Nike Dunk High Michigan – Release Date

The Nike Dunk High Michigan is releasing on the 23rd of September for a price of $120. The Dunk High has been a significant part of Nike’s line-up and has gained a cult following ever since it was released back in the 80s’.  

In this article, we’ll take a look at the re-release of the original Dunk High Michigan and evaluate whether or not the sneaker has any resale value. If you’re getting tired of reading and scouring the internet for resale values of upcoming drops, it’s time you took a look at what people have been saying about our Hypemaster Playbook, right here!  

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Feel free to skip to the end of the article to read a summarized version of the entire article and find out the resale price of the Nike Dunk High Michigan.  

So without further delay, let’s get into the Nike Dunk High Michigan.  

Nike Dunk High Michigan – The History  


It all started back in 1985 when Nike struck deals with the University of Kentucky, University of Michigan, University of Iowa, Georgetown, Syracuse, St. John’s, and UNLV to make the original Dunk High their teams’ official shoe. Each colorway of the Dunk High reflected the official colors of the universities and since then these sneakers have been etched into history. 


After the initial release in 1985, the Nike Dunk High Michigan, along with the other colorways didn’t appear until 1998. By 1998, the fan following had grown and fans were excited to get their hands on the re-release. The Dunk High became the desired item for the re-sellers and the demand for the sneaker was higher than ever.  


According to some, the 1998 retro Dunk series probably featured the highest quality materials that we will ever see utilized on the classic styles. By 2003, Nike Dunk has cemented its place into sneakerheads hearts. In 2003, Nike released the Dunk High in classic University of Iowa and Michigan team colors among others. Low-cut versions of the original Dunk were also issued by Nike in 2003 once again.  

Then in 2016, the Nike Dunk High Michigan was re-released once again. You can understand the sentiment behind the 2020 release and the hype which surrounds it.  

Nike Dunk High Michigan – Detailed Look  


The Nike Dunk High Michigan doesn’t have any radical changes. It’s still sporting the bright Yellow and Blue colorway. The sneaker is dressed in leather fixtures according to the Michigan colorways, dyeing overlays navy and the underlying base is a bright yellow. Nylon tongue finishes off the sneaker along with matching branded tabs, while laces and swooshes are in the dark blue colorway. 

I personally am a fan of this colorway. The Blue and Yellow fit so well with each other and it’s hard to take your eyes off the sneaker. Once you put on the Nike Dunk High Michigan you’ll definitely feel a blast from the past and hey if you’re from Michigan, then you’re certainly going to feel a sense of attachment about this sneaker – no doubt!  

Nike Dunk High Michigan – Where to Buy?  

You can buy the Nike Dunk High Michigan on Nike’s Official Website for a price of $120 on the 23rd of September. If the sneakers get sold out, your next best option is StockX.  

But you’re most likely are going to be able to get them at the retail price since I don’t see them getting sold out right off the bat.  

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Nike Dunk High Michigan – Resale Price  

So now as we get nearer to our conclusion, it’s time that we assess whether historical significance translates into current value. The Nike Dunk High Michigan (2016) has a resale price of $350 and its peak resale price was more than $500.  

The Nike Dunk High Michigan has a retail price of $120 and looking at the Bid and Ask prices on StockX, we can see that the resale price is between $300 to $350. The price is also dependenon which size you get, therefore, the most profitable sizes are 9 to 11.  


Sneaker: Nike Dunk High Michigan  

Release Date: 23rd September 2020 

Retail Price: $120 

Resale Price: $300-$350 

Mark your calendars boys and girls, because the Nike Dunk High Michigan is coming in hot. September has been filled with crazy hyped drops and we are covering each and everyone for you guys.  

That’s all it from me today! See you all next time.  

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