Nike ISPA OverReact Sandal ‘Thunder Grey’ Background, Technology, Detailed Look & Resell

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This month has been fire all the way through so far with some very profitable drops. That’s a good sign that this Multi-Billion Dollar market is here to stay and continues to grow every year.

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A lot of the previous Nike ISPA sneakers were nothing too special. They’ve received moderate views with a lot of the design choices being labelled as “Gimmicky”. A few sneakers out of the new collection however, seem to have garnered some solid hype.

Nike ISPA| Background

Nike ISPA Collection Summer 2020 nss magazine
Via nss magazine

The acronym stands for Improvise, Scavenge, Protect and adapt and isn’t particularly designed for one sport. These sneakers are dubbed to be designed for the extremes of everyday life.

That means they could pretty much be used for anything.

According to Nike, improvise means to not be stuck on the first answer you come up with. Often we get stuck at just one solution that isn’t quite good enough. Improvising will help you break through that mental barrier.

Scavenge means to put together a solution by finding anything that you can use. Being crafty with limited tools is what scavenging basically stands for.

Protect simply means that your solution must “Protect” against the problem.

Lastly, Adapt is to execute the solution in the best way possible for the greatest possible outcome.

The entire lineup was introduced in 2018 but didn’t make much of a splash in the sneaker world. It was made for everyday wear rather than for one particular sport. Nike advertised it as being for the “City Dwellers” that needed certain sneakers for an array of different actions.

Nike ISPA| Technology

Nike ISPA Design Air Max 720 Concept Kicks

The entire ISPA lineup has an interesting design inspiration behind it. The first Nike ISPA sneaker was a mid-top ISPA react with the sole of an element 98.

Designer Erick Ikeda said that he was inspired by the Apollo 13 mission. The way the astronauts fixed the C02 canisters from leaking was an incredible story.

Designers believe that fixing a problem with such improvisation and adaptability (Using duct tape to seal the leak) is exactly what the ISPA lineup stands for.

Hence the entire lineup has a “Reconstructed” vibe with irregular shapes and patters. Often giving the look of being something made out of spare resources.

The lacing systems have been changed, shifted more to the sides. Bandage like frills add to the reconstructed vibe while an irregular “Swoosh” on a lot of the sneakers adds to the idiosyncrasy of the design.

Most of the sneakers from the lineup haven’t done particularly well on the resale market save a few. Such as the Nike ISPA Road Warrior ‘Volt’ which is highly profitable.

To estimate the resell value of the Nike ISPA OverReact Sandal Thunder Grey, Let’s check out a few examples.

Nike ISPA React Low Black

Nike ISPA React Low Black StockX
From StockX

Retail Price: $160

Peak Resell: $250

Release Date: 02/23/2019

Colorway: Black/Gun Smoke-Metallic Silver

This sneaker comes with a black upper and a lacing system which is more on the sides. It has a dark grey mid-sole and out-sole while silver bandage like ‘ISPA’ branding covers the sides.

Although these aren’t selling for profits in most cases, there is some money to be made here. Volatility is quite high as they’re constantly selling for under or over retail prices.

On average, resellers are losing money as resale prices average out at around $130. They have however, been sold for as high as $250 which is around $90 in gross profits.

Nike ISPA OverReact Black Red Volt

Nike ISPA Overreact Black Red Volt StockX
From StockX

Retail Price: $180

Peak Resell: $282

Release Date: 07/09/2020

Colorway: Black/Red-Volt

This sneaker comes in close to the normal OverReact silhouette but with very noticeable deviations. It features a black upper with red and volt overlay detailing throughout.

The mid-sole is perhaps the most unique with a rugged build, contributing to that “reconstructed” look.

The resale for these sneakers is average at best as you can get your money back. Just not a lot on top of that. The average selling price is around $218 from which you’re left with lunch money after tax and service fees.

At peak resale however, gross profits are around $100.

Nike ISPA Road Warrior Volt

Nike ISPA Road Warrior Volt StockX
From StockX

Retail Price: $500

Peak Resell: $1,800

Release date: 07/17/2020

Colorway: Sail/Multi-Color

This sneaker is perhaps the greatest of the bunch with a whopping $500 retail price tag. However, I believe they’re worth every penny if you look at the resale.

The sneaker features double stacked air units borrowed from the Nike zoom AphaFly Next%. Energy return and double under foot plates have always been borrowed from other Nike sneakers.

According to StockX, they’re reselling for an average price of $800. That means on average, these sneakers can earn you gross profits of around $300!

At peak resale, they’ve been sold for as high as $1,800 which is insane.

The Nike ISPA OverReact Sandal Thunder Grey isn’t expected to be as profitable. However, it does seem to be hyped with a lot of potential to be very lucrative.

See our article for a more detailed look.

Nike ISPA OverReact Sandal ‘Thunder Grey’ Black

Via sneakerbardetroit

Retail Price: $160

Estimated Resell: $300

Release Date: 07/31/2020

Colorway: Black/Anthracite-Black

Nike is set to releases its alternate version of the Nike OverReact on the 31st of July. This stripped down and summer friendly sneaker seems to take comfort to the next level. The multi-layered but breathable construction seems to be a joy to walk around in on a hot summer day.

The sneaker features heel loops and an easy to wear system that replaces the conventional laces. The upper comes in a ‘Thunder Grey’ color with matching overlay and Nike branding.

The sole however, comes in a similar ISPA React rugged mid-sole with React Foam sole units in black. A tread pattern on the out-sole for superior traction finishes off the design.

Take a moment to enjoy these official images below.

Via sneakerbardetroit
Via sneakerbardetroit
Via sneakerbardetroit
Via sneakerbardetroit

Estimated Resell

I believe the Nike ISPA OverReact Sandal Thunder Grey could be very profitable. They look great and seem to be the perfect summer shoe for the great out-doors. It may not be as lucrative as the Nike road warrior but there is money to be made here.

To get your money back after using a standard US tax rate and service fee. You’ll need to sell these for at least $190. Thus by using my estimated resell value, you can expect profits of around $140 per pair.

Although, Lowest asks are as high as $1,800, I believe the market will slowly settle for around $300.

Where to Cop

As with most Nike releases, you can grab the Nike ISPA OverReact Sandal Thunder Grey at select Nike retailers and Nike SNKRS at 10:00 AM ET.

You can grab them today from reseller websites such as StockX and GOAT.


Nike ISPA OverReact Sandal Thunder Grey

Retail Price: $160

Estimated Resell: $300

Release Date: 07/31/2020

Where to Cop: (Retail) Nike SNKRS 10:00 AM ET

                           (Resale) StockX

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