At the end of July, a Montreal-based design company and a former sneaker behemoth, joined hands to release a silhouette that had long been forgotten for over a decade. That sneaker sold out almost instantly and everything stood still – until now. 341983":0,"335559739":160,"335559740":259}"> 

JJJJound and New Balance are set to release the 992 for a global release on the 7th of August for an expected retail price of $260. Initially, the sneaker was only available on JJJJound’s website but as the popularity of the sneaker sky-rocketed, it made sense to open it up for the world. 

In this article we’ll cover who or what JJJJound is, where to buy JJJJound’s New Balance 992, and how much to resell the New Balance 992 for.  

Feel free to skip to the end of the article to find out the resale value of the JJJJound x New Balance 992.  

JJJJound – What is it?  


According to the founder, Justin Saunders, in an interview with HypeBeast back in 2018 – he started a blog back when blogging was a thing. In a sea of text-richness and information overload, he chose the path less taken.  

He removed all the text from his blog and what remained was an endless list of mood images. That’s simply where it all began for him and his company. The original URL for the blog was and in 2006 the company JJJJound was launched.  

From creating mood-based images to shifting towards an actual design studio, JJJJound does not make any compromises on its products – according to Justing Saunders. Since the company does a whole lot of client-based consulting work, they invest a lot into their R&D.  

Saunders claims that he has created so many samples that may never be released and that’s exactly why the company is where it’s at today. For Saunders, the world does not need more cheap and easy products and therefore JJJJound’s “mantra” is to make sure that each product goes through the incubator for a period of 1 year before it’s set for a wider release.  

Saunders like any entrepreneur is excited about solving problems. He thrives on it and argues that his brain just shuts off if he has to work on some old concept. This might be the reason why the company has worked on a whole array of products from water-bottles to coffee beans.  


JJJJound has also previously worked with brands such as Vans, Reebok, and APC. But what brought the company to the limelight, just recently, has to be their work with New Balance on the 992.  

JJJJound certainly has the inflated resale value effect as can be seen from their collab with Vans Old Skool silhouette. The sneaker retailed for $150 and then went on to be resold for an average price of $863. Of course, we must consider the factor that JJJJound only releases very limited amounts of products, and thus scarcity could be the major driver of price.  

JJJJound X New Balance 992  


Now usually when I think about New Balance, I think about Steve Carrell wearing them in Crazy, Stupid, Love. They just didn’t seem fashionable to me but I understand that a certain market niche finds them appealing because of their comfort. 

However, JJJJound really worked wonders on this long-forgotten silhouette and crafted a masterpiece in two different colorways. The JJJJound New Balance 992 will be releasing in a green and a brown colorway. 

The green colorway features two tones of green in a mesh and suede upper. The green is contrasted with the cream midsole and the black outsole. The brown colorway features the exact same design with tones of brown on the upper. On the heels of both the pairs, the JJJJound branding completes the design. 

Where to Buy JJJJound X New Balance 992?  

If you’re in North America:  

  • Bodega 
  • Haven 
  • Concepts 
  • Notre 

For those in the EU:  

  • SNS 
  • Goodhood 
  • END 
  • Mr. Porter 
  • Next Door 

And finally, Asia:  

  • Mita 
  • KITH Tokyo 
  • SNS Tokyo  

Resale Value of 992  

On StockX, the green pair is reselling on average for more than $700 while the brown pair is north of $800. But since this is going to be a global release which means that there is going to be an increase in supply, we can expect the resale value to drop a little.  

Since the brown pair is more popular, we can expect the resale of the JJJJound New Balance 992 (brown) to be around $600-650 after the release while the green pair can fetch you around $550-$650.  


Sneaker: JJJJound x New Balance 992  

Colorways: Green and Brown.  

Retail Price: $260 

Resale Value: Green – $550-$650 

                       Brown – $600-$650 

Release Date: August 7th, 2020 



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