The world didn’t realize there could be a mass-market basketball sneaker designed specifically for outdoor use until 1992 when the Nike Air Raid was launched. One that could handle the rough and tough nature of outdoor basketball and replace your beloved hoops sneakers.

Since the Nike Air Raid’s brief revival last year, the silhouette had a quiet start to begin 2021. We’ve only seen Raygun and a re-release of 2014’s White/Black silhouette this year but don’t you worry Tinker Hatfield’s fans because you will be treated with a new summer-inspired colorway, the Nike Air Raid “White Gum”

The Nike Air Raid “White Gum” will be available on May 1st at a retail price of $140.

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Nike Air raid — A brief history

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Tinker Hatfield, the designer of the Nike Air Raid and many other popular silhouettes, is well-known among Jordan fans. The Nike Air Raid was rumored to be an outdoor version of the Air Jordan VIII, hence the resemblance.

According to legend, Tinker Hatfield created the Air Raid after receiving a sticky note from his superiors instructing him to design an outdoor basketball sneaker and we can see how he developed yet another iconic design from scratch and was first released in 1992.

“That X was about strapping up to go into battle, because you’re going to get knocked around the frickin’ cage and you need to strap yourself in.” – Tinker Hatfield

The Air Raid was originally known as the Air Jack until it was released and was discontinued and was replaced with Nike Air Raid II in 1993.

Let’s take a look at some of Tinker’s concept drawings for the Nike Air Raid, and don’t miss out on any of the latest sneaker updates by following us on Instagram!

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Via Nike
Via Nike

Nike Air Raid “White Gum” — A Closer Look

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If you think the perfect outdoor basketball sneaker doesn’t exist then you’re definitely missing out on this bad boy.

This Nike Air Raid is featuring in a summer-inspired theme this time, dressed entirely in white with breathable mesh, high cut ankle collar, “X” branding, and a midfoot strap that evokes the spirits of the 1990’s basketball.

We can also see the Nike branding on the tongue with Air Raid written on the ankle strap as well as the embossed message “For outdoors use only” on the heel tab area.

The midsole also matches the overall color of the sneaker and the gorgeous light brown gum rubber outsole completes the look of the sneaker.

Nike Air Raid “White Gum” — Where To buy

You can purchase the Nike Air Raid “White Gum” at a retail price of $140 from the following stores on May 1st: 

Retail ↓



Resale ↓


Flight Club 


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Nike Air Raid “White Gum” — Resale Guide

Since summer is upon us you might profit from the summer collections that are being introduced. According to StockXthe average resale price of the “White Gum” is around $170-$200 which means you can make some profits from this sneaker which might not be satisfactory but you can increase your profits by copping more than one pair.

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Sneaker: Nike Air Raid “White Gum”

Release Date: Saturday/May 1st/2021

Retail Price: $140

Average Resale Price: $170-$200


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