christ The King” 2020

Release Date: Dec 2020

Retail Price: $200

Resale Price: $350-$400


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