Frame skate Nike sb dunk low Habibi background, release details and estimated resale

The U.A.E gets its very own Nike SB Dunk through a collaboration with Frame Skate that drops this month! The Frame Skate Nike SB Dunk Low Habibi price is $110 and releases on December the 5th worldwide. There will also be an exclusive earlier release so stay tuned for all the info!

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The Frame Skate Nike SB Dunk Low Habibi is one of the most exciting releases of the month. Before we estimate its resale, let me walk you through some background information!

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Nike Skateboarding| A Cultural Icon

Nike SB Dunk 15 Years History Bonkers Shop
Bonkers Shop

The Nike Dunk was a product of inspiration from a lot of previous Nike sneakers.

Peter Moor, who also designed other popular Nike sneakers such as the Air Jordan 1 and the Terminator, took inspiration from those sneakers and came up with the Nike Dunk.

Initially, they only wanted the Dunk to be a basketball sneaker with no idea of an entirely new untapped market with a lot of potentials.

The realization came when they made too many of the Air Jordan 1s which started sitting on shelves collecting dust. Due to lack of demand, it saw various price cuts that attracted a different consumer base.

Skateboarders that wanted a low-cost sneaker with good traction and ankle support, saw the Air Jordan as the perfect sneaker and started to adopt it as their primary skateboarding shoes.

The Nike Dunk launched in 1985 with a more advanced design than its predecessors. It came at an ideal time and reinvigorated basketball culture for many. The SB dunk, however, was officially released in 2002 and was directly inspired by it.

Popularity for Nike Skateboarding has soared so high that they’ve even left their regular basketball counterparts, the Nike Dunk, behind.

Nike x Skate Shops| Selectshops Frame

Nike x Selectshop Frame Heart of The City
Selectshops FRAME

Nike has always been into supporting small local skate shops and not just within the US but all over the world. Nike SB has played a huge role in facilitating the growth of skate culture around the US and beyond.

Now, their support extends beyond borders to a Skate Shop/Fashion Boutique known as Selectshop Frame Skate. Based in the Middle East, particularly Dubai, Frame Skate has introduced Japanese culture into the region. The whole idea behind their brand is “One Frame one vision” as they introduce an entirely new way to shop which I believe everyone can be on board with.

Selectshop Frame also offers a place to drink and a place to enjoy one of the best ramen bowls in Dubai. Although this is their first major collaboration with a brand like Nike, it’s setting up to be quite an exciting one as fans in Dubai prepare themselves to cop a pair by playing their online game.

We’ll show you how you can win a pair later on. First, let’s estimate the resale value of the Frame Skate Nike SB Dunk Low Habibi by heading over to StockX! Assessing similar sneakers can give us a good idea of what to expect.

MIA Skate Shop x Nike SB Dunk Low 

Nike SB Dunk Low MIA Skate Shop
From StockX

Retail Price: $100

Peak Resell: $750

Release Date: 06/21/2013

Colorway: Multi-Color

Nike teamed up with MIA Skate Shop to produce this sneaker which is dominated by cool color tones.

The majority of the sneakers are covered in shades of the aqua blue overlay on the rear and heel tabs that appear to have water reflection patterns. Dotted navy is found on the toe region and below the collars while a smooth aqua-marine leather is featured on the side panels. A teal toe box, midsole, and darker translucent outsole complete the look.

On StockX, the average selling price is pretty profitable at an average of $450 per pair. that’s an average gross profit of $350 while at peak resale prices, gross profits are as high as $650! I believe the Frame Skate x Nike SB Dunk Low Habibi will have a similar resale value.

Instant Skateboards x Nike SB Dunk Low

Instant Skateboards x Nike SB Dunk Low

Retail Price $100

Peak Resell: $1,000

Release Date: 09/19/2020

Colorway: Blue Hero/Pale Ivory-Black

This collaboration is further proof of Nike’s support for small skate shops all around the globe. Instant Skateboards is a small Skate shop in japan that most of you probably don’t know exists.

