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We’re going to cover the Dunk Low “Tiffany”; today, which holds solid resale value despite being a Gradeschool release.

Nike Dunk Low GS CW1590 003 Release Date 2

If there’s one thing annoying that Nike is known for, it’s in releasing dope colorways in sizes most normal adults can’t rock–whether it’s in Gradeschool sizing or Women’s.

Needless to say, although we wish June’s Nike Dunk Low “Tiffany” was available in adult sizes, we’re happy these are dropping at solid aftermarket profits, so if you’re in it for the flip like many sneaker resale entrepreneurs nowadays, you’re in luck with these.

Alright, let’s get to it! (Skip to the end for a quick conclusion for those in a hurry)

Nike Dunk Low “Tiffany” 2021 Release Details

tiffany gs kids 2021
Official Nike Image

With an official colorway of Light Bone/Tropical Twist, this Nike Dunk Low will release in Gradeschool (Kid’s) and Preschool sizing at a price of $85 for GS and $70 for PS.

A clean Bone and black with a Tiffany blue check is sure to turn heads.

The expected release date is Friday, June 11th 2021.

Here are a few of the official pictures from Nike, including pics of the Infant shoes:

tiffany gs 2021 top

tiffany gs 2021 view

Tiffany gs 2021
Infant shoes for those who want their babies to flex


Resale Value

dunk low tiffany 2021 resale value
From Google shopping


Every time “Tiffany” is associated with Nike Dunks, the resale value is sky high. The prime example is the 2005 Diamond Supply Co “Tiffany” SBs, which to this day remain grails that go for thousands of dollars on the resale aftermarket.

Although these particular GS Dunks aren’t official “Tiffany” dunks, they bear the nickname and thus will be highly coveted and will sell for up to a $100 profit per pair.

How to Buy / Release Links

Before we can flip these, we need to first get them in our hands, which proves difficult for beginners and seasoned resellers alike, which is why we provide resources like our highly reviewed Hypemaster Playbook and the limited stock Winner’s Circle Cook Group.

These shoes will be available to buy from:


HYPEMETER GOOD2 e1611117498839

Best of luck copping these shoes. Whether it’s your first shoe to flip or your fiftieth, luck is always a factor in getting shoes like this–although with persistence you’ll secure wins under your belt and can possibly turn this into a career.

  • Nike Dunk Low Light Bone/Tropical Twist (Tiffany) CW1590-003

  • Retail price: $70/$85 (PS/GS)

  • Peak Resale Value: $140-$160

  • Potential Profit: $70+ per pair
  • Release date: June 11th 2021


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