Nike is back and this time, they’ve just released the Nike Air Ship A Ma Maniere Game Royal. The French-inspired clothing retailer has teamed up with Nike a few times before, releasing a Jordan 1 and an Air Force 1 Low. Today we take a look at the Nike Air Ship A Ma Maniere Game Royal and its interesting release.

Image of A Ma Maniere storefront via Hypebeast.
Image of A Ma Maniere storefront via Hypebeast.

What is A Ma Maniere?

A Ma Maniere is a clothing retailer, found in Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Houston. Inspired by French fashion and culture, the boutique sells clothing from accredited brands and fashion houses such as Balenciaga, Burberry, Mason Margiela, Off-White, and more.

While A Ma Maniere sells different brands of clothing and fashion, they also sell their own products, although that’s not the focus of the brand.

Past Nike x A Ma Maniere Collaborations

Jordan 1 Retro High OG A Ma Maniere

Image of the Jordan 1 Retro High OG A Ma Maniere via StockX.
Image of the Jordan 1 Retro High OG A Ma Maniere via StockX.

This Nike x A Ma Maniere collaboration has an average resell price of $387 and a retail price of $200, which is higher than the average Jordan 1.

This is obviously quite a simple pair with Sail and Burgundy as the two colors.

“The Air Jordan 1 A Ma Maniére features a premium cracked leather upper with burgundy reptilian-textural leather collars and Swooshes. Silky quilted lining and custom weaved tongue and insole labels add a sense of luxury. At the base, a yellowed sole provides a vintage feel to complete the design.”

Nike Air Force 1 Low A Ma Maniere

Image of the Nike Air Force 1 Low A Ma Maniere via StockX.
Image of the Nike Air Force 1 Low A Ma Maniere via StockX.

Here we have a much different pair to the one above, with this one almost totally black throughout.

The retail price on this pair is $170 and it has an average resell price of $347, so people preferred the Air Force 1 Low over the Jordan 1 High when it comes to the A Ma Maniere collaborations.

This Air Force 1 Low features a suede upper with tumbled leather overlays and dark grey accents. A suede-wrapped midsole, grey outsole, and customized insole complete the design

Nike Air Ship A Ma Maniere Game Royal

  • Retail Price: $140
  • Average Resell: $719 (as of August 28th, 2022)
  • Colorway: White and Game Royal
  • Release Date: Friday, August 26th, 2022
  • Style Code: DX4976-141
Image of the Nike Air Ship A Ma Maniere Game Royal via StockX.
Image of the Nike Air Ship A Ma Maniere Game Royal via StockX.

The Nike Air Ship was the shoe Michael Jordan played in until his signature Air Jordan 1 was ready and was the sneaker that was truly banned from the court.

The sneaker has an all-white leather upper with blue accents mimicking the OG colorway. The blue features prominently and hits on the ankle collar, outsole, and Swoosh.

“Nike Air” branding on the heel and tongue is joined by A Ma Maniere branding on the tongue to complete the look. The sneakers will be accompanied by an apparel collection.

Importance of Scarcity for Resellers

It is incredibly important to understand that the Nike Air Ship A Ma Maniere Game Royal only released 2,300 pairs. That is a very limited release, and that’s why we’re talking about scarcity.

Both Nike and A Ma Maniere don’t really care how much money they make from this sneaker. They usually know that they’ll sell out with production this low, and they could actually make more money if they produced more sneakers.

So that begs the question: why only limit it to 2,300 pairs?

Well, there are a couple of reasons. First, Nike, knows that no matter what, they will always have customers. They’ve grown so big that collaborations like this aren’t necessarily for profit, but for attention and media.

They don’t need to release thousands and thousands of pairs and having a limited amount actually gets people more interested.

For A Ma Maniere, they benefit greatly from the attention. First, they are releasing a collaboration with Nike so that’s big on its own. Second, they are going to see a collaboration completely sell out, which is another plus.

But as a reseller, you have to understand why scarcity drives consumers. People want what they can’t have, or better yet, what other people don’t have. If there were 50,000 pairs released, everyone would be wearing a pair and nobody would feel the need to have to cop a pair.

Resellers should always be in tune with what sneakers are scarce because those are the ones that will resell for the most. Once they sell out on release day, and they will because there are so few of them at the start, people flock to resell markets.

Of course, the reselling price will be higher than the retail price, and that’s where resellers take advantage. We find the product that everyone wants, and we sell it for a price that people are willing to pay, but also a price that profits for us.

Once you truly understand this, you will really be able to fully embrace reselling and start to profit off of almost every release. Understanding when to buy and when to sell are the most important aspects of reselling there are.

How to Become a Great Reseller

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does A Ma Maniere mean?

A Ma Maniere (translated as My Way in French) embodies the idea that individuals are influenced by their culture.

Who created A Ma Maniere?

Founded by James Whitner to fill a void in the South-East panorama and located on Marietta Street in the lively West Midtown in Atlanta, the A Ma Maniere store is a space of 140 square meters divided into two floors.

How much money do you need to resell?

To start reselling shoes you need at least $100 in your bank account to buy enough inventory for one day’s sales (because you don’t want to be stuck with inventory that nobody buys).

Can you make a living by reselling?

If you’re a self-driven entrepreneur, you can make good money selling sneakers. Possibly even enough money to replace your 9-to-5 income if you hustle hard enough. If you’re going to build a business, it’s easier to put in the work if it’s something you’re passionate about.

Do all Jordans resell?

As time usually tells, almost every deadstock Air Jordan sneaker goes up in value the longer you hold it. As long as that specific pair of sneakers isn’t re-released or has a yellowing/bleeding issue in the colorway, you can expect a better return on your sneakers if you just hold onto them.

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