The Nike Air Fear of God 1 has already seen very successful releases in a slew of different colorways, but spring and summer have seen the new addition of bright colors to a design aesthetic in Fear of God that is usually seeped in neutral tones.

">Currently we’re anticipating another exciting bright addition in the upcoming weeks with the “Amarillo” colorway.

Fear of God “Amarillo” Yellow Nike Air 1’s

yellow amarillo fear of god nike picture
Official image of the Yellow Nike x Fear of God Air 1’s

Though the Fear of God designer would beg you not to refer to them as “Amarillo’s,” there have been swirls of rumors around the precise drop date of this yellow model of the Nike Air Fear of God 1s.

Specifically, it was rumored to be releasing in July, which could still potentially happen, but, truth be told, no one really knows – by design – which we’ll explain toward the end of the article, but we will be updating as more information becomes available.

Anyone paying attention to what kicks some of the biggest names in sports are wearing these days has probably caught wind of the Fear of God x Nike collaboration.

pj tucker fog orange nike on feet game air 1
From Getty Images , PJ Tucker is known to rock heat like these Fear of God Air 1 “Orange”

You could catch PJ Tucker wearing them in games, Colin Kaepernick making appearances in them, OBJ courtside with a fresh pair, just to name a few – but now the public is finally getting a chance to rock the latest installment of high fashion meets streetwear.

Fear of God – The Brand

Fear of God (FOG) is the brainchild of designer Jerry Lorenzo.

Since the label’s inception in 2013, Lorenzo has earned a cult like following from celebrities, athletes, hypebeasts, and anyone with a pulse on LA urban fashion.

In particular, he started gaining notoriety in the fashion world after being tapped to design the YEEZUS tour merch.

jerry lorenzo fear of god complex picture
Image via Complex

While most of the people on this site probably are more familiar with FOG for its footwear, the label began as a capsule of hoodies and long Ts.

The aesthetic of the brand is a modern blend of hip hop, grunge, and religion. Speaking to Esquire, Lorenzo explained that the vision of FOG is that all of its elements are familiar:

“It’s a flannel, it’s a bomber—it’s your uncle’s army field jacket that he used to wear all the time. It’s all these things that are familiar to you.”

fear of god flannel fashion picture
Image via Deseret News, Kuzma rocking Fear of God from head to toe

In 2016, Kanye ignored the dress code and rocked a pair of distressed FOG jeans to the Met Gala. Lorenzo designed Justin Bieber’s 2015 tour merch T shirts.

And more recently, Kyle Kuzma wore a full FOG ensemble at the ESPYs this month.

FOG X Nike

fear of god nike logo
Image via Modern Notoriety

Safe to say everyone in the sneaker game is at least somewhat familiar with the idea of collaborations (“collabs”) between brands, artists and brands, musicians and brands, celebs, etc etc

Nike and Fear of God began their collaboration with the Nike Air Fear of God shoe, which purposely was given to NBA players only prior to a more widescale release.

This was Lorenzo’s vision for the shoe collab – “It is a shoe that should only be judged by the emotion it gives the kid when he first sees it — however it makes him feel; we live in a day and age when images are leaked left and right, and products are leaked without consideration and emotional attachments.

I’m aiming to give a visceral experience whether the kid sees it first on Ben Simmons coming into the arena or worn by his favorite athletes on court.”

Lorenzo looks to tap into nostalgia for 80’s and 90’s – a time when he viewed superstar athletes as some of the primary influences of streetwear.

Nike Air Fear of God 1  “Amarillo” Yellow Release Date: Summer 2019 (TBA: Expected July)

nike fog amarillo yellow air 1 release picture official
Image via SoleCollector

Retail Price: $350

Resale Value: ~$450-$600+

Potential Profit: $150-$250 per pair

First a note on the release – Fear of God as a brand, has always been unconventional with its releases.

Lorenzo doesn’t follow a traditional fashion calendar with seasonal releases, instead, he releases his work whenever he feels it is ready, as he believes this is “true luxury.”

“Luxury is making your own schedule and being your own boss. It’s like Jay Z said: ‘Until you’re on your own, you can’t be free no matter how much money you’re making.’”

So needless to say, it is not that surprising that we do not have a confirm release date for the latest, Amarillo, installment of the Fear of God 1. However, this does have intended/unintended consequence of upping the hype.

fear of god yellow on foot complex picture
Image via Complex

Resale Value: Fear of God x Nike Air 1 “Amarillo” Yellow

So what should we expect the resale to look like of a shoe with a higher end price tag?

At this point, there are not any resales on the typical platforms to look at for this particular colorway, however, we can look at how other colorways of the shoe have been performing.

fear of god resale prices air 1
Assorted resale prices of different colorways from StockX

Historically, the neutral toned colorways more in line with the Fear of God fashion label, tend to be performing better in resale.

However, the two bright colorways that released earlier this year are still performing at 24.3-35.4% price premium on StockX, which could translate to a profits around ~$100 or so per pair, with some volatility depending on the size.

fear of god orange spruce resale prices stockx
Images from StockX

Granted, these bright colorways only released in May, but you can see that they have been holding their value at a pretty steady clip ever since.

It also appears that the further we get from their initial release date, sizes 8-9.5 in particular have been in the most demand. You can read more about the other colorways and other collabs between Nike and Fear of God in a full rundown we published: Collab Guide: Fear of God X Nike

So the real question here is how does the Amarillo compare? With even more mysterious drop dates than past models, but with the same athlete exposure, and a potentially desirable colorway with the comeback of the LakeShow (don’t forget the Fear of God 1 is a basketball shoe, after all), the Amarillo looks poised with enough hype around it to perform very well on the resale market.

How to Buy: Fear of God x Nike Air 1 “Amarillo” Yellow

j23 app picture fog yellow amarillo
A top shot of the super yellow “Amarillo” from @J23App

Lastly, how to cop – because of the mystery surrounding the release date on the Amarillo, that question is not as easy to answer as it might be for other releases.

There will undoubtedly by a Nike SNKRS release, but any stores that carried previous Nike X Fear of God releases are also a pretty good bet.

We’ll be watching for more news about this release and others, so subscribe to our email list below and follow us on Instagram for the latest shoe resale news!

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