For those unaware or out of the loop, the California based streetwear label “Fear of God”; has had a recent collaboration with Nike. The collaboration that’s dubbed Air Fear of God features a large collection of unique garments.

This spans a number of wearable, innovative pieces like parkas, bomber jackets, basketball jerseys, and tearaway sweatpants. Jerry Lorenzo, the 42 year old founder and designer of FoG, vocalized how ecstatic he was to work with the sportswear juggernaut for the first time. I can’t recommend checking out this super inspiring interview featuring Jerry and John Mayer about all of their recent work – watch it here

Lorenzo nike jordan complex fog collab
FOG Designer Jerry Lorenzo rocking his creations, image via

With Jerry and Fear of God recently dropping the Sixth Collection for spring/summer ’19 and a lookbook out for fall/winter ’19, the Nike partnership only furthers the Fear of God brand awareness. Although this was not the first time FoG has taken a spin at a sneaker collab (a la various Vans and Converse) one of the facets of this collection that caught the most attention was the line of sneakers being released. 

Past Fear of God x Nike Collaborations:

While the initial release of Fear of God x Nike sneakers has only come at the end of 2018, it’s rumored that the conversations between the designer and the brand started over 3 years ago. Even having a short shelf-life so far, these sneakers have made a significant impact on consumers and enthusiasts. Even with exceptionally high retail prices for certain silhouettes, shoes are still being resold at a 100% price premium (the percentage over the original retail price).

Nike Air Fear of God 1

fog air jordan nike 1 2018
Nike x Fear of God 1. From

Release date: December 15th 2018

Retail price: $395

Resell price: $797 (Average)

This new, original silhouette is a piece of sneaker history. Touting minimal and tonal Nike and FoG branding, this sneakerboot-esque footwear has quite an innovative and futuristic look. For an on on-court, performance basketball sneaker it does feature a zipper in the back of the shoe, a unique lacing and shroud system, and premium materials. Another highlight to speak on is the Air Mag-like air unit in the heel. So far we’ve seen black and light bone color ways released. There has also been a friends and family pair which has been resold upwards of $1,500. There are 3 other bright color ways set to release TBD in summer ’19 so be on the lookout.

Nike Air Fear of God SA (Shoot Around)

Nike Air Fear Of God Shoot Around Bone Release Date
The Nike Air x Fear of God (FOG) Shoot Around in Light bone. From

Release date: December 15th 2018

Retail price: $300

Resell price: $523 (Average)

Similar but different to the Air Fear of God 1, the Shoot Around iteration boasts more of a lifestyle vibe. This seamless construction on the upper gets rid of the caged and adds a wrap-around and toggle style lacing system. This version also displays a large swoosh on the medial and lateral sides on the sneaker. While this model is at a cheaper price point than the FoG 1’s, it still has an ambitious price tag of $300 which speaks to it’s luxurious and sleek design. Consumers have been more than willing to pay a significant amount over retail. Mirroring the Air Fear of God 1, the Shoot Around also has been released in black and light bone color ways.

Nike Skylon II x Fear of God

Nike fog 2 skylon fear air god
Official image of the FOG Skylon 2 from

Release date: December 27th 2018

Retail price: $140

Resell price: $141 (Average)

Moving along to one of my favorites from the line. The Skylon II, which debuted in 1992, has been brought back in 2018 in a plethora of retro/vintage color ways. Fear of God added their flair to the Nike runner. The souped up Skylon features premium suede, a perforated leather tongue, patent leather swooshes, and rope laces with a twist of having a toggle system. 

Fear of God is printed where Air Skylon 2 would normally be along the heel on the outside of the sneaker. Interestingly enough, the Skylon retails at the lowest end of the FoG x Nike line but has resold at the lowest price premium percentage (much alliteration, I know). All while being one of the more easily worn models in the collection. Continuing the trend, this sneaker has come in a black, light bone, and this time a white color way. It’s worth noting that the light bone has had a higher reselling price than the other two.

Upcoming Fear of God x Nike Collaborations:

Nike Air Fear of God Raid

nike air fear of god raid april 2019 fog
Official on feet image of the FOG Raid

Release date: April 27th 2019

Retail price: $190

Resell price: $405 (Average) – Light Bone ONLY

Dropping later this week, the Air Fear of God Raid revamps another Nike classic from the vault. This time around it’s a timeless basketball shoe, the Nike Air Raid. The Air Raid also made it’s way to feet in 1992 and was designed by the well-known Tinker Hatfield specifically for Penny Hardaway. Fear of God pays homage to the Air Raid with the signature double straps atop a similar looking upper to the previous Fear of God 1 and Shoot Around models.

This mid top shoe embellishes oddly arranged rope laces and toggles that are another common theme among the line. Not to mention the midsole, outsole, and air unit share a similar look between the Air FoG 1, SA, and Raid. There seem to be pairs of the light bone color way floating around already and reselling for over 2X retail. This would be a fair assumption to hold up considering the performance of the other 2 original silhouettes mentioned above. There are also black and black/grey color ways releasing to the pubic while a rumored friends and family pair is somewhere in the ether.

Nike Air Fear of God Moccasin

Nike’s official image of the FOG Mocs

Release date: April 27th 2019

Retail price: $170

Resell price: $334 (Average)

The last model being discussed today is the what Nike and Fear of God are calling a moc. Hence the name this is a mid cut, laceless, minimal piece of footwear. Again donning a similar air unit as the rest of the line, the difference lays within the midsole and the upper. A variety of fastening devices are strewn along the sneaker – a large strap running from inside-out, a drawstring and toggle on the heel, and a buttoned together enclosure on the sneaker.

Like the rest of the silhouettes, there will be black and pure platinum color ways rolled out. While there is a smaller sample size of sales, the black color way is soaring high in the market now, while the pure platinum has a higher volume but at a less expensive price point. It’s tough to speculate but I would guess these drop significantly from their pre-release resale price. Stay tuned. 


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