Boutique retailer, Concepts, looks to Kyrie for a unique collaboration in a sneaker that pays homage to the Egyptians culture.

Didn̵7;t attend the game for the game-exclusives? Nike has you covered.

Kyrie on Brooklyn Nets

While there was a game-exclusive release on December 27th, 2019 between Kyrie’s Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks, the official release will be next week.

Concepts also assessed a small release of the shoe last week but look for Nike’s SNKR app for a bigger release.

Concepts New York

Kyrie’s signature shoe, the Kyrie 6 model, will transform into Concept’s continued Egyptian theme to ring in the new year.

While January pales in comparison to December’s abundant hyped sneaker releases, there are still some noteworthy drops.

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If you couldn’t attend the battle of New York NBA game, the Kyrie Concepts collaboration will release on selected platforms on January 10th.

The collaboration includes two models, Concepts x Nike Kyrie 6 “Khepri” in adult sizes, and Concepts x Kyrie 6 “Golden Mummy” in kids sizing.

KYRIE X CONCEPTS site releases

Kyrie and Concepts will release their new collaboration on selected platforms.

SNKR – Releasing at 9am CT

The collaboration will also release online on various House of Hoops branches.

As of right now, it doesn’t seem like Concepts will be releasing them again.

In addition, rumors have it that the youth pairs of the Golden Mummy model will release next month.

KYRIE X CONCEPTS khepri: a closer look

Kyrie Irving made the gargantuan move from the large-market team Boston Celtics to the smaller-market Brooklyn Nets that shook the whole landscape of the NBA.

Not to mention future Hall-of-Famer Kevin Durant followed suit.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

On the same token, Kyrie is emerging as a larger candidate in the sneaker world as he strikes another collaboration with the ever-popular retail boutique store, Concepts.

The pair are embarking on an Egyptian tribute, in large part due to Concepts 1996 beginnings aligning with the same year the Valley of Mummies were discovered.

Moreover, Khepri was an Egyptian solar deity that is represented by the scarab beetle. As for the name itself, “Khepri” means to transform.

Khepri Egyptian God

In fact, the pink hues within the sneaker’s color scheme represent the rising sun’s transition, or “transform”, from nighttime to daytime.

The Egyptians were viewed as ones that were grateful for their gold and riches, and the Khepri colorway embodies as such.

Kyrie 6 Khepri

To start out an in-depth description of the artsy shoe: the pink upper symbolizes the carrying of the sun, as it complements the blue colors on the straps and sole.

Kyrie 6 Khepri

Furthermore, the basketball shoe’s tongues include Concepts trademark on the right shoe, while the left shoe’s tongue encompasses Kyrie’s branding. Both of the tongues possess the light blue hues.

Kyrie 6 Khepri

Rounding out the shoe features a light blue midsole atop an ocean-blue outsole.

Kyrie 6 Khepri

Also, the back panel of the shoe encompasses a large Nike swoosh with features that resemble a mummy’s exterior.

Finally, at the heel collar, one will find the all-seeing eye, a popular addition by Kyrie which is something that one would find on his past models as well.

KYRIE 6 X CONCEPTS golden mummy: a closer look

The Golden Mummy rendition enhances the Egyptians nod, as it more so parallels the aforementioned fact about the discovery of Valley of Mummies and the year Concepts was founded.

Kyrie 5 Concepts Golden Mummy

As a result, the shoe is doused with Egyptian-esque gold that one would identify on images of ancient pharaohs from history class.

Kyrie 5 Concepts Golden

In addition, the shoe’s strap and heel collar embodies a golden hue that includes Egyptian-like writing that you’d see inside one of Egypts garganutan temples.

Kyrie 5 Concepts Golden Mummy

The upper construction of the shoe includes more Egyptian texture in a pale-white colorway.

Similar to the Kephri, the tongue of the right and left shoe includes respective Concepts and Kyrie branding, sitting atop a sky blue outsole.

Last, but not least, Nike’s branding can be seen on the back panel in a sleek sky blue.


It’s conventional to make a case for the resale projection for any shoe, or item for that matter, with other similar models in the past.

For this situation, a relevant juxtaposition will be the Kyrie 5 x Nickelodeon collaboration.

Kyrie 5 Spongebob vis Stockx

Admittedly, this is a Kyrie 5 model, not Kyrie 6, however, it’s still a high profile collaboration, limited stock, and embodies unique elements on the shoe.

The size 9 Kyrie 5 Spongebob collaboration has seen its ups and downs due to sporadic restocks, however, the resell is apparent at almost $100 above resale.

While it took a few weeks for the resell market to increase to that high of a price, it would have benefited to have patience.

The same could be said for the Kyrie Concepts, as Stockx shows a size 9 to be slightly above retail at the moment.

Kyrie 5 Khepri Stockx

Remember, there was a small release of the sneaker last week so legitimate pairs of these do exist.

Similar to the resale performance of the Kyrie x Nickelodeon collaboration, the Khepris should do well over time, so if you purchase one for retail, this is a must-hold.

Kyrie 5 Concepts Golden Mummy via Stockx

The Golden Mummy model, on the other hand, doesn’t bode well for resale. Although it seems like the stock will be limited, there are only Preschool and Gradeschool shoes available.

Albeit, most young kids know Kyrie Irving so there is a possibility the value and demand increases but chances are slim.

In conclusion, the Kyrie x Concepts Khepri will resell immediately and will rise over time.

Although they may not be up to par with the Kyrie x Nickelodean editions, they should see prices in the $190 to $220 range.


If legitimate comparison and relevancy is what you fancy, here it is, a Kyrie 6 that also boasts limited stock and uniqueness.

This Kyrie rendition was delivered to sneakerheads through a Nike SNKR shock drop and the shoe came full force in the creativity department.

Kyrie 6 The World via Stockx

The shoe is ubiquitous with the all-seeing eye, and the purple strap is sure to turn heads.

Albeit, it’s not a shoe that majority of sneaker resellers would name on top of their list, it still performed decently in the resale market.

Kyrie and Concepts have partnered again to ring in the new year, this time with a fascinating collaboration theme: Egyptians.

Although it’s a unique theme, Kyrie Irving has been known for his outlandish theories and comments, thus, this theme is parallel with his personality.

Furthermore, his emergence in the sneaker world is being solidified collaboration after collaboration; It’ll be exciting to watch who Nike decides to partner the “cross-over king” with next.

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Until next time.


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