Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets—still hard to fathom he’s on a “small market” team—continues to be sidelined after the tragic incident that happened with this then team, the Golden State Warriors.

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Although he’s not available to make headlines on ESPN or FOX SPORTS with his dynamic skills and freakish athletic ability at the moment, he’s constantly making headlines on blogs like Six Figure Sneakerhead with his sneaker line.

What continues to become a longstanding Nike Basketball tradition comes the Kevin Durant tribute to his Aunt Pearl shoe collection.

KD12 Aunt Pearl

If you enjoy shoes that symbolize humanitarian stories that immortalize the people and causes they represent, then this sneaker is for you.

In addition, the shoes have the potential to generate some money in the sneaker reselling avenue.

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The KD 12 “Aunt Pearl” is set to release on Thursday, December 26th.  

That’s right, the day after Christmas, prepare for this release.

Also, the retail price is set to be $150 for the drop.


Nike SNKR– Release at 9pm CT

Other selected retailers will be uploaded as we near closer to the release date, so make sure to check back to this article at a later date.


The release of this shoe, along with all the prior releases, begs the question: Who is Aunt Pearl?

Kevin Durant Pre-Game

In 2014, Kevin articulated a masterful MVP acceptance speech that centered around thanking his mother Wanda Pratt, claiming beautifully that she was “The Real MVP.”

That statement is used frequently nowadays but sourced from Kevin Durant himself.

The speech was so moving that not only was Kevin and his mother were in tears, most of the audience was.

Durant in Tears After MVP Speech

However, not only was his mother pivotable in his early days, so was his Aunt Pearl.

While his mother was working arduously with long hours in the Post Office, it was in fact his Aunt Pearl’s responsibility to keep eyes on the young KD.

With the help of his grandmother, Aunt Pearl executed the memorable caretaking tasks, such as preparing Durant’s lunch and spending time with him.

Young KD Family Picture

As a result, the relationship they shared was impenetrable and longlasting.

As Kevin grew older, his basketball IQ and playmaking abilities also grew, however, one thing was constant—Aunt Pearl wasn’t at many games.

Unbeknownst to KD at the time, Aunt Pearl was suffering from something that commonly plagues many people’s lives: Lung cancer.

Lung cancer was the reason she wasn’t in attendance at his games as much as she would have liked to be and it is the reason Durant will never forget the year 2000.

Kevin Durant and Mother

Aunt Pearl’s battle with lung cancer succumbed to a day in the year 2000. This was a tragic day for the young Kevin, as he would lose his best friend, Aunt Pearl.

In fact, Kevin watched his great Aunt’s final moments, thus, it would be a time engraved in his life forever.

It is no surprise that now with Durant’s superstardom, he uses his platform to represent Aunt Pearl’s resilience and devotion.

Kevin Durant with Aunt Pearls

The all-pink shoe serves to immortalize his Aunt Pearl and a tribute to those that lose their lives to cancer, with the help of the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

“I made a promise to myself to always honor my Aunt Pearl for the example she set, and the encouragement she gave me to follow my dreams,” says an emotional Kevin Durant.


Usually, the “Aunt Pearl” KD line typically releases in February, however, the shoe is being listed as a Christmas colorway.

KD12 Aunt Pearl

Nevertheless, any tribute of this magnitude is appropriate at any time of the year, especially Christmas time.

KD12 Outsoles

To follow the prior KD “Aunt Pearl” renditions, the shoe features hints of pink all throughout, with a purple-pink midsole, followed by a bright pink outsole that incorporates purple streaks throughout.

KD12 Angel Straps

The straps steal the show, as they have an angel wings structure that is symbolic of all the good-hearted characteristics she possessed.

KD12 Rearview

An enlarged Nike swoosh appears in the back panel of the shoe, while KD’s signature logo brings in the rear.

The bold Nike swoosh has pink threading that runs from the back panel, around the heel, to the opposite panel.

KD12 Insoles

Finally, the insoles of the left and right shoes include the aforementioned inscribed messages from KD and Kay Yow, respectively.


KD 4 Aunt Pearl

The KD 4 rendition of the Aunt Pearl tribute was released on May 12, 2012. As one can see, it comes in a fierce-pink colorway that screams against cancer.

All Pink KD12

The velcro is a unique addition that adheres to Nike’s gargantuan swoosh.

In addition, the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon sits front and center on the shoe’s tongue.

To state the obvious, the KD 4 Aunt Pearl release pays homage to the plethora of victims and survivors of the murderous disease.

All Pink KD12

The shoe’s main event is clearly the signature strap, which reads an inscription “In Memory of Aunt Pearl, who inspires us all to continue the fight for a cure.”

The shoe is composed of a majority pink synthetic upper with a pink rubber translucent midsole.

In addition, the heel, tongue, and underneath the strap convey a pearl pattern.

Finally, Kay Yow Cancer Fund trademark is seen on the tongue; Ms. Yow was a longtime NC State women’s basketball team before also suffering a tragic death due to breast cancer in 2009.


Most of Nike’s Kevin Durant sneakers are general releases, thus, they typically don’t do as well as most sneaker resellers prefer.

KD12 via Stockx

However, the KD 12 edition’s early sales are doing better than expected. With a retail price of $150, it’s more than doubled its value during these pre-sale days.

There is not much information on whether or not these will be limited pairs. If so, then the price of the shoes will stay in the $300 range.

Albeit, the chances are not likely, so look for a resale range between $150 to $200 if there’s a mass supply.

MVP Kevin Durant is gradually on the come-up from a tragic ruptured Achilles tendon that he suffered in last year’s finals against the Toronto Raptors.

While the superstar is slowly rising, his Aunt Pearl shoe line has been well-established in its pursuit to bring awareness to breast cancer.

Past KD releases have not done so well in the resale market but these stand to prove otherwise.

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Good luck for the rest of this month everyone.


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