The Dunk Low “University Blue” releases 24th JUNE 2021

It’s the year of the Dunks ̵1; no doubt. This time around, Nike is dressing the classic Dunk Low in “University Blue” colorways. Traditionally we’ve seen this colorway on Highs but it is refreshing to see it on a different variant.

Nike better strap in and hope their servers don’t crash because as soon as June 24th arrives, the Nike SNKRS app is going to be flooded with requests – although only a lucky few will be able to score them.

If you think the “University Blue” Dunk Low seems familiar, then you’re not alone. Many sneakerheads have responded to the images by comparing them to the recent release of the “Coast” colorway. I have to say, they really look alike to me. Take a look below to see for yourself and decide.

University Blue


Nike Dunk Low “University Blue” – Details


The Dunk arrives in beautiful smooth white leather uppers with matching midsoles and overlays of the classic blue color. A slightly more blue color covers from toe to tail. Speaking of branding, we have the classic Nike tag on the tongue with the blue Swoosh on the laterals. Blue laces and white midsoles complete the design to present us with the elusive Nike Dunk Low “University Blue”.


Nike Dunk Low “University Blue” – Where To Buy

You can buy the Nike Dunk Low “University Blue” on 24th June from the following stores:


Flight Club


Nike Dunk Low “University Blue” – Resale Price

Do we even need to tell you guys that the resale is going to be profitable? For those of you who are new to the sneaker game, remember one rule – if the name has “Dunk” in it, then it’s going to fly off the shelves.

With a retail price of $100 and only being released in limited stock, the hype is real for this Dunk. We expect the resale price of the Nike Dunk Low “University Blue” to be between $350-$450 depending on the size you’re selling.



HYPEMETER HYPE2 e1611117417532 Nike Dunk Low University Blue

Sneaker: Nike Dunk Low “University Blue”

Release Date: June/24th/2021

Retail Price: $100

Resale Price: $350-$450

That’s all from our side today. We’ll catch you all next time.

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Nike-Dunk-Low-University-Blue-DD1391-102-1.jpg Nike-Dunk-Low-University-Blue-DD1391-102-1.jpg Nike-Dunk-Low-University-Blue-DD1391-102-1.jpg Nike-Dunk-Low-University-Blue-DD1391-102-1.jpg Nike-Dunk-Low-University-Blue-DD1391-102-1.jpg Nike-Dunk-Low-University-Blue-DD1391-102-1.jpg Nike-Dunk-Low-University-Blue-DD1391-102-1.jpg Nike-Dunk-Low-University-Blue-DD1391-102-1.jpg

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