The Ultimate Guide to the Nike Air Presto Mid x Acronym: Thursday September 20 2018

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Many people are excited about this hot release with Nike and the Munich based street fashion brand Acronym, and its forecasted resale price of nearly 300% over its retail price of $200 is a reflection of the excitement of this billion dollar sneaker resale market.

The Nike Air Presto Mid x Acronym is a marriage between minimalism and hype fashion, and this head turner has a release date on Thursday September 20th 2018.

This shoe features a mid-height silhouette, increasing the size and style of the original Nike Air Presto, and with subtle Acronym branding and tastefully accented zipties, these sneakers are a release that are worth the hype to get for the retail price.

These coveted kicks are a return of a previous release that was super hyped and worth getting. You will learn how to get the Nike Presto ACRNM at retail and how much they’ll sell for at the end of this article. For those serious about building a profitable sneaker business and get rare shoes like this regularly, check out the Hypemaster Playbook here which has helped many people secure rare shoes like these.


price Nike Air Presto Mid Acronym 2016
The Nike Air Presto Mid Acronym 2016 price from

2016 collaboration of Nike Air Presto Mid x Acronym

As shown above, the 2016 Nike Presto ACRNM has record price tags, still north of $1,000.

Similar to the 2016 version of the Nike Presto Acronym, this 2018 Nike Air Presto Acronym is making a comeback in bright style in 3 different colors that we’ll break down further down in this article.

The hype is real for the 2018 iteration of the Nike ACRNM Presto, and although the price won’t be as high as the 2016 version (keep reading to the end of this article for our price projection), there are three times the shoes and thus three times the chances to get a pair to keep for a fair price or to sell a pair for a good profit, ideally a combination of the two.

The 2018 Nike Air Presto Mid x Acronym: In Depth Colors

The Nike Presto Acronym 2018 is coming out in 3 different colors:

1. Cool Grey/Black

The2 018 Acronym Nike Presto in Cool Grey
The 2018 Acronym Nike Presto in Cool Grey

Perhaps the most true to the “Health Goth” (a term that GQ may have coined) aesthetic , this will likely be the most popular color out of all of the Nike Air Presto Mid x Acronym 2018 to release.

With white accents that give a nice contrast to the simple black and grey color scheme of the shoe, this shoe still has a small pop but is nowhere near as loud as the other designs.

2. White/Dynamic Yellow/Black,

White/Dynamic Yellow/Black Nike Presto ACRNM 2018 from
White/Dynamic Yellow/Black Nike Presto ACRNM 2018 from

It’s hard to tell whether or not this color of the Nike Presto Acronym will sell more than the following color, but it remains fairly conservative other than its super bright “Dynamic Yellow” color pop around the ankle of the shoe’s upper.

A clean white throughout the rest of the shoe has nice black accents that make the black Nike Swoosh on the toebox really pop with the white lettering surrounding the tongue.

3. Racer Pink with Photo Blue/White/Black 

Racer pink ACRONYM_X_NIKE_AIR_PRESTO_PDP_6_native_600
Side close up view of the Racer Pink NIke ACRNM Presto 2018 from White/Dynamic Yellow/Black Nike Presto ACRNM 2018 from


With a bright neon rainbow spectrum splash, this Racer Pink/Photo Blue/White/Black is the most polarizing but also the most attention drawing, so it certainly will have fans that are going after this color alone above all the others.

The picture above really shows the attention to detail as well as the tasteful and unique contrast that Acronym offers with its utilitarian zip ties,  leather heel and reinforced patterned siding with pops of green and red.

How to buy: Nike Air Presto Mid x Acronym



One of the most common ways to get this release is using the Nike SNKRS app (here’s a extensive article on using SNKRS effectively).

SNKRS is a good source since you know that these Acronym Presto’s are definitely coming from Nike and you don’t have to worry about fakes or slow delivery times, as Nike ships shoes really fast, usually within 2 business days, when you buy them straight from them.

However, since many people are going after this popular option, it’s worth going after lesser known sites and adapting to their specific strategies as described in the Hypemaster Playbook here.


As obvious as this may be, recording the release date (September 20 2018)  on your calendar along with a notification is hugely important and many people who want a pair of the Nike Acronym Prestos won’t do this, partially because they’re used to new Nikes releasing on Saturdays which is true most of the time, but this drop is happening on a Thursday. So mark your calendars and make sure you have your notifications turned on, and be especially ready to act at 10AM EST which is when the shoes normally release.

Prepare for the release

Make sure you have fast internet connection, no previous engagements, and fast fingers when trying to get these shoes.

It’ll be well worth it, we promise you. The early bird gets the worm, the prepared prevail…you catch the drift don’t ya. Educate yourself and be proactive about this opportunity!

Use sneaker bots

Here’s advice that’s controversial: use a sneaker bot.

For those who may be getting uncomfortable right now with us mentioning this strategy: don’t hate the player, hate the game.

This is all part of the game.

Although using sneaker bots is a complicated task that some people think requires a computer science degree to complete, we’ve made a quick intro post here about the basics of sneaker bots and we dive in depth into using them to cop single and multiple pairs of shoes like the Nike Presto Mid Acronym’s in the Hypemaster Playbook. 


How much is the Nike Air Presto Mid x Acronym worth on the resale market?

Current projections put this pair of shoes at a $500 resale on top of its price in stores of $200 for a profit of $300+

With 3 chances to get the Nike Presto Acronym, you can make $900 if you get one of each pair.

Right now, here are the values of each color on StockX:

Tied for the most expensive at about $200-$300 profit for sale are the Cool Grey and Dynamic Yellow Acronym Air Prestos:

Nike Presto Acronym 2018 Cool Grey Price Resale
From, the Cool Grey Nike Presto Acronym
Nike Presto Acronym 2018 Yellow Price Resale stockx
Nike Presto Acronym 2018 Yellow Price Resale from

The loud colors don’t fare too well but you can still make $175 off 1 pair of the Racer Pink Air Presto Mid Acronym 

Nike Presto Acronym 2018 Racer Pink Price Resale stockx
Racer Pink Acronym Presto Price Resale stockx

Check out all of our resources throughout our blog so you can figure out how to sell your shoes once you’ve got them, the best platforms to sell them on, and much more.

That’s it for the Nike Air Presto Mid x Acronym 2018, and be on the lookout for many more articles regarding shoe news, pricing and more, and be sure to sign up to our email list if you haven’t already for a free preview of the Hypemaster Playbook along with the latest sneaker news!

Take care


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  1. Nate

    Do you recommend selling these now or holding?

    1. JVG

      You should flip them instantly on or right before release day, after that hold for a bit unless you can reinvest quickly.

  2. Liam

    Do you still expect the shoe to increase in value because right now it’s at about $200

  3. Innocent

    Is it normal for the black presto’s to have different colors with one looking fully black and the other looking purpleish?