Medicom Toy x Nike SB Blazer Low Bearbrick release details, official images, and resale value

Japan̵7;s Medicom Toy joins forces with the Swoosh once again to bring fans an exciting new sneaker! The Medicom Toy Nike SB Blazer Low Bearbrick Release Date is on the 26th of December with a retail price of $80. Keep reading to know all about this hyped new sneaker!

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Medicom Toy and Nike have a deep portfolio of sneakers that are enshrined in the memories of fans and collectors worldwide. Before we estimate the resale value for the Medicom Toy Nike SB Blazer Low Bearbrick, let me walk you through some history.

Nike Blazer| History

Nike Blazer Low History richard shotton

The Nike Blazer survived decades after first releasing in 1973 due to its low price tag and classic design. They’ve been the perfect sneakers for basketball and skateboarding alike and even more ideal for those on a budget.

When releasing in 1973, Nike wasn’t even called Nike as the official name then was “Blue Ribbon Sports” as the company was only 7 years old at the time. Nike has come a long way as we know it today and back in 1973, the Blazer was their first basketball sneaker ever.

Then in 1971 after Blue Ribbon Sports became “Nike”, the brand introduced the plain “Blazer” sneaker and plastered the Swoosh on it. As a result, the super-plain Blazer really made the ‘Swoosh’ pop, improving Nike’s brand identity as more people began to familiarise themselves with it.

The technological advances that would come with the Air Max and other sneakers, however, would cannibalize the Blazer. Sales began to dwindle as customers preferred Nike’s latest offerings.

The shoe featured a leather upper, a mesh nylon tongue, and a textured vulcanized rubber sole—the preferred sole for basketball sneakers in the early 1970s.

The Nike Blazer did, however, recover later on in time with the addition of Air technology and because of a persisting market that required low-cost sneakers. Even today, the Blazer is a best seller that’s passed the test of time and has remained an icon among Nike’s sneaker portfolio.

With new exciting additions such as the Nike Blazer Day of the Dead and Christmas, the Blazer will likely stay around for a while.

Medicom Toy x Nike

Medicom Toy x Nike SB Dunk Low Bearbrick Collaboration
Via Bonkers Shop

Medicom Toys was founded by Tatsuhiko Akashi in 1996. Akashi said in an interview that he has always loved toys and that “A life without toys is no life at all”. He started his toy company after leaving a very well paid job at a computer manufacturing company.

Their Bearbrick toys are one of the most iconic in the street-wear world. It originated as a childhood obsession of the creator that was reintroduced in so many unique ways that it became more than just a kid’s toy.

The Bearbrick toy is now considered a valuable collector’s item. Adding to its popularity are the giant collaborations with names such as BAPE, Star Wars, and now Nike.

The Bearbrick toy now spans the world, having touched an array of subcultures and niches along the way. The limited releases also make the Toys fairly valuable on reseller markets.

To estimate resale for their latest collaborative sneaker, the Medicom Toy Nike SB Blazer Low Bearbrick, let’s head over to StockX.

Medicom Toy x Nike SB Dunk Low 4

Medicom Toy x Nike SB Dunk Low 4

Retail Price: N/A

Peak Resell: $600

Release Date: 01/01/2006

Colorway: White/White

This Nike SB Dunk was the collaboration’s 4th sneaker together. It sports muted color tones all over with a white leather upper and grey hits on the laces and midsole.

A white ‘Swoosh’ blends in with the rest of the sneaker while an off-white midsole is contrasted by lighter stitching. A grey midsole completes the look.

On StockX, the market for these is pretty unsubstantial while they’re also very difficult to get your hands on. Because of those reasons, there’s currently only 1 sale on StockX which is for $600. No matter the retail price, you can rest assured that the reseller made some good money on that.

The Medicom Toy Nike SB Blazer Low Bearbrick will definitely not have resale prices as high.

Nike Sb Dunk Low Elite Medicom Bearbrick

Medicom Toy x Nike SB Dunk Elite StockX
From StockX

Retail Price: $115

Peak Resell: $350

Release Date: 11/24/2017

Colorway: Black/White-Medium Grey-Black.

The Medicom Toy x Nike SB Dunk Elite sports a frayed denim upper. The Black and inner denim feature different color tones for better contrast. A black denim Nike ‘Swoosh’ and a Medicom Toy logo on the tongue can also be seen.

Finally, a white midsole and grey out-sole finishes off the design.

On reseller markets, the average selling price per pair is $240 which is a decent average profit of $235. At peak resale, they’ve been sold for as high as $350. I believe the Medicom Toy Nike SB Blazer Low Bearbrick will have a similar resale value.

Medicom Toy x Nike SB Dunk Low Bearbrick (2020)

Medicom Toy x Nike SB Dunk Low Bearbrick 2020
From StockX

Retail Price:$125 USD

Peak Resell: $1,480

Release Date: August/22/2020

Colorway: Black/Vachetta Tan-White-Black

The Medicom x Nike SB Dunk Low 2020 features an almost entirely black upper with pony hair material used accompanied by thick black laces. The entirely black sneaker is only contrasted by a white-collar lining as well as an ‘@’ logo on the tongue and embroidered on the heel in white.

Furthermore, a white midsole and a grey out-sole finishes off the design.

The average selling price on StockX is over $400 which is a profit of over $200. The Medicom Toy x Nike SB Blazer Low Bearbrick will likely have a lower resale value since it’s not a hyped SB Dunk.

Medicom Toy Nike SB Blazer Low Bearbrick| Detailed Look


Retail Price: $80

Estimated Resell: $220

Release Date: December/26/2020

Colorway: Light Cream/Black-Light Cream

Ever since collaborating for the first time in 2004, this sneaker marks the first time Nike and Medicom Toy have worked on a Nike Blazer SB!

Perhaps the most striking feature of these kicks is the construction which is almost entirely covered in Sail shaggy pony hair. The Swooshes are also quite tonal with only the outline being visible and a @ logo on the rear heel.

Subtle contrast is provided by the white tongues which include a black “@” logo and the white textured midsoles. The only stark contrast is provided by the heel tabs which feature black pony hair. Similar to the kind found on the Medicom x Nike SB Dunk Low 2020.

Inside, the Medicom Toy graphics cover the footbeds while also featuring Medicom Toy and Nike SB branding. Finally, a sail outsole completes the design.


Resale Projection

Since this is such a popular collaboration and an iconic sneaker, I believe these sneakers will definitely sell out.

If you want to improve your chances of copping a pair, join our exclusive Winner’s Circle for valuable insider knowledge. You’ll be given information that can potentially help you cop multiple pairs.

Using my estimated resell value of $220, expect gross profits of around $140 per pair. If you plan on selling them through reseller websites, try eBay as they offer service fee waivers for sneakers costing over $100.

Medicom Toy x Nike SB Blazer Low Bearbrick| Where to Buy

You can buy these sneakers at select retailers and likely Nike SNKRS on December 26th. The retail price is set at $80 (TBC) for men while the shoes will also be releasing in full family sizes.

You can buy them today on StockX.


Medicom Toy Nike SB Blazer Low Bearbrick

Retail Price: $80

Estimated Resell: $220

Release Date: December/26/2020

Where to Buy: (Retail) Nike SNKRS

                       (Resale) StockX

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In other news, Nike is set to drop some heat this December with the Sean Cliver Nike SB Dunk Low and the Air Jordan 12 Reverse Flu Game.

Have a great week everyone!


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