These sneakers feature a combination of blue color tones mixed with a bit of black for contrast. Most of the upper consists of a baby blue color while navy embellishes the heel tabs and ‘Swoosh’ as ivory on the toes. A grey toe box, white midsole, and navy outsole complete the design.

The average resale price on reselling websites is around $500 which is a gross profit of $400 per pair. At peak resale prices, the Instant Skateboard Nike SB Dunk Low has earned resellers profits of around $900 per pair.

StrangeLove Skateboards x Nike SB Dunk Low

StrangeLove Skateboards x Nike SB Dunk Low

Retail Price: $100

Peak Resell: $1,000 +

Release Date: February/07/2020

Colorway: Pink/Velvet

The StrangeLove Skateboards x Nike SB Dunk Low is one of the most popular SB Dunks of 2020. It released just in time for Valentine’s Day while rocking a matching themed upper.

The base of the sneaker is crushed white velvet which is contrasted by pink suede accents around the toes, eye stays, heel tabs, and collar linings. Velvet Swooshes further embellishes the design along with matching laces and tongue lining. Sean Cliver’s “Heart Skull” logo on the rear provides an extra layer of detail.

A white midsole and pink translucent outsole complete the design.

On StockX, they’ve been sold for over $1,000, not to mention the special box edition which has been sold for much higher. Overall, Skate Shop x Nike SB Dunk sneakers are killing it on reseller markets. I expect no different from the Frame Skate x Nike SB Dunk High Habibi.

Frame Skate Nike SB Dunk Low Habibi| Detailed Look


Retail Price: $110

Estimated Resell: $500+

Release Date: December/05/2020

Colorway: White/Black-Green-Red-Gum

This Nike SB Dunk comes in dressed in colors that are inspired by the Middle East, particularly the U.A.E.

These sneakers, dubbed “Habibi” which means “My Love”, feature dominating red and white color tones on most of the leather upper. The rest of the sneaker features minor details, each of which gives more meaning to the sneaker by reflecting the local culture.

The laces, for example, feature a red and white checkered pattern which hints at the scarf people use to protect themselves from the Arabian desert heat and sand while the black aglet represents the brace to hold it in place. The ‘Swoosh’ is constructed with 2 materials (leather and corduroy) which represents love.

Additionally, the double tongue represents the symbiotic relationship between man and woman. Furthermore, the side panels feature a netted pattern that represents the fishing history within the region while the pearl on the tongue pays respect to the pearl divers that still operate daily.

Lastly, the White part of the tongue reveals a falcon which hints at the widespread falconry within the region. A white midsole and gum-rubber outsole complete the look.




Estimated Resale Value

Like most other Nike SB Dunks, I believe these kicks will sell out within minutes. Besides the fact that these are very limited, the Frame Skate Nike SB Dunk Low Habibi will be extremely difficult to cop.

If you want to significantly improve your chances and potentially cop multiple pairs, join our exclusive Winner’s Circle. You’ll be given valuable information that can help you cop any profitable sneaker release!

using my estimated resell value of $500, you can expect gross profits of at least $390. Although I do recommend holding as these sneakers may rise in value over time.

Frame Skate Nike SB Dunk Low Habibi| Where to Cop

Although these kicks drop on December 5th globally, there is a catch. In order to get a chance to buy these sneakers, you’ll need to complete “The Heart of The City” online game this week.

Winners in UAE and other GCC countries will be notified on November 30th and December 4th, respectively. There will also be an exclusive Frame launch on December 2nd followed by a global release on December 5th Via Nike SNKRS

You can also buy them today from reseller websites such as StockX.


Skate Frame Nike SB Dunk Low Habibi

Retail Price: $110

Estimated Resell: $500+

Release Date: December/05/2020

Where to Buy: (Retail) Frame Website & SNKRS

                       (Resale) StockX

That’s all for today folks! For more updates on the hottest sneaker releases, follow us on Instagram. Also, check out our latest Weekly Sneaker Recap Video on YouTube! For more content such as this, sign up for our newsletter below.

In other news, Nike is set to release the AMBUSH x Nike Dunk High and the Nike SB Dunk High Invert Celtics.

Have a great week everyone!

-Signing off

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