The Nike Dunk Low “Medium Curry” finally has an official release date of January 28th. The Nike Dunks are one of the most sought after silhouettes in the entire sneaker world. Its history and cult following make it as desirable as it is today. Moreover, the fact that the Dunks get sold out before you can even refresh your browser makes it all the more elusive. Will you be able to make the cut on January 28th? And if so, how much can you make reselling the Nike Dunk Low “Medium Curry”;.

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With the promotion out of the way, we can get back to the task at hand. Feel free to scroll down to the conclusion to read a condensed version of the entire article and find out the resale value of the Nike Dunk Low “Medium Curry”. 

So without further adieu, let’s see how the Nike Dunk has been performing on the resale market.

Nike Dunks Performance on the Resale Market

Nike Dunk Low Ceramic (2020)

Nike Dunk Low Ceramic (2020)
Nike Dunk Low Ceramic (2020)

Released on 19th November 2020 – the Nike Dunk Low Ceramic was a re-release of an earlier model dating back to 2001 as a part of the “Ugly Ducklings” pack. The sneaker enjoyed its time in fame by reselling, at its peak, for up to $500 before slowly declining towards mid $200s. Currently, the sneaker resells for $250 on StockX and with a retail price of $100, this was a profitable silhouette.

Nike Dunk Low Cactus Plant Flea Market Spiral Sage

Nike Dunk Low Cactus Plant Flea Market Spiral Sage
Nike Dunk Low Cactus Plant Flea Market Spiral Sage

This Nike Dunk was released as a collaboration with CPFM and honestly, I think this is my least favorite Dunk. The bedazzled upper makes me want to close my eyes. This is an abomination to the Dunk silhouette. However, since it was a hyped release, it fetched $15000 on StockX just last month. The Ask prices are through the roof and no one in their right mind should pay $15K for a bedazzled sneaker with a sewage colorway.

Nike SB Dunk Low “Street Hawker”

Nike SB Dunk Low "Street Hawker"
Nike SB Dunk Low “Street Hawker”

Releasing January 22nd, this Nike SB Dunk has everyone on their toes. Celebrating the Chinese New Year, the sneaker comes in a composition of dishes as featured on its uppers. The Sneaker is a raffle only release and the current resale price on the market is north of $1000.


So now that we have established that the Nike Dunks sell like hot-cakes in the market, it’s time to see how “Medium Curry” will fare against its predecessors.


Nike Dunk Low “Medium Curry” – Details

Nike Dunk Low "Medium Curry"
Nike Dunk Low “Medium Curry”

As the name suggests, the sneaker is inspired by the culinary arts. This Nike Dunk hosts a range of brown suede overlays atop off-white leather. The Swoosh is featured on the laterals in a cream colorway. To finish off the design, we have white midsoles contrasting with brown outsoles.

Although there isn’t much to describe the sneaker for as it is a pretty basic colorway, that’s what makes me want it more. The suede looks amazing and I cannot wait to get my hands on these.

I’m a fan of simple yet elegant colorways. Something that I can wear almost on a daily basis. The hyped releases such as the one above with CPFM just makes me disgusted. I understand that things have an artistic merit but that Dunk was a huge disappointment.

Nike Dunk Low “Medium Curry” – Where To Buy

You can purchase the Nike Dunk Low “Medium Curry” on January 28th from the Nike SNKRS app.

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Nike Dunk Low “Medium Curry” – Resale Price

Given that it’s a Dunk Low, we expect the sneaker to sell-out instantly. There’s no doubt in my head that the demand will be greater than the supply for this one. Also, after taking a look at different reselling websites, we can see that the seller sentiment is to resell the sneaker for almost $600 while the buyer is only looking to bid a mere $300.

This makes us believe that the resale price of the Nike Dunk Low “Medium Curry” will be between $250-350. 



Sneaker: Nike Dunk Low “Medium Curry”

Release Date: JAN/28/2020

Retail Price:  $110

Resale Price:  $250-$350

Well, that’s all it from us today. This new year is bringing us a whole range of profitable sneakers and January is only the start of it all. If you’re serious about making money from sneaker reselling, I urge you to read the next section. Other than that, we hope you’re having a good start to this new year and I’ll see you next time!

Nike Dunk Low "Medium Curry" sneakers
Nike Dunk Low “Medium Curry” sneakers
Nike Dunk Low "Medium Curry"
Nike Dunk Low “Medium Curry”
Nike Dunk Low "Medium Curry" side view
Nike Dunk Low “Medium Curry” side view
Nike Dunk Low "Medium Curry" opposite side view
Nike Dunk Low “Medium Curry” opposite side view
Nike Dunk Low "Medium Curry"
Nike Dunk Low “Medium Curry”
Nike Dunk Low "Medium Curry" rear view
Nike Dunk Low “Medium Curry” rear view


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