Ladies and Gentlemen, I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that 2021 is blissful for you in terms of reselling. And to start this year off, we have none other than the Nike Dunk Low “White Black”; releasing on January 14th for a retail price of $100 in both Men’s and Women’s sizes. This colorway was revealed back in 2020 alongside six other upcoming colorways.

It’s no secret that Nike loves its Dunk silhouettes. From amazing SB collaborations throughout 2020 to the recent re-releases of the OGs in both Low and High, we are witnessing a massive collection being released just at the start of 2021. Dunk is a favorite amongst resellers as well due to its high resale price. The only question is, how much can you earn reselling Nike Dunk Low “White Black”?

So before we get into the resale price of the Nike Dunk Low “White Black”, make sure to watch our Weekly Sneaker Recap Video on Youtube! Also, check out our recent articles on the Best Air Max Releases and the Top 5 Air Jordan 6 Releases of All Time.

If you’re in a rush, then scroll down to the bottom below to check out the first look behind the sneaker and where you can buy it.

Let’s take a look at some of the previous Nike Dunk Low releases:

Nike SB Dunk Low Sean Cliver

dunk low sean

Release Date: 12/19/2020

Resale Price: $739

Nike SB and Sean Cliver came together for a holiday special to close out 2020. Sean Cliver has a knack for designing Christmas-themed sneakers, like the 2012 Nike SB Dunk Krampus and this 2020’s Nike SB kept the holiday spirit alive with a brighter hued Dunk Low.

The sneaker retailed for a mere $110 on the Nike SNKRs application and has a gargantuan resale value of almost $740. This just makes me more excited to review the resale price of the Nike Dunk Low “White Black”

Nike Dunk Low Ceramic (2020)

dunk low ceramic

Release Date: 11/19/2020
Resale Price: $247


The Nike Dunk Low Ceramic made its return in 2020. Originally released in 2001, the Ceramic colorway was a part of the “Ugly Duckling” pack with fellow pack-mates the Veener and Plum, which have each seen a retro treatment in 2020. This week’s release brings back the nearly 10-year old colorway, giving fans of the OG pair away to re-up or add it to their collection.



Nike Dunk Low “White Black” – Details


The Nike Dunk Low “White Black” arrives in only two color tones. If we take a look at the underlayer, we can see that smooth white leathers cover it throughout matching the tongue where the mesh is furnished with dark laces and similarly colored woven labels. To add contrast to the white, the eye stay, counter, swoosh, and toe cap bandish arrive in a black shade.

I really like this white and black look of the Dunk. It’s simple, classy, and elegant. And what’s more important is that it can go with pretty much any outfit that I put on. Therefore, the versatility of this sneaker on the court and off the court are both what’s important to someone like me.

Nike Dunk Low “White Black” – Where to buy

You can buy the Nike Dunk Low “White Black” on January 14th from the following locations for $100:



Nike Dunk Low “White Black” – Resale Price

Now we get to the important part of this article. If you read the entire thing, then kudos, but if you didn’t then that’s pretty much fine as well. If we take a look at the StockX listing of the Nike Dunk Low “White Black” we can see that there have been a total of 5 sales as of yet and all are profitable. The peak resale price has been $477 so far but the average lies around $360.

If we further take a look at the Bid and the Ask prices, the sellers are hoping to resell at around $600 but I don’t see it going for that much as the Bids are too low for that. Therefore, as the sneaker gets closer to the release date, we expect that the average resale price of the Nike Dunk Low “White Black” is going to be between $300-350.


Sneaker: Nike Dunk Low “White Black”

Release Date: JAN/14/2020

Retail Price: $100

Resale Price: $300-$350

Well, that’s all it from us today Ladies and Gentlemen. Keep your calendars marked for January 14th because this release is going to sell-out faster than you can say SNKRS. 2021 is bringing us a host of sneakers and we will be with you every step of the way. If you want to learn how to resell sneakers for a major profit, then keep reading down below.


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nike-dunk-low-white-black nike-dunk-low-white-black nike-dunk-low-white-black



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