Delay after delay has deprived basketball fans – of the sport and of the sneaker game. Initially set to release on the 1st of April, the Nike PG 4 has an official release date of the 12th of June for a retail price of $110.

Paul George, the six-time NBA All-star, recently transferred from Oklahoma City Thunder to the Los Angeles Clippers in the hopes of glory and of winning his first ever championship. But that does not seem to be likely.

However, we’re not here to discuss basketball are we? We’re here to decide whether or not the new Nike PG 4 are worth the cop or not.

The Nike PG 4 is towards the lower end of the price spectrum within the Nike line-up and that’s understandable when you have sponsorships with players such as Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, and of course Michael Jordan.

Let’s take a look at how the previous releases of the PG 4 have performed in the market.

Feel free to skip to the end to read a summarized version of the article and to find out the resale value of the Nike PG 4.

Nike PG 4 Digi Camo


Dressed in a black and orange camo upper, this PG 4 hit the market on 30th May for a retail price of $110. Unfortunately, there is no Sales data to look at to see how this performed but the Bids section speak more than enough for the buyer sentiment.


The highest bid is for a $100! That’s brutal because it’s not even breaking even. It’s safe to say that the Nike PG 4 Digi Camo was a massive flop in the market.

Nike PG 4 Gatorade All-Star (2020)


Released in February for a retail price of $120, the Gatorade All-Star has a tie-dye hippie upper with a vibrant orange swoosh and mid-sole completed with a light blue out sole. On the laterals we see a mesh covering along with the Gatorade lightning bolt.

Since its release, the sneaker has been preforming well. There have been a total of 1548 sales on StockX and here’s the Sales data:


With a peak resale value of $183, we see the resale price dipping off and becoming stagnant around $150. With a retail price of $120, that’s a decent profit margin. Not as much as we’d like given the sellers fee and commissions we have to pay, but still it’s better than having nothing.

Nike PG 4 Black Light Smoke Grey


Coming in a classic black upper with a midsole – this Nike PG 4 was released in January 2020 for a retail price of $110.

A total of 254 resales have taken place on StockX and here’s the trajectory of Sales:


We see a sharp decline since the early resales of $180 and now the price has become stagnant at around $60-80. The last sale that took place was of $55 which means that the sneaker is failing to recoup its retail price at this point.

But that doesn’t mean that the sneaker is a flop. It simply means that it has lost its hype and therefore buyer interest.

Nike PG 4 Gatorade


`Dressed in a black with blue bubbles upper – this PG 4 hit the streets on January 2020 for a retail price of $120. Half of the shoe is covered in mesh and we see a fan beloved heel-pull featured on this PG 4.


A relatively popular colorway with 935 resales on StockX, the sneaker has been gaining minute profits for its owners. With a peak resale value of $200, the average resale has been mostly around $140. After taxes, seller’s fees, commissions, that doesn’t leave much in the seller’s pockets.

Nike PG 4 Heathered Mesh


Releasing on the 12th of June for a retail price of $110, we see a three-toned colorway on this PG 4. A black knitted upper accompanied by a white mid sole and a vibrant blue borders the classic Nike swoosh, this PG 4 resembles the uniform of Paul George’s previous franchise – the Oklahoma City Thunder.


One side of the upper takes on a knitted heathered material and the opposite side takes on a black mesh material. What I find most intriguing about the PG 4s is the zipper instead of the shoe lace. Must make it really easy to put on and take off.


Where to buy

If you want to cop these shoes, then you can get your hands on them from the following:

Unfortunately, there are currently no listing of the Nike PG 4 Heathered Mesh on Reselling Websites such as GOAT, StockX, or e-Bay. Therefore, make sure to sign up below to stay updated.

Resale Value of Nike PG 4 Heathered Mesh

Looking at the past performance of the Nike PG 4s and how their resale value has taken a tour, we can expect the latest offering to follow the same track.

The value of a basketball shoe is mostly derived from the value of the player’s name behind it. Unfortunately, Paul George isn’t a household name and therefore, the mass market doesn’t really know about him.

Therefore, we estimate that the resale value of Nike PG 4 Heathered Mesh is going to be around $140-$150. With a retail price of $110, you’re looking at a gross profit of $30-40.

Unfortunately, after taking out the costs of commissions and other selling fees, you’ll be left with at most, $20-$30 worth of profit. For that reason, I’d say that this pair is not worth a cop.


Sneaker: Nike PG 4 – Heathered Mesh

Release Date: 12th of June, 2020

Retail Price: $110

Resale Price: $140-150

In-demand Sizes: 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5


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