Nike ISPA Drifter Split Spruce Aura & Iron Grey Release Details and Resell Value

Nike is ready to release the fifth and final silhouette of its ISPA 2020 Fall Lineup. The Nike ISPA Drifter Split Iron Grey and Spruce Aura price is $200 each and releases on September the 1st! Keep reading to know all about it!

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The Nike ISPA Drifter Split is one of the more interesting sneakers out of the collection. Not only do they look cool but I also expect some really good profits from these sneakers.

Although the Nike ISPA Drifter Gator White drops later, I believe these are better looking and will sell for better prices. Before doing an in depth resale analysis, let’s get into some background info!

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Via ConceptKicks

The Nike ISPA lineup is inspired by a wide range of things that relate to adaptability, Innovation, and a theme of survival. These sneakers that look like something out of a Mad Max movie have a story to tell. A story of getting the job done with just the bare essentials.

The name ISPA stands for Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, and Adapt. These sneakers were inspired by various events throughout history that inspired a sense of adaptability and survival with very few resources at their disposal.

Even the “ISPA” logo is an amalgamation of logos from different Nike sub-divisions. This fits perfectly as the ISPA sneakers consist of parts from various Nike sneakers. Thus befitting the “Scavenge” part quite nicely.

Elements of sneakers such as the Nike VaporMax and even the forgotten BB Shox have made their way into these Nike shoes. The Nike ISPA Drifter Split is a bit cleaner looking than the rest however, it still looks like a fusion of spare parts in some areas.

The lineup was first released in 2018 and advertised as being an extreme lifestyle sneaker. Not for a particular sport but for the extremes of a “City Dweller’s” life.

Nike ISPA Technology & Design

Nike ISPA Technology Design Advert Vimeo
From Vimeo

The entire ISPA lineup has an intriguing inspiration behind it. Designer Erick Ikeda said that the inspiration came from the famous and treacherous Apollo 13 mission. Where the astronauts had to use duct tape to prevent the C02 canisters from leaking.

The original Nike ISPA was a mid-top with the sole of an element 98. It wasn’t breaking any news at the time however, they did sell well.

Moreover, the lineup is inspired by a “reconstructed” look that fits their narrative of being adaptive and scavenging. Thus the irregular lacing systems, the tape like bandages on various parts of the sneaker, and irregular swooshes add to that distinct look and feel.

The Nike ISPA Drifter Split Spruce Aura & Iron Grey look to be cleaner than the rest. Perhaps the Japanese cultural reference makes it appear so.

Either way, I believe they’ll sell well and to estimate its resale value, let’s head on over to StockX.

Nike ISPA Flow Medium Olive

Nike Flow 2020 ISPA Medium Olive StockX
From StockX

Retail Price: $180

Peak Resell: $270

Release Date: 08/13/2020

Colorway: Medium Olive/Persian Violet

The Nike ISPA Flow Medium Olive released just a few weeks ago for $180. The olive and round patterned upper and netted sides provide a unique look while a vibrant yellow covers the mid-sole. Blue lining on the collar and a ‘Swoosh’ on the heel completes the design.

On StockX, they’ve been selling for an average price of $220 which is an average gross profit of $40. At peak resale prices, gross profits are as high as $90. For a more detailed look, see our article.

I believe the Nike ISPA Drifter Split resell will be quite higher than this.

Nike ISPA OverReact Sail Multi

Nike ISPA OverReact Sail StockX
From StockX

Retail Price: $180

Peak Resell: $500

Release Date: 07/09/2020

Colorway: Sail/Multi Color-Barely Orange

This breathable summer-friendly sneaker is not only comfortable but also good for the environment. It strips down to the bare essentials and leaves a light but functional sneaker instead.

A FlyKnit sail upper, a tread patterned mid-sole, and a React cushioned out-sole completes the design.

On StockX, the average selling price is $220 which is an average gross profit of $40. At peak resale prices, profits are as high as $320. Although not super profitable, re-sellers have been making consistent lunch money with these sneakers.

Nike ISPA Road Warrior Sail

Nike ISPA Road Warrior Sail StockX
From StockX

Retail Price: $500

Peak Resell: $1,800

Release Date: 07/17/2020

Colorway: Sail/Multi-Color

The Nike ISPA Road Warrior Sail although came with a whopping $500 price tag, it was also pretty hyped. Thus with that hype came potential for great resale value.

The sneaker features a sail patched upper with cage-like overlay. It also has double-stacked Air Zoom Pods in the forefoot. Similar to the Nike ISPA Drifter Split, these have a classic Japanese Tabi work-boot like split toe implemented on the upper.

The resale value is high as expected. With an average selling price of $750, re-sellers have been making $250 in gross profits on average!

Although the Nike ISPA Drifter Split may not have profits as high, you can still expect them to be quite profitable.

Nike ISPA Drifter Split Spruce Aura & Iron Grey

Nike ISPA Drifter Split Release Date sneakerbardetroit
From sneakerbardetroit

Retail Price: $200

Estimated Resell: $350

Release date: September/01/2020

Colorway: Spruce Aura & Iron Grey

These Japanese split-toed work boot inspired ISPA sneakers will be the fifth silhouettes of Nike ISPA’s fall 2020 collection. The duo includes a Chukka like shape while borrowing design ideas from different eras throughout time.

Tape like straps cover the lateral sides of the sneakers while the upper consists of a thin synthetic base. The ISPA branding is featured on the straps while a Nike ‘Swoosh’ can be seen on the toe region. There’s also a cinched lacing system for added security.

The Nike ISPA Drifter Split mid-soles come in a matching shade to the rest of the upper, consisting of ZoomX cushioning foam that peeks out on the lateral sides. A black rubber out-sole on both sneakers finishes off the design.

Take a moment to enjoy these detailed shots.

Nike ISPA Drifter Split Grey Fog/Spruce Aura:

Via sneakerbardetroit
Via sneakerbardetroit
Via sneakerbardetroit

Nike ISPA Drifter Split Iron Grey:

Via sneakerbardetroit
Via sneakerbardetroit
Via sneakerbardetroit

Resale Value

With a lot of ISPA sneakers, they’ve been either a hit or miss when it comes to profitability. Seeing bids on StockX and the anticipation for the Nike ISPA Drifter Split, I believe they’re going to be profitable.

To get your money back on StockX, you’ll need to sell for at least $240. Thus by using my estimated resell value,I expect profits to be around $110 per pair.

By selling on websites such as eBay, I believe profits will be as high as $150.

Nike ISPA Drifter Split Where to Buy

You can buy the Nike ISPA Drifter Split for $200 each on September the 1st via select retailers and Nike SNKRS.

For resale prices, you can find the Nike ISPA Drifter Split StockX link here.


Nike ISPA Drifter Split Iron Grey & Spruce Aura

Retail Price: $200

Estimated Resell: $350

Release Date: September/01/2020

Where to Buy: (Retail) Nike SNKRS 10 AM ET

                           (Resale) StockX

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Have a great week everyone!

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