Nike Adapt Auto Max Fireberry Technology, Release Details, and Resell

Your favorite self-lacing sneakers are back in a brand new colorway! The Nike Adapt Auto Max Fireberry is priced at the usual whopping $400 and releases on October the 9th. Keep reading as we dive in to take a closer look!

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The Nike Adapt Auto Max Fireberry is one of the very few colorways available for this futuristic sneaker. Before we estimate its resale, let’s go through what makes these sneakers special.

Nike Adapt Auto Max| The Future is Now

Nike Adapt Auto Max FireBerry Technology Sneaker Style

Possibly the first main-stream sneaker that can be connected to your smartphone, these kicks show how far sneaker technology has come since the early days.

The mid-sole is made up of two separate parts. The first is EVA foaming with a pencil doodle design on top. Then there’s a red rubber that covers the power-lacing and Air unit on the mid-foot.

The securing strap on the sneaker needs no hands as it can automatically secure your foot with adjustments to your liking. All from the comfort of a smartphone in your hand. To top it off, there are also customizable lights near the mid-sole.

Typically, resale for these sneakers haven’t been the greatest but often times there are some profits. To estimate resale for the Auto max “Fireberry” colorway, we head over to StockX.

Nike Adapt Auto Max Black Green

Nike Adapt Auto Max Black Green
Image from StockX

Retail Price: $400

Peak Resell: $540

Release Date: 06/18/2020

Colorway: Black/Green

This sneaker features a black upper with jet black Nike ‘Swooshes’ on the sides. An EVA foamed mid-sole with green scribbles provide a unique look while a green rear and sole finishes off the design.

The average selling price on StockX is only around $380 which isn’t great. Although at peak resale, profits are around $140, in most cases these shoes aren’t profitable.

Nike Adapt Auto Max Fireberry

Via Nike

Retail Price: $400

Estimated Resell: $400

Release Date: October/09/2020


The Nike Adapt Auto Max Fireberry comes in primarily a black upper with grey, neon, and fireberry hits.

Plastic jet black ‘Swooshes’ blend perfectly with the rest of the black upper. A grey mid-sole with black doodle scribbles and crimson/fireberry on the sides at the rear provide contrast. A tiny volt ‘Swoosh’ and highlights on the out-sole provide some much needed flavor.

Finally, a black sole with an exposed Air unit, and checked textures finishes off the design.

Take a closer look with these official images.

Via Nike
Via Nike
Via Nike
Via Nike
Via Nike

Estimated Resale

Most Adapt Auto Max sneakers don’t sell for profits too high and I expect the same for this colorway.

On StockX, you probably won’t make many profits as I expect these to brick at around retail prices. Don’t let that stop you from copping personal pairs however, as these are still really cool sneakers!

Where to Buy

You can cop these sneakers at select retailers and Nike at 10 AM ET on October the 9th for $400. The raffles will go live at other retailers as well:



To get them for resale prices today, visit StockX.


Nike Adapt Auto Max Fireberry

Retail Price: $400

Estimated Resell: $400

Release Date: October/09/2020

Where to Buy: (Retail) Nike 10 AM ET

                           (Resale) StockX

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