Nike is an ever evolving company driven by the intention to give the best to athletes.

It̵7;s this intention that gave founders Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman the momentum and resonance to overtake Adidas in market share against all odds and to come out with Jordans back in the 80’s, which many agree to be the coolest line of shoes out there.

The hype train is still strong in the present day. One 2019 model that keeps its steam going is the self lacing Nike Adapt BB.

nike adapt bb 2019 release date feb price
The brand new self lacing Nike Adapt BB. Image from

With so much money flying around the resale market which seems to be bigger than ever in 2019, it’s hard now to hear of a release without thinking whether or not it will resell, especially when it’s a model so similar to one of the most hyped Nikes ever made.

We’re talking about the freshly dropped Air Mag colorway of the Nike Adapt BB, aka the Poor Man’s Air Mag.

nike adapt bb air mag snkrs
The baby mag as seen on the SNKRS app

With a retail price of $350 and a resale price even higher, it’s certainly not cheap though.

We also expect resale to be sky high, with at least $500 in profit per pair (more on this prediction later).

Let’s take a look at the history to see why these shoes will sell out in minutes or less.

The Air Mag

A number of Nike models in history have commanded five or even six figure prices. Arguably none have sustained such astronomical prices as the original Nike Air Mag.

The film Back to the Future in 1985 cemented these Nikes as a utopian goal of 2015 of never having to stoop down to the lowly task of tying ones own shoes.

The first Air Mag released in 2011 with astonishing resale values, and in 2016 these numbers were topped when a self lacing version was incarnated.

Although nearly five years after the predicted date, the technology depicted in the film has finally come to fruition for the masses.

Self lacing technology evolution of Nike

With envelope pushing shoe tech like the Air Max, Flyknit, Vapormax and React, Nike is an innovation powerhouse.

Apart from the ultra exclusive self lacing Mag that went for five figures at a charity auction, the first real self lacing piece for Nike to drop for the public was the Hyperadapt 1.0 in late 2017.

At a $720 retail it was surprising that these sold out and resold. Many colorways of the 1. 0 released, but resale value dropped below retail over time.

The overall opinion was that these shoes were cool, but a clear first step in need of improvement.

The people needed something else, something better.

The Nike Hyperadapt 2.0 Adapt BB

Unveiled in January 2019, the Nike Adapt self lacing technology was set to change the game.

The BB’s (BB=basketball) are actually intended to be used on the court and have been field tested to withstand the court:

nike adapt bb news statistics test infographic
Infographic from

It would be pretty cool if all NBA players were out there wearing these live during games, but it’s definitely too early for that despite Nike’s longevity tests. Old school sneakers are still the way to go for now for the professionals.

Actual reviews of the 2019 Adapt BBs from owners are hit and miss, but overall much better for the user than the more expensive predecessor Hyperadapt 1.0 which was bulkier and glitchier. 

The Adapt Air Mag BB

Many new Nike models are given classic colorways in hopes of selling out, resulting in resale value on the aftermarket, like how the Air Jordan 32 and the Air Jordan 11 Low were given “Bred” colorways.

They even did a baby mag before with the Nike SB , which had its own Air Mag inspired colorway called the “Marty McFly” that goes for  about $200 on StockX today (check its current price here, it may rise with the hype from this drop).

marty mcfly air mag nike sb low
The Marty McFly Nike SBs from 2015 on StockX. Retail was just $100.

Although this strategy of resurrecting classic colors on the silhouettes of new creations is hit or miss, we expect that the Air Mag BB is going to be a major hit as these are modern day grails of many sneakerheads.

Unlike the SBs, these “Wolf Grey” BB’s are basically Mags with their top half cut off, with replicated details like the blue speckled soles and stop light colors. 

On Feet Pictures of the Adapt Air Mag BB

a ja wilson wnba lvaces on feet mag adapt bb
From @_ajawilson22 on Twitter

One of the first to drop the news of these Mag inspired kicks is WNBA star A’ja Wilson.

She recently unveiled on feet pictures of the Nike Adapt “Wolf Grey” Mag BB’s on her Twitter @_ajawilson22.

These pictures show a custom number 22 on the heels which will not be on the retail version.

Because of that, the first picture above will give you the best look at what these will be like in the flesh if you’re lucky enough to get them shipped to your door.

aja wilson on foot air adapt nike bb hyperadapt mag 2019
22’s on the back. Image from @LVaces Twitteron foot look court nike adapt bb aja wilson
Another one from A’ja Wilson.

Release date of the Nike Hypeardapt BB “Air Mag”

Packed among the many profitable sneaker releases of May 2019, the Nike Hyperadapt BB “Air Mag” was recently announced to drop on Wednesday, May 29th 2019 at a retail price of $350.

Its official colorway name is “Wolf Grey”.

Take a look at the detailing, which apart from the translucent blue sole, is a spiting image of the OG 2011 Nike Mag.

nike snkrs app adapt bb detailed look

rear nike snkrs app adapt bb detailed look heel
Both above images via SNKRS

How to Buy the Nike Adapt BB “Air Mag” in May 2019


With so many people flooding the app, you’ll need an edge that will separate you from the masses with a proper strategy. The first step is of course to have the app downloaded and to make sure your push notifications are on for the “Wolf Grey” BB by pushing “Notify Me” under the picture. We lay out strategies in the Hypemaster Playbook which can get you not just one but multiple pairs. There’s also a post here on our blog that gives you a good taste.


It’s confirmed that will be stocking these. 

Physical Retailers

It’s not confirmed that you can walk into any store and find these on the shelves or enter raffles on their release day. There’s more of a chance that you’ll find the Adapt BB Mags online, keep this page bookmarked or subscribe to our email list for any updates regarding this drop.

Will the Nike Adapt BB Wolf Grey “Mag” resell?

Short answer: absolutely yes. 

The Nike Adapt BB “Mag” will defintely sell out.


Well, the history is strong, the hype is high, it’s a semi surprise release that has people in red alert mode.

It’s this formula that dictates basically every release that becomes out of stock in mere minutes.

A strong historic understanding of sneaker culture gives collectors and resellers an edge to know which shoes are worth buying that might go up in value, and these Nike Adapt BB “Air Mags” certainly are.

Post drop resale price update: 

The Nike Adapt BB “Wolf Grey” held resale value of about $800-$1000 during the day before the release

The current price days after the drop is around $500. Expect this to be a good long term investment to hold until later this year.

How Limited is the Nike Adapt BB “Wolf Grey”/Mag ?

Stock is expected to be incredibly limited as well. It seems the best place for your chance to get your hands on these is on Nike’s SNKRS app.

The first iterations of the Hypeardapt Basketball, “Black/Pure Platinum” and “Dark Grey”  resold upon initial release although prices have dropped with the latter currently widely available through a recent restock.

We don’t expect this Air Mag colorway to restock though, and we expect it to be much more limited than its predecessors.

Because these are more limited and way more hyped that the first two colorways, we expect the Wolf Grey “Air Mag” Adapt BB to resell up to $1000+.

There’s no going back to the future or past to get these once they’re gone, so get your education on point if you want a chance of getting these at the $350 retail price.





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