Sneakerheads, do I have some news for you guys! Instant Skateboards is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with the release of Instant Skateboards Nike SB Dunk Low on the 19th of September for a release price of approximately $110 (TBC). 

Instant Skateboards is a persistent and behemoth fashion company in the skate scene of Tokyo. The company started it’s operations back in 1995 and in the honor of its silver anniversary, we are being treated to a collaboration with Nike SB Dunk.  

Now we know that the SB Dunks are an extremely profitable silhouette and it’s one of the most sought after in the reselling business. This is evident from the current resale value of the Nike Sb Dunk Grateful Dead Pack which is soaring so high in the reselling community at the moment.  

This is why we’re really excited about the release of the Instant Skateboards Nike SB Dunk Low. And if you don’t want to miss out on future profits, you should take a look at our Hypemaster Playbook. An all-in-one guide that teaches you the ins and outs of the reselling business. Don’t trust my word? Well, just take a look at what these people have had to say, right here.  

Feel free to skip to the end of the article to read a summarized version and find out the resale price of the Instant Skateboards Nike SB Dunk Low.  

Instant Skateboards Nike SB Dunk Low – Detailed Look 


We’ve only recently received an official look at the Instant Skateboards Nike SB Dunk Low. And it already looks like a classic. Let’s take a detailed look at this iteration of the Nike SB Dunk Low.  

The sneaker features a trio of colorway with the sky blue covering the mid-panel, eye stay, and ankle flap. The two-toned grey colors cover the toe box. Now moving on to the branding. The Nike swoosh is featured on the laterals in dark black with yellow stitching on the borders. On the tongue, we can see Nike SB Dunk and Instant branding with the insoles featuring a graphic panel. To finish off the design, a dog and crossbones emblem is printed on the counter.  

There’s a lot going on with this sneaker and I wouldn’t expect any less – after all, Instant Skateboards is celebrating its 25th Anniversary. I’m really liking the three-tone colorway along with the graphic insole. I just know that this drop is going to breed profits for us, and I cannot wait till the 19th of September to have it in my hands.  

Instant Skateboards Nike SB Dunk Low – Where to Buy?  

Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t have any confirmed sources about where you can buy the Instant Skateboards Nike SB Dunk Low but your best bet are the following two sources:  


Instant Skateboards 

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Instant Skateboards Nike SB Dunk Low – Resale Price  

Just last month or so, we covered the Grateful Dead Nike SB Dunk Low pack, and those sneakers have a resale price of almost $1000 with a retail price of no more than $110. However, I don’t think we will be that lucky this time.  

Even though the hype for the Instant Skateboards Nike SB Dunk Low is there, it’s just not tugging at our heartstrings enough to be honest. And it doesn’t help that there is not much known about Instant Skateboards since it is an international skate company with little to no information available on the world wide web.  

However, sneakerflippers took its efforts towards StockX in order to be able to predict an accurate resale price for you. And looking at the prices, we have good news for you. The peak resale crossed $1000 but that was a one-off thing.  

According to our estimations, the average resale price of Instant Skateboards Nike SB Dunk Low is $550-$650. With an expected retail price of $110, the profits are just waiting to be made.  

Instant Skateboards Nike SB Dunk Low – Conclusion  

Sneaker: Instant Skateboards Nike SB Dunk Low  

Release Date: 19th September 2020  

Retail Price: $110 (TBC)  

Resale Price: $550-$650  

Sneakerheads mark your calendars for the 19th September because you don’t want to sleep on the Instant Skateboards Nike SB Dunk Low. With a resale price of up to $550-$650, this is the best opportunity for you to get into the sneaker game. And we will help you with exactly that. Therefore, keep reading below on how you can start your own sneaker reselling business.  

How To Resell Sneakers For Profit  

The sneaker resale game is tough and merciless. Whilst there is an opportunity for a whole load of profits to be made, there’s also a greater opportunity of losing your money. The one way to counter this is through following a set of practices that have shown success in the past and present.   

Our Hypemaster Playbook was curated very carefully. Each aspect of the sneaker resale game is talked about in detail within this guide. This guide will teach you the fundamentals of identifying hot drops and then converting them into a sale for a profit.   

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