This month of November, on Wednesday the 28th we are set to see a drop of 2x additional colorways in the Off White X Nike Zoom Fly SP Line. Without question Virgil Abloh and Off White are now the ‘hottest brand on the planet’ ̵1; their collaborations with the likes of Nike, Ikea and Moet & Chandon has helped push the brand 33 spots to sit at number 1 on the Lyst Index of fashion brands and products.

The cutting-edge design and scarcity of items produced has forced Off White into the stratosphere in terms of both design and prices, making this brand a huge part of the billion dollar sneaker pie. 

For those that aren’t aware each model released by Off White & Nike has sold out in record time and their resale prices have reached astronomical heights since inception of their collaborations with Nike ‘The Ten’. 

Due to their scarcity of supply (often less than 50,000 units worldwide) and their huge demand, resale prices regularly hit $800US + per pair (keep reading to the end of this article for tips on how to buy).

Since the original ten styles over the course of 2018 we have seen additional style drops for the Off White x Nike team including the; Grim Reaper/All Hallows Eve Blazers, Off White x Converse (Part 2), Serena Blazers and the Air Max 97s (Black & Menta).

Releasing later this month we are set to see the release of 2x more colors to add to the ever-growing collection of Off White X Nike collaborations – the Nike x Off White Zoom Fly SP.  Releasing in 2x colourways; Black/ Cone and Tulip Pink/Laser Fuschia, the Nike x Off White Zoom Fly SP builds on the popular design of the original model from The Ten pack but now in a sleek black and eye popping pink colourway;


Source: @hypebeast

Off White Zoom SP: The Design

The two designs follow suit from the original Nike X Off white Zoom Fly model – both include a translucent TPU upper and stitched swoosh logos with a. light blue ZIP tag.

One model dressed in black/white/cone colour scheme and the other in what is being known as Tulip/Race Pink and Fuschia – the shoes have Lunarlon cushioning system and segmented rubber outsoles per the original design. Both pairs fall into the realm of a hybrid between ‘Ghosting’ and ‘Revealing’ themes from the original pack.

off white tulip zoom black sp 2018
From, 2 new colors of the Off White Racer Zoom Fly

In our humble opinion both colourways look fantastic but the black is getting slightly more love than that of the pink versions – as release date draws closer a better indication of the preferred colourway will come to light.


2018 off white zoom fly sp black cone 2018


Style code: AJ4588-001

Retail price: $170 USD

Expected resale price: $750-950 USD 

Release Date: Wednesday, November 28th

Stock levels (TBC):  29,000 – 35,000 (via @resellology)


Tulip Pink/Laser Fuschia;



Style code: AJ4588-600

Retail price: $170 USD

Expected resale price: $750-900 USD

Release Date: Wednesday, November 28th

Stock levels (TBC):  29,000 – 35,000 (via @resellology)

Off-White Zoom Fly SP Release date

Originally slated for release on October 13th both pairs the pairs are now rumoured to be dropping 28th November (@py_rates) via and selected Nike retailers.

Expected resale price

off white stockx resale price 2018 november
Info regarding the most recent Off-White release from October 2018 from

According to, are a few pre-release pairs on offer (USD$985 Pink, UD$1,241 Black) but in the coming weeks you can expect that to change heavily as more pre-release pairs become available.

With such pricetags, it’s no wonder why so many people are profiting from this sneaker resale market.

As with any pair of Off White x Nike shoes the limited stock numbers will mean quite extreme re-sale prices – will these reach the astronomical heights of the original pair. Probably not but consider this, the recent Off White x Nike Blazers (All Hallows Eve) which had stock numbers in the 40,000 – 50,000 range had a pre-release price of USD$750 – $1,500 (us 10, source and since then has been average around the USD$600 mark. Most Off-White x Nike release follow this trend of increased price during pre-release (extremely limited numbers), a significant drop during-release (supply increases rapidly) and then a slow but incremental increase over time during post release (very limited numbers as stock is bought up).

With these two colourways expected to have far less supply levels the pre-sale price might sit somewhere in the USD$700 – USD$1,000 and then reselling in the first initial month’s post release within the USD$500 – USD$700 range. During the day of the release you will likely see prices dip a little then increase steadily over time. If you get a pair, you can consider yourself in the lucky few worldwide whom have been able to secure one or multiple pairs from one of the most hyped designers out there!

How to buy for retail: Off White Zoom Fly

1. Use a combination of techniques for increased success

These shoes are rare, and we mean rare! They aren’t available in huge amounts nor are they going to be readily available for purchase, you can also guarantee even if these colourways aren’t getting much love they will disappear rapidly.

Getting yourself more tickets in the game will help you increase your odds in securing one or hopefully a few pairs.

We’ve written a few tips regarding how to get Off Whites before they sell out using both sneaker bots and bot-free techniques, including specific techniques regarding, which many people found helpful to secure their pair and save on the sky high resale price tags.

2. Make reminders & get your information pipeline sorted about the Off White Release Date: November 28

Set reminders on your IPhone, Apple Watch, Android phone, computer – everything you can think of that will remind you about the drop date. More information will come out through various channels closer to the drop date but the more sources you have working to supply you info the more chances you will have. 

Nothing is worse than knowing that you didn’t even have one chance to try, the more chances you have the greater your odds of winning a pair!

Also ensure you have reliable and accurate information from multiple sources that can flow through to you. These channels will often supply you information about lesser known stores or sites that will be stocking the Off White x Nike drops. Often this information  will appear via Twitter, Instagram or more reliable sources such as Cook Groups, (we have our own, email for details), dedicated sneaker websites and often through sources on the ground at Nike stores.

3. Get educated. Fortune favors those who have knowledge and preparation.

Feel free to browse our many free resources throughout our blog. For those who want an extensive guide straight away, our highly reviewed Hypemaster Playbook has helped many people with its in depth business guide information, which gives a blueprint to reach $10,000 per month with sneakers. We’ve also rolled out a private exclusive community forum for customers of the Playbook with sneaker traders who are dedicated to success in acquiring for retail prices and selling for tremendous amounts of profit–check out Alex, our forum admin’s story for a look into the life of a sneaker reseller from Day 1.

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