One of Nike’s most profitable sponsors – Kyrie Irving makes a killing on the court and in the sneaker resale game. His sneakers are one of the most hyped up in the game and why wouldn’t they be? For all you Kyrie fans out there, there’s some great news! Nike is releasing the Kyrie 6 Neon Graffiti on the 12th of June for a retail price of $130.

Kyrie is creative on and off the court. Nike’s latest collaboration with the Spongebob cartoon – which is Kyrie’s favorite cartoon – was acclaimed and adored by many fans. Unlike the most sponsors that Nike has such as with Lebron or Jordan or Zion – the Kyrie sneaker colorways take a greater risk.

Before we continue on with the Kyrie 6 Neon Graffiti, we need to know how the Swoosh brand and Uncle Drew came to be together.

Feel free to skip to the Conclusion to read a condensed and summarized version of the entire article. In Conclusion, you’ll find the estimated resale value of the shoe.

Nike and Kyrie


Kyrie Irving

In 2011 Kyrie was the No.1 overall draft pick of the Cleveland Cavaliers. And since then, Kyrie has set the ring on fire. A 6x NBA All-Star and the NBA Rookie Of The Year in his debut season, Kyrie is certainly one of the greats after winning the championship with the Cavaliers in 2016.

Youtube is filled with Kyrie’s world-famous handles – his crossovers are legendary and ankle-breaking. Nike recognized greatness and swooped him right up. According to Forbes, Kyrie has an $11 million deal with Nike.

One of the ways Nike serves a broader mass market with its premium line-up is through the Flytrap series. These are sneakers that are featured at a lower price bearing Kyrie Irving’s name. Nike has done the same with Lebron James with his Soldier line of court-ready shoes.

The Nike Kyrie 6

Dropped at the beginning of the 2019-2020 season, this was yet another a sneaker which incorporated a whole range of technology by Nike for Kyrie Irving. The Kyrie 6 featured a massive Air Zoom Turbo bag that’s extremely responsive and also flexible.

With the traction 360 grips, the sneakers stick to the court and you won’t be slipping off or breaking your ankles. In order to further improve stability, we have a mid-foot strap and a plush foam operates as a cushion for a smooth underfoot feel.

The Nike Kyrie 6 Neon Graffiti

nike kyrie 6 neon graffiti BQ4630 101 release date

As I said before, Kyrie’s line-up is filled with vibrant and risky colorways. And we see the finest example here. With a completely white upper, the shoe features a vibrant yellow midsole and a shocking blue outline on the sock-liner.

nike kyrie 6 neon graffiti BQ4630 101 release date 2

We see a translucent Blue mid-foot strap that has a vintage cursive Nike logo on the middle and “Hungry” is seen written on the lower part of the tongue. And we don’t stop here. On the medial, we see an over-sized pinwheel logo in a vibrant blue and a graffiti style “NIKE” imprinted in pink and blue just above the swoosh on the lateral.

nike kyrie 6 neon graffiti BQ4630 101 release date 3

Where To Buy?

The Nike Kyrie 6 is dropping on June 12 for $130 and here is where you can buy them.

At Retail Price


At Resale Value



Resale Value

Now we get to the most interesting part of this article. What is the resale value of the Nike Kyrie 6 Neon Graffiti? Is there any? Well, let’s get to it by looking at some of the previous models.

Nike Kyrie 6 USA

Nike Kyrie 6 USA

Released in March of 2020 for a retail price of $130, the Kyrie 6 USA features a navy-blue upper with a bright red swoosh. With a total of 14 resales on StockX, the resale price on average has been $114. Early on in April, we see some profitable resales but as time went on the resale value has decreased below the retail price.

Nike Kyrie 6 White Sapphire Crimson

Nike Kyrie 6 White Sapphire Crimson PS

A complete white-upper with a translucent blue mid-foot strap, the Kyrie 6 White Sapphire released in April 2020 for an inexpensive retail price of $80. The sneaker has performed okay-ish in the retail market. The average resale value is $109 with the peak resale value being $120.

Nike Kyrie 6 Neon Graffiti


Now coming back to our item of attraction, the Nike Kyrie 6 Neon Graffiti is not a hyped-up shoe. One of the reasons behind it is because June is a month of hot-drops. With drops such as Jordan tie-dye coming up, the Kyrie 6 is not on really anyone’s radar.

Be that as it may, I believe that the resale value of the Kyrie 6 is likely to be between $140-150. After all the variable costs such as seller’s fee and commissions are taking into the equation, you’ll be barely covering your costs.

Therefore, the Kyrie 6 Neon Graffiti is a miss for this season.


Sneaker: Nike Kyrie 6

Colorway: Neon Graffiti

Release Date: June 12th, 2020

Retail Price: $130

Resale Value: $140-150

